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What is type: Definition and 41 Discussions

  1. C

    2 Party Type Questions- Mommy and Me; One for Kids

    My daughter (11 yo) has expressed interest in learning to cook. I was thinking about a Mommy and Me cooking class or even a Junior Chef class to teach kids basics of cooking. Has anyone ever done any of these or have any ideas, etc. Thanks.
  2. jcsmilez

    Looking for a Launching My Business Type Invitation...

    I've been trying to find a "starting my own business" invitation with surprisingly no success. Anyone have something like it or know where I might find one. I'm thinking post card invitation or insert for the mini catalog. TIA
  3. C

    Urgent - Help Changing Show Type

    I am trying to close a show and P3 won't let me change the show type. I marked catalog by mistake and it should be a cooking show :cry:
  4. byrd1956

    Troubleshooting Empty 'Select Show Type' Box for Changing Show Type

    I am trying to change a show from cooking to catalog. The box comes up but is empty except for the words 'select show type'. I have updated p3, closed and restarted. Anyone have another suggestion?
  5. C

    Can We Place a Business Card Type Ad in a High School Yearbook? or

    Can we place a business card type ad in a high school yearbook? Or help "sponsor" an event.....you know like a youth rodeo, or some type of event where they list "sponsors"?
  6. K

    What's cooking with Pampered Chef?

    Hello all! I'm trying to make a fun family feud type game for my team centered around Pampered Chef. I would love some question ideas. I am aiming for 20 questions. Here's what I have so far: What do you use the Food chopper for? What is America's most popular dessert. Name a...
  7. T

    Maximizing Fundraiser Success: Converting to a Catalog Show for Increased Sales

    So I did a fundraiser booth but unfortunately the organization wasn't able to get sales up to $150. I have a catalog show that I wanted to add to the fundraiser and I was going to change the fundraiser in P3 to a catalog show and then just give the group my commission on the sales they did...
  8. Jennie4PC

    Rant Overcoming Frustration as a Parent of a Type 1 Diabetic Child

    I so have to get this off my chest. My DD is 7 yrs old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in June. I am so tired of people. 1 perseon asked me what I did for her to get it. Umm nothing. and in that same sentence she told me there are herbs for her to take so she will be "cured" of diabetes...
  9. ShelbyMichalek

    Did Your Type of Bf Sale Affect the Amount of Sales?

    I'm just curious to see who did what format and how the results were affected by it. The 4 hour sale refers to Rae Bate's sale format where she offered 25% off for an hour, 20% off for the next hour, 15% for the next, etc. and it only ran for a few hours in the late morning (or whatever time...
  10. S

    What Fundraising Strategies Can Boost Sales for a March of Dimes Event?

    Hello fellow cheffers!!! I want to do a fundraiser to raise money for my local March of Dimes. It would be just me plus maybe a few close friends. Do any of you have any suggestions on what I should do to increase sales? Should I sell chances for $5 and if I sell 100 of them and 50% goes to...
  11. deanna_g

    Open House at Local Bakery: Interactive Product Showcase and Door Prizes!

    So, I'm doing a type of "open house" show today. My friend owns a bakery in town and we're doing her "show" there so she can earn some more products to use in her shop kitchen. So I'm making some goodies before hand so people can eat while they're checking out the products. I'm basically going...
  12. littlemaisyPC

    Thinking of Trying a Different Style of Show... Auction Type Show

    The other day I attended a friend's show who is a DS with another company. I was really intrigued by the way she did her show. It was an auction type show. She starts out by sending the invites to the guest with a flyer on how to earn money (fake paper money) like go to my website, bring an...
  13. C

    Consultant Gift" as Payment Type in P3 - Explained

    I've seen in several places on the forums that you're using "Consultant Gift" as payment type in P3. What exactly does this do? Are you using it just to differentiate between what you're 'paying' and what the guest is paying for tax purposes? Thanks!
  14. ChefMary412

    Can I Change the Show Type? Fundraiser Earned Only $50.

    On P3 Can I edit the show type? The fundraiser did not turn out so well... they only earned about $50. The chairperson wants to use that $$ to get products to create baskets for a raffle. Can I change the show type to a cat. show, so we can get some of that money to spend on products? People...
  15. candiejayne

    Humor I'm Rofl on This One, Not Sure if It's a Had to Be There Type of

    I'm ROFL on this one, not sure if it's a had to be there type of thing, but I had to share... To start off, everyother weekend when my BFs 4 yo DD is here, it's like a tradition that on Sunday afternoon we do McDonald's for lunch. That is if the kids have behaved well all weekend and played...
  16. S

    How Do I Add a Show Type in P3?

    I am trying to add my first show ever into Pampered Partner Plus. But, there is no show type available to select. And it is a required field! Can anyone help me? Thanks!! :confused:
  17. kam

    What kind of shortening do I use for melting with white chocolate?

    All you bakers out there: which kind of shortening do I use? I want to make an almond bar recipe and the topping is white chocolate with almonds: 2 oz white chocolate baking bar, coarsely chopped (1/3 cup) 2 tablespoons shortening ¼ cup sliced almonds I need to melt the white chocolate...
  18. C

    Cookie Swap and Memory Book: A Fun Holiday Tradition

    So, I'm not a big fan of combined shows or show swapping, but I have a friend who is a Creative Memories Consultant, and she presented me with an idea that sounded like fun - so I am going to try it in November. We will be doing a Cookie Swap - and highlighting the fun of baking Christmas...
  19. G

    Anyone Have "Business Plan" Type Info...

    My brother lost his job and is now selling cars. He is doing well, but is behind 2K every month. He is a chef, by trade. I have been talking to him about PC. He is interested and is asking about a business plan to see growth potential, etc. I am sure I can put something together, but rather...
  20. PampMomof3

    Discover Your Personality Type at Tony Alessandra's Director Training Event

    So we all went to Tony Alessandra's director training event. What type describes you the most? I'm a socializer w/director and relator tendicies but overall, a SOCIALIZER!!
  21. kcjodih

    Help - Pp Receipts Printing in a Foreign Numeric Type Language!

    I'm trying to print receipts from my show last week. You might remember that it's the first show I've done in months and it was over $1000 when it closed woohoo! I entered everything in my laptop like I normally do, backed it up on my jumpdrive, went to my desktop and restored from backup...
  22. P

    Is This Type of Advertising Allowed?

    I received the following email from the woman who runs our local MOMS Club. Can I advertise in their newsletter? If so, has anyone done this? How successful was it for you? "My name is XXXXX and I am also Membership Vice President of a local MOMS Club here in XXXXXX. The purpose of this email...
  23. C

    What's the Perfect Italian Dish for a Bible Study Potluck: Braid or Ring?

    any ideas? we're having a pot luck for bible study next week and its an Italian theme for the food. I was personally asked to make a braid or a ring but not sure about what recipe would be good. Any ideas are welcome and greatly appreciated :)
  24. N

    What Type of Party Should I Do - It Is a Year This Month That I Am

    what type of party should I do - it is a year this month that I am doing pc and I have recently going inactive so should I do an open house party or customer appreciation party? Any help please.
  25. Becky0216

    Can a Customer Change a Cooking Show into a Fundraiser?

    I have a customer who booked 2 shows from me. A cooking show and a fundraiser cooking show. She just called me and asked me to make them both fundraiser shows. Does this affect anything for me? I know it affects their incentives, but what else is different.
  26. redsoxgirl

    Can I Change Payment Type After Show Is Submitted?

    The host from last week's show just got around to paying me. I closed her show on Tuesday after speaking with her and last night she left a CC number at my house to make her payment with. Can I change that or is it too late and I have to get cash or check from her??
  27. L

    Need Regular Invitations Quickly (Postcard Type)

    I'm in desperate needs of invitations. I sent off a supply order just last week and can't believe I failed to include invites!!!! :cry: I might just order them through P3 today but I wanted to first see if anyone had any extras that could be shipped out out today via priority. It seems that...
  28. C

    What type of investing is best for our future financial stability?

    I confirmed a September 29 Cooking Show from one of the leads of pastI confirmed a September 29 Cooking Show from one of the leads of past hosts Home Office gave us. I am extra excited because she is such a friendly lady. Lisa
  29. N

    Unique Show for Repeat Guests: Elevate Your Shopping Experience!

    I am in need of a few suggestions......I have a show on the 20th and all the ladies that will be there were just at 2 of my shows in July. I know it is a new selling season, but I am looking for a different type of show. I have done the demo, they have done the demo, and they own most all...
  30. dannyzmom

    Boost Meeting Attendance: Tips for Getting More RSVPs from Your Team

    Meeting attendance...it really drives me batty that I can't get RSVPs from more than 1/2 of my team when it comes to our monthly meetings. We ALWAYS hold them on the 2ns Monday of every month. We set the schedule up a YEAR in advance and give out the year's calender each month. So...can't people...