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Pampered Chef: Selling Stamps, books, ribbons, recipe cards, supplies & invitations

  1. Please add shipping to all items...
    assorted stamps, stamp pad(used) and business card magnets (new) $5 IMG_2040.jpg
    Books $10 IMG_2041.jpg
    Ribbons, buttons ,and charms (never used) $10 IMG_2042.jpg
    recipe holder $5 IMG_2043.jpg
    assorted note cards $5 IMG_2045.jpg
    bridal apron and note cards $10 IMG_2046.jpg
    8 packs of invitations $3 IMG_2047.jpg
    6 packs of recipe cards $3 IMG_2048.jpg
    recruit & new consultant cards, show address list (unopened) pampered chef pad paper and various booklets $5 IMG_2049.jpg
    printable certificates, business cards, and index cards $5 IMG_2050.jpg
    Aug 29, 2016
  2. Tenille V.

    Tenille V. Member

    Hi Ember,
    Could you let me know how many assorted note cards are included? Also shipping to 98133. I am happy to figure out the shipping, but most sellers do this through USPS.
    Sep 13, 2016
  3. Tenille V.

    Tenille V. Member

    I am still interested in the note cards, but wanted to know how many there are of each. Are these still available?
    Sep 20, 2016
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