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  1. J

    Look for Recipe Cards

    Hello!! I'm looking for an assortment of recipe cards, anyone have any they are willing to part with? Please let me know!! Thanks Jill M :) :) Independent Kitchen Consultant [email protected]
  2. C

    Business Cards

    :confused: I have a Question......Where is a good place to get Pampered Chef business cards made in Norfolk, Va? Or do have to do it on Pampered Chef website? Just wanting to know.... Jennifer
  3. C

    Ice Cream Sandwich Maker Product Use & Care Cards

    Does anyone know if it comes with one? I don't have it myself, and I had a guest ask if it came with one. Thanks, Sandy
  4. R

    Can a guest pay for their order with a debit card?

    Can a guest pay for their order with a debit card? The reason I ask was when I hosted a show my sister used her debit card and it would not go through. Not a huge surprise since she bounces checks all the time but she claimed to have the money in her account. When I went to order my SS kit I...
  5. C

    Business cards

    I am a brand new consultant (haven't even received my start up kit in the mail yet!) and was wondering where you order your business cards from. Is there a flyer in the start up kit or is it something I have to take care of on my own? Thanks! Lisa
  6. DebPC

    Recipe Cards and Binder

    I recently purchased all sets of our recipe cards and just finished putting them in to our Recipe Binder. I'm going to be taking this to my shows. I think it's a great way to show off 4 products at once!
  7. P

    Product Use & Care Cards

    Hi. I started PC a year ago plus I have been a PC customer for over 5 years and have accumulated many, many product use & care cards from all the wonderful products I have received free or purchased. Does anyone have any suggestions how to store them for easy access? They have been shoved in a...
  8. DebPC

    Business Cards

    Pampered Chef Business Cards I like to put magnets on the back of my business cards for my hosts. These can be bought at any office supply store. I give one to each of my hosts when I do her show. They have adhesive on one side to attach your card. I also print out labels to affix to the back...