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  1. Margaret Raitt

    Garden Flags, Aprons, Banner, Charms, Cards & More

    I sold PC for 12 years and have a lot of items that current consultants might want. Aprons Garden flags T-shirts with logo Vinyl banner for events More... Please inquire and I will take pictures. Need to know interest first.
  2. pcchefjane

    Bracelet & Charms for Sale

    I have the charm bracelet plus the apple wedger charm. I also have charms given to me by my Director: Spring Launch Blue Flower with Dragonfly dangle, January Kickoff Hot Air Balloon, Moneybag for being #1 in sales one month, Green Flower for Spring Launch, and Green Jeweled Christmas Tree (see...
  3. B

    Iso: Charms From This Past Fall & Table Cloths

    Looking for the following: Present Measure-All Cup Rockcrok ALSO in search for the black table cloths. My zipped is 57625. Not wanting to spend over $8 per charm, and $40 table cloth. Thank you!
  4. cookingwithlove

    Iso Charms

    Anybody selling the following charms? February's Batter Bowl, Let's whip Cancer and July's Chillzanne? I would also love the watch if you want to part with it. You can email me offlist at: cookingwithlove(at)comcast.net Thanks