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What is cards: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Margaret Raitt

    Garden Flags, Aprons, Banner, Charms, Cards & More

    I sold PC for 12 years and have a lot of items that current consultants might want. Aprons Garden flags T-shirts with logo Vinyl banner for events More... Please inquire and I will take pictures. Need to know interest first.
  2. Ember Lewis

    Stamps, Books, Ribbons, Recipe Cards, Supplies & Invitations

    Please add shipping to all items... assorted stamps, stamp pad(used) and business card magnets (new) $5 Books $10 Ribbons, buttons ,and charms (never used) $10 recipe holder $5 assorted note cards $5 bridal apron and note cards $10 8 packs of invitations $3 6 packs of recipe cards $3 recruit &...
  3. A

    Can I Design and Print My Own Business Cards at Home?

    Hey all, I was wondering if it was okay t create my own business cards and print them off at home with an inkjet printer? I'm really just starting out (again!) and don't have a lot of money to spend right now. I was wondering what things, as far as logos and copyrighted material, I can use or...
  4. K

    Nancy's Artwork Stamps and Consultant Post Cards - Sold

    Nancy's Artwork Stamps and consultant post cards Assorted consultant postcards and rubber stamps. Accepting offers. List Date: 8/13/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Nancy's Artwork Stamps and consultant post cards -------------------------------------- Item...
  5. D

    Sold Wahoo! Recruiting Club Member Playing Cards

    Wahoo! Recruiting Club Member Playing Cards The deck has been opened, but not used. Cards are still in the box and the box still has half the plastic still on it. List Date: 5/24/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Wahoo! Recruiting Club Member Playing Cards...
  6. byrd1956

    Didn't Receive My Christmas Cards - What Gives?

    Did anyone else order some of these? They didn't come with the other supplies I ordered and of course I didn't look on my packing slip to see if they will be shipped later. Maybe I missed the 'memo'. I planned on sending them as Christmas cards to my 2013 past hosts and if I have any leftover...
  7. K

    Help Me Decide: Where to Get Business Cards

    I am trying to decide where to get business cards. I like the ones PC offers through Merrill its just so darn expensive for 1000 at 33.95 plus 9 for shipping. I was leaning towards Vista Print but the PC logo doesn't look that good and i'm worried about how the quality of the logo will...
  8. M

    Does Host Coaching with Post Cards Work?

    Does anyone do their host coaching with post cards? I'm getting really busy lately, and am having a hard time meeting up with my hosts, and thought i'd try this. I've heard of others that have success using postcards. Can you share what your postcards look like?
  9. C

    Looking for Replacement Recipe Cards for 2002/2003 Recipe Binder

    I have a customer that has the Recipe Binder from 2002/2003. She is looking for more of the recipe cards that came with the binder and I believe were sold on the replacement parts list during the same time. I have looked everywhere I can think of, the binder with the cards are for sale, but I...
  10. PCCHeather0506

    Where Do You Get Your Business Cards?

    I need to order new business cards. I contemplated going through Merrill and having my picture put on them. Does the picture have to be professional though? I don't have prof pics taken of just myself? Any suggestions??
  11. DebPC

    Director Maximizing Business Card Options: Avoiding Restrictions and Templates

    Does everyone here get the Merrill ones? I don't like all their restrictions for example certain words you can't use and their strict template. Thoughts...
  12. nikked

    Stop Using Credit Cards! You're Throwing Money Down the Drain!

    Unless you are one of the minority who actually PAYS OFF the credit card every month, you are wasting money on interest. After going through Financial Peace University, boy did we ever learn a lot. We haven't accumulated new debt in about six months, including having our FIRST debt-free...
  13. P

    Need Help Now: Making the ® Symbol on VistaPrint Business Cards

    My brain is fried right now, can anyone assist? How do you make the registered trademark symbol when creating your business cards on VistaPrint?
  14. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Visa Cards Have Vents? Who Knew?

    :confused: Must be someone who is a power shopper that has to have an air-cooled Visa card.
  15. P

    Creating Outlet Cards for Event Guests: A How-To Guide

    Has anyone made Outlet cards that explain how to get the outlet so we can give them to guests at shows?
  16. wadesgirl

    Quality Check: Merrill Business Cards - Important Notice

    Just wanted to give everybody a heads up if you have ordered any business cards from Merrill lately, check through the whole batch. I know it's not much but I found about 20 out of my last order of 500 that were blank. :grumpy:
  17. T

    Questions About Business Cards for New Consultants - The Pampered Chef

    HI! I am a new consultant, and really love this website! I have a question about business cards. I was thinking of going outside of the Merrill website to have business cards made. I was reading The Pampered Chef's policy on using their logo...etc...and was wondering where you got your cards...
  18. lockhartkitchen

    Where Can I Find New Wedding Product Cards for a Bridal Shower?

    I have some product cards that are the size of a business card. I got them from a retired PC rep. They have a picture of the product, description and price. I am looking for a template or more of these that have new products. I am using these Sunday for a wedding shower. I lay the cards...
  19. J

    Director Looking for Wedding Registry Cards?

    I need them for a friend whose daughter just registered for her wedding registry! Those little business card sized ones. I will take whatever you have -- let me know if you have some that you can sell!! Thanks in advance!
  20. B

    Fall/Winter 2011 Recipe Cards Wanted

    Hi everyone! I'm a fairly new consultant and I didn't get a chance to buy the microwave brownie and the meatball recipe cards before they sold out. Does anyone have some they'd like to sell?
  21. K

    25% off Merrill Business Cards!

    Hey All! I am a new consultant, and I was looking at Merrill's website to see how much their business cards cost. I noticed that they are offering them 25% off right now and just thought I should pass that information along to everyone in case you weren't aware! The promo code is 714024. Hope...
  22. P

    Using Amex and Visa Gift Cards at Pampered Chef: What You Need to Know

    Someone (I think Sheila, but not sure? can't find it now) mentioned promoting that guests can spend their Amex and Visa gift cards that they received on Pampered Chef. However, I was told before by HO, and again today when I called, that they could not be used because there is no ZIP code...
  23. P

    Personal Credit Card Warning: PC Visa Discontinued for Show Payments

    When the discussion came up back in December about the PC visa being discountinued, there were several that said they used their peronal cards to pay for shows and entered it in under the host. I had to call about a declined card today and she told me that we can't do this and that its now in...
  24. B

    Binders, Invites and Recipe Cards

    I'm cleaning out most of my PC items. I have 3 binders, around 425+ recipe cards, 13 packs of unopened invites and a few hundred loose.I am asking $25 plus shipping.I can take paypal or credit card by fax.I can ship either FedEx or USPS. I'd need your zip code to give you the shipping cost.PM...
  25. S

    Struggling with Folding Batter Bowl Gift Cards?

    I might be challenged or maybe haven't had enough coffee, but I have been trying to fold the gift card with the instructions that you cut in half for the batter bowl gifts for the last 10 minutes and no matter how I do it something is upside down. Have you guys tried it? TIA, Sandi
  26. Kjurich

    I Just Went Though All My Guest Info Cards I Had From Before I Went

    I just went though all my guest info cards I had from before I went inactive, and I was thinking about emailing the maybes to see if they would be interested in hosting now that I have rejoined. So anyone have any ideas on wording. . . . Do I remind them that I they had attend a show of mine...
  27. Aurora

    Bags, Aprons, Postcards & Recipe Cards, Catalogs, Business Supplies!

    All prices include cheapest shipping in the USA - I do live in Alaska, so parcel post can be slow. If you want it faster, I can give you a shipping quote for priority. I can only make it to the PO Friday-Sunday. :) Totally open to offers!Photos here...
  28. J

    Director PWS Credit Cards: Ensuring Safe Transactions for Your Orders

    Thought I read somewhere that credit card info is no longer held on our PWS after it's entered for an order...although I checked on my website on a show I had in August and the card number still shows up....Does anyone know??
  29. ChefCKHall

    Has Everyone Received All Their Gas Cards?

    I earned 5. Have received the skinny mini with one. Then got one in a box. That was over a week ago....still have not received any more??
  30. K

    Looking for Booking Incentive Cards

    A few years ago, someone created "cards" that is like the booking & recruiting slide but they were the size of a playing card and you just handed them to the host one by one instead of pulling out the slide. I've tried different word combination in both the search field and the file sections...