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What is charms: Definition and 60 Discussions

  1. Margaret Raitt

    Garden Flags, Aprons, Banner, Charms, Cards & More

    I sold PC for 12 years and have a lot of items that current consultants might want. Aprons Garden flags T-shirts with logo Vinyl banner for events More... Please inquire and I will take pictures. Need to know interest first.
  2. K

    Looking for Necklace and Charms or Kitchenware Items?

    Necklace and charms will sell separately $50 or $5 per charm 2012 trivet, 2013 trivet, measure all cup, chopper, batter bowl, pots, stock pot, measuring cup, spice rack, quick stir pitcher, mix n chop, deep covered baker, Apple wedges, food chopper
  3. K

    Consultant Items for Sale Charms and Necklace

    $1,000 show checklist pack 30-50 with the grand planner brochure plus Ilene Meckley book "Yes you can have it all" 4 three ring binders Blank sales receipts and carbon copy address sheets for hosts 6 theme show $5.00 plus shipping
  4. byrd1956

    Can You Buy Individual Charms or Only as a Set?

    I have the Manual Food Process charm ~ $6 plus shipping Covered Stock Pot Charm ~ $6 plus shipping Mix n’ Chop charm ~ $6 plus shipping necklace ~ $15 plus shippingI would sell these altogether for $30 plus shipping.
  5. pcchefjane

    Where Can I Find Unique Charm Bracelets for Sale?

    I have the charm bracelet plus the apple wedger charm. I also have charms given to me by my Director: Spring Launch Blue Flower with Dragonfly dangle, January Kickoff Hot Air Balloon, Moneybag for being #1 in sales one month, Green Flower for Spring Launch, and Green Jeweled Christmas Tree (see...
  6. PamperedchefDaly

    Looking for Iso Charms to Complete my Necklace Collection?

    I have the necklace and batter bowl charm. It looks lonely and am looking to get the other charms to keep it company. :) Please let me know if you have any to sell.
  7. A

    Looking for Necklace and Charms

    I lost my necklace at a vendor show. Anyone have the necklace and the first 3 charms? I have Nov and Dec.
  8. jbondr

    Looking for a stylish necklace with 4 charms for only $20?

    For Sale - Necklace and 4 charms. $20 includes shipping cost.
  9. B

    Iso: Charms From This Past Fall & Table Cloths

    Looking for the following: Present Measure-All Cup RockcrokALSO in search for the black table cloths. My zipped is 57625. Not wanting to spend over $8 per charm, and $40 table cloth. Thank you!
  10. C

    forSale Charm Bracelet Plus 11 Charms

    For Sale charm bracelet with 11 charms. $100.00 includes insured shipping.
  11. doughmama

    Fs - Charm Necklace With 5 Charms

    Selling the new charm necklace with five charms. Only charm I don't have is the one for recruiting. $50 + shipping. Paypal to [email protected] if interested.
  12. MissyPC

    Iso Sept or Nov Necklace Charms

    Hello ALL Trying to locate the rockcrok charm from September, 20772 Missy
  13. BebeRogers

    Iso Sept and Oct Necklace Charms

    I just earned the Nov 2014 charm and would love the Sept and Oct to go with it. Let me know if you have one or both to sell! Thanks!
  14. MissyPC

    Missing 2014 Earning Charms? Find ISO Necklace Charms Here!

    Hello Everyone. I missed September 2014 and November 2014 earning charm. Does anyone have one they would like to part with? I know it is early.
  15. P

    Charm Bracelet and 4 Charms - No Longer Available

    Charm Bracelet and 4 Charms Last years charm bracelet plus 4 charms: Quick Stir, Chopper, DCB and Cookware! List Date: 6/6/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Charm Bracelet and 4 Charms -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available...
  16. doughmama

    forSale - Charm Bracelet With 8 Charms

    For sale - never worn - looking to sell this together - $60 for bracelet. email me at [email protected] if interested. Paypal only.
  17. S

    Is the Pampered Chef Charm Bracelet Still Available?

    BRAND NEW Pampered Chef Charm Bracelet. The charms included is the Deep Covered Baker & Covered Stockpot with a black drawstring bag. It has never been worn. $25 plus shipping. PayPal only please! Contact me at [email protected] - I don't always get notifications from this website...
  18. F

    Looking for Vintage Pampered Chef Italian Charms?

    Cleaning out and found these! Old Italian Charms! Great for someone who loves VINTAGE Pampered Chef consultant items :cool: 3 Heritage Home Charms 2 July 2005 Chicago National Conference Charms 1 25 Anniversary Charm :thumbup: 3 Small Square Simple Additions with Caddy Charm 1 Quick...
  19. J

    Pampered Chef Charm Bracelet With 2 Charms

    I have a brand new Pampered Chef Charm Bracelet. The charms included is the Deep Covered Baker & Covered Stpckpot, The bracelet comes in a black drawstring bag. It has never been worn. PayPal only please! I will ship within 2-3 business days of receipt of a cleared payment. Asking $20 plus...
  20. ChefCKHall

    Fs: Complete Charm Bracelet - Bracelet With 11 Charms

    FS: $150 Complete Charm Bracelet - Bracelet with 11 charmsOffering complete Charm Bracelet: Apple Wedger Charm and Charm Bracelet, Exclusive Director RUFH Trivet, Food Chopper Charm, Stainless Mixing Bowl Set Charm, Deep Covered Baker Charm, Quick-Stir® Pitcher Charm, Mix 'N Chop & Covered...
  21. Kristin Radunz

    Brand New Pampered Chef Bracelet - 6 Charms - $50 Shipped

    Pampered Chef Bracelet. Never worn. Includes the following charms: spice turn about, quick stir pitcher, deep covered baker, stainless mixing bowls, food chopper, and apple wedger. Asking $50 for all - includes shipping.
  22. doughmama

    Looking for Affordable Bracelet and Charms? Check Out Our Selection!

    FS Bracelet and Charms. Prices include shipping. Paypal only please. PM at [email protected] - $20 All charms - $20 for first, if shipping to same address, then $18 for each of the rest.Quick stir pitcher - SOLD DCB Mix n Chop Stock pot Trivet Mixing bowls Food Chopper Apple Wedger
  23. J

    Charm Bracelet and Charms for Sale

    New, still in packages == Bracelet with DCB and Food Chopper charms. Have been holding since January for someone who wanted them. Their loss is your savings! $25 including postage!! :chef:
  24. J

    Charm Bracelet and 7 Charms for Sale

    I am selling my bracelet and 7 charms. $55 inlcudes shipping
  25. C

    Interested in a Charm Bracelet with 6 Charms for $45?

    Asking $45 plus shipping for all six charms and bracelet.
  26. J

    F/S Charm Bracelet, Food Chopper and Dcb Charms

    Bracelet and Food Chopper and Deep Covered Baker Charms. Selling for $35, including postage.
  27. T

    Complete Your Kitchen with Bracelet and Charms - Only $225 for the Set!

    I would love to sell these together but will sell apart Together $225Bracelet $10 Apple Wedger $35 Mix n chop $25 Chopper$25 Spice Turn about $35 Stock pot $35 Quick Stir Pitcher $35 Mixing bowls $35 Director charm-Trivet $35
  28. P

    Do You Have Any Charms and Bracelet Items Available for Sale?

    Update.....Director gift 2012 trivet - $35 ea. (have 2 of these) - REDUCED to $25Quick stir pitcher - $25 - SOLDDeep Covered Baker - $25 REDUCED to $20bracelet (no charms) - $20 - REDUCED TO $15 Also have a trivet pin (director gift from 2011) - $15 - REDUCED TO $10Please make an offer if...
  29. J

    Charms for Sale: Stock Pot $22 & More!

    I have the following charms for sale:Apple Wedger -- $30 -- SoldDeep Covered Baker -- $25 --SoldQuick Stir Pitcher -- $22 -- SoldStock Pot -- $22Director Gift 2012 Trivet -- was $40 -- now only $35!All prices include shipping.
  30. C

    Interested in a Bracelet with 8 Charms? Let's wait until tax info is out!

    The charms are the apple wedger, food chopper, deep covered baker, covered stockpot, spice turn-about, and the mix n chop. Three were put on the bracelet and still in the bas. Also includes the black drawstring bag. Since I don't know the value until the 1099's come out, I would like to wait...