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  1. C

    Unopened Business Supplies

    I have unopened business supplies, PayPal only. Shipping included in prices below. Consultant tote (2) - one NIP, one new without package. $35 each Pack of 40 postcard invites (4) - NIP, $8 all four packs Party Planning Folders pack of 4 - NIP $5 Pack of 4 Thank you cards - $4, NIP Pack of...
  2. Ember Lewis

    Stamps, books, ribbons, recipe cards, supplies & invitations

    Please add shipping to all items... assorted stamps, stamp pad(used) and business card magnets (new) $5 Books $10 Ribbons, buttons ,and charms (never used) $10 recipe holder $5 assorted note cards $5 bridal apron and note cards $10 8 packs of invitations $3 6 packs of recipe cards $3 recruit &...
  3. tammy martin

    Personal New Consultant / New Member

    Hi! My name is Tammy Martin. I just recently became a Pampered Chef Consultant. You can visit my website at pamperedchef.biz/tammysupplies
  4. C

    Products/business supplies FOR SALE

    10 Turquoise The Secret to a Successful Show is Attendance postcards (Nancy's) $1 20 Recipe for a Successful Show postcards (Town and Country) $1.75 *SOLD Small black zipped pouch w/red PC logo (Great for collecting $ and checks at shows) $4 *SOLD 1 Citrus colored towel (from set of 2)...
  5. R

    Question about our supplies...

    What exactly is the Farmers' Seasoning that we can buy for 14.50?
  6. C

    New Consultants mail your Supply Booster Order now and get Fall/Winter supplies.

    All Supply Booster order forms mailed after 7/29 will receive the fall/winter supplies. Even if your order form has Summer/Spring items listed. Great value for $30. Mine is in mail today.
  7. S

    Supplies & Getting Organized

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on the quantity of supplies I should have on hand, and how long it will take to receive more. I seem to be going through catalogues really quickly, and I don't want to be short if I am able to book a show close in. I also...