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What is italian: Definition and 47 Discussions

  1. 1PamperedMommy

    Anyone Want a Pampered Chef Italian Charm Bracelet?

    I found my PC Italian Charm bracelet in my jewelry box, and was just wondering if anyone's interested. I can take a pic, if so, but wanted to gauge interest first.
  2. F

    Looking for Vintage Pampered Chef Italian Charms?

    Cleaning out and found these! Old Italian Charms! Great for someone who loves VINTAGE Pampered Chef consultant items :cool: 3 Heritage Home Charms 2 July 2005 Chicago National Conference Charms 1 25 Anniversary Charm :thumbup: 3 Small Square Simple Additions with Caddy Charm 1 Quick...
  3. O

    SOS! Need Italian Pasta Salad Recipe for Difficult Host

    Good morning Cheffers I have a very difficult host for Thursday who has poo-pood all my normally acceptable recipe selections. We just got off the phone and she wants an Italian Pasta Salad - huh?? She loved the idea of the Satay pasta salad but wants an italian version. What can we come up...
  4. S

    Fun Italian Theme Ideas for Antipasti Pull Apart Pizza and Sangria

    We are planning to do the antipasti pull apart pizza and my host wants to make the show Italian themed. Does anyone have any ideas what we could do to make it more fun? We are having Sangria to drink. TIA, Sandi
  5. thehaleykitchen

    Iso an Italian Recipe ~ Flat Bread or Something Similar

    Hello all! I am in search of a recipe, Italian flair, flat bread or something similar for a show on the 25th. Any thoughts? Karen
  6. kdangel518

    Recipe Help Please- Italian Sausage Skillet?

    Hi friends- I need help with a recipe. MH and I recently moved and haven't unpacked my cookbooks yet- tonight I had a specific recipe in mind but can't remember it by heart. It's in the original Weekday Dinners Done! Card set- it's a skillet made with Italian sausage, pasta, and peppers... I...
  7. N

    Director Share an Invitation for an Italian Show | Computer-made

    Does anyone have an invitation made on the computer for an Italian show that they wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks!
  8. kcmckay

    Delicious Italian-Inspired Dessert Recipe for Your Next Food Day at Work!

    Does anyone know of a good dessert recipe that is at least somewhat italian inspired? We decided to do a "Food Day" at work and I was in charge of coordinating it. We have 4 people bringing in food. Someone is making a goulash and someone is bringing bread and a salad. I was going to bring a...
  9. J

    Tools, Catalogs & Italian Recipes for Sale

    I have the following items for sale:Tool Turnabout and More Tote $15.002 Pkgs. Fall/Winter 2010 Mini Catalogs(Current Catalog) $6.00 (still sealed in pkg.)1 Pkg. Italian Made Easy Invitations $1.001 Pkg. Italian Made Easy Recipe Cards (still sealed in pkg.) $ 1.00 (with Antipasti Pull-Apart...
  10. P

    Authentic Italian Muffuletta Recipe from 1999 F/W SB - Try it Now!

    Anyone have the old 1999 F/W SB? Need the recipe for Italian Muffuletta and all I have is the S/S :(
  11. Jennifer E

    Italian Main Dish Ideas for Your Second Show

    I have my second show on Saturday and they want to do a main dish that is Italian...any thoughts? Since this is just my 2nd show, I don't have tons of products, mostly just the starter kit.
  12. C

    Italian Appetizers for Family Potluck

    We are having a family potluck dinner this weekend and the theme is all italian food. I'm in charge of bringing appetizers so I'm making some bruschetta but cant think of what else. So throw me your suggestions please!:)
  13. natural

    Can I Serve Greek Recipes at an Italian Themed Show?

    Could I get away with offering a Greek recipes at an Italian themed show?Any ideas on Italian themed recipes?
  14. P

    Iso Pampered Chef Italian Charm Bracelet

    ISO charms for Italian charm bracelet. The Pizza stone, batter bowl, quick stir pitcher, and or covered stock pot
  15. P

    Calling on My Italian Cheffer Cooks...

    I would love a really good authentic recipe for Minestrone Soup! Anyone have a great one that was passed down from your granny from back in the old country? thanks!
  16. A

    Italian Seasoning and Smokey Barbeque Rub-Joliet

    Is there anyone in the Joliet and surrounding area that has a Italian seasoning and smokey Barbeque rub that I could buy off you TODAY? I have a show tonight and forgot to order them last week. my phone number is 8159539764. Thanks.
  17. E

    Tropical and Italian Recipes That Feature the Cookware

    I am going to be doing a show where the toss up for theme is between tropical or italian. The host is wanting to earn the cookware sets so I wanted to focus the recipe on the cookware. It's going to be a large show (lots of guests) so I was thinking a main recipe using the cookware and then...
  18. leftymac

    Italian Sausage and Sundried Tomato Risotto

    Would someone be a dear and type this up from the new SBRC? I don't have it, and I am itching to make it tomorrow! I'll be sure to post pictures and a recipe review!
  19. T

    Delicious Italian Salad Turnover Recipe for Your Next Demo - Find It Here!

    does anyone know where this recipe is its my demo for tomorrow and don't know where she found the recipe
  20. tlag1986

    Joey Pagano's Confession: An Italian Boy's Tale

    ITALIAN BOY'S CONFESSION 'Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose girl'. The priest asks, 'Is that you, little Joey Pagano?' 'Yes, Father, it is.' 'And who was the girl you were with?' 'I can't tell you, Father, I don't want to ruin her reputation'...
  21. J

    Italian One-Bowl Salsa Recipe Needed ASAP!

    Does anyone remember the Italian version of the one-bowl salsa? It was going around last year, but I don't have time to hunt through all the threads to find it. I know it uses basil instead of cilantro. I need it for TONIGHT if possible. TIA, Jane :)
  22. C

    Where Can I Find an Italian Themed Flyer for a Party?

    I booked my 1st August show this am and the host wants Italian theme, so does anyone have one. She wants the flyers this afternoon because she is going to tell all her friends who are coming for her son's B day Party! Thanks
  23. C

    What's the Perfect Italian Dish for a Bible Study Potluck: Braid or Ring?

    any ideas? we're having a pot luck for bible study next week and its an Italian theme for the food. I was personally asked to make a braid or a ring but not sure about what recipe would be good. Any ideas are welcome and greatly appreciated :)
  24. PCSarahjm

    Italian Recipes for Interactive Show: Get Creative!

    ISO of itialian recipe that would be good for an interactive show. Any ideas? Thanks fellow cheffers
  25. P

    Easy Italian Red Sangria Recipe for Easter

    Anyone have a good (and easy) Italian Red Sangria recipe? I am doing a very non-traditional EAster and going Italian...Lasagna, salad, Garlic Bites, and red wine/Sangria.
  26. jrstephens

    Delicious Italian Potatoes: A Thanksgiving Treat!

    Someone brought this to church last night for our Thanksgiving Meal. It was so good. I haven't tried making them myself yet. 2 cans sliced potatoes, drained 1/2 cup melted butter 1 packet of Italian Dressing mix Combine butter and seasoning and pour over potatoes. Bake on 350 for about...
  27. M

    Need Help With Italian Theme Party

    I have a host that wants to do an Italian Food & Wine Party. My only issue is that I am having problems finding a good Italian dish recipe. The host's family and friends are from a rural area and will not like the "fancy" recipes that I have found (this is from the host, not me). Does anyone...
  28. mheat923

    Does our Italian seasoning contain rosemary?

    I have a prospective hostess in Nov who has some "strange" food allergies(her description not mine) one of the questions she asked me and i have no clue is.. does our Italian seasoning contain rosemary? I figure I can call HO tomorrow but would ask here first..... Thanks in advance
  29. pchefjaime

    Italian Chicken Pasta Toss: A Delicious Hit at Yesterday's Show!

    I made the italian chicken pasta toss at yesterday's show. WOW everyone fell in love. Need less to say everyone bought the cookbook also due to the dish and the strawberry spinach salad from the same book. A must try even for your family. Very quick and tasty!!!:thumbup:
  30. J

    Adding Italian Seasoning to Plain Sausage for Spaghetti Dinner

    I'm making spaghetti for dinner tonight. I only have plain sausage so I would like to add italian seasoning to it. How much do you think I should add to a pound of sausage? TIA