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  1. Joyce D

    New Consultant

    Hi, my name is Joyce, I joined in May of 2019 while in Iowa. Within a couple of months I went to Chicago for the conference and then drove to my new home in Florida. I am not doing well as a consultant but I have gotten a lot of product, I am my own best customer! I am starting over, learning...
  2. K

    Ways to get people to attend?

    Hey everyone, I am new to PC and my first party was a bust, no one RSVP'd nor did any shw up. i had to cancel the party. I'm looking for advice on how to get people to attend when I schedule a new one. This is supposed to be my Grand Opening party and I need ideas on how to convince people to...
  3. Ashley_Delio

    Express Party Checkout

    Hi, Newbie here! I cannot for the life of me find where the express checkout number is for a party I have this weekend! I feel like I found it for a different party, where I didn't use it, a few weeks ago, but now I just can't find it. Can someone tell me where to look?
  4. Sharon Roode

    My pampered Chef Story

    I started selling Pampered Chef mainly to get a few products that I wanted in my own kitchen and decided to go all Virtual with it. Soon after (within 10 days) of joining my husband was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia and my whole world changed in an instant! I was going to give up selling...
  5. PChefAdriel

    Looking For Someone To Shadow

    I'm in the Cincinnati/NKY area and I'd like to shadow someone for home parties. I have my first home party next month and I'm kind of freaking out lol
  6. D

    Bride to Be Party Cake

    Hello I was wondering if anyone had the Bride to Be Party Cake. I have a party to go to next Friday for a good friend of mine. She is getting married in Oct. and I thought that this would be a great dessert. Thanks! Deb + 2
  7. P

    Fall Theme Party?

    Hi Everyone I talked to my host this morning her party is October 9th. She told me that she would like to have a fall theme party. Any ideas of receipes or how the theme would work? Thanks :)
  8. K

    Engagement Party ideas

    I've been asked to host a show next month during an engagement party, so I need some ideas. My hospitality director suggested I do a game where people answer "quiz" questions about the couple - where did they meet, etc. and then give a door prize to the person that answers the most correctly...
  9. C

    HUGE couples party

    Okay - today was very promising for me, yet a little overwhelming as a new consultant. I got some great news about a Family Fair (I posted in a different thread) and then talked to the host of a couples show I have booked in two weeks... The host of this show is now telling me she is up to...
  10. D

    Tailgate Party

    My cluster is planning to do a Tailgate Party at the end of the month. The plan is to hang PC banners and balloons on our cars, have catalogs and business cards available to hand out, and basically, just try to attract attention. I saw some Avon ladies doing this at a Wal-Mart parking lot one...
  11. C

    Housewarming kind of party

    Ok.. I have a question. I am having a kitchen show next month and the lady having it for me has moved into a new house and she wants to have a show and invite her family to come to see her new house and see the show while they are there. And I thought that this could be a housewarming kind of...
  12. L

    Book Party with Host in another state

    I've got a question about a book party where the host is in another state. What do I mail - obviously the "host kit", but what about the order forms? Do I send the order forms as if they were attending a party, or do I send an outside order form? I have 2 book parties schedules for the...
  13. Laura1293

    Tea Party

    My mom wants to have a tea party theme. Does anyone have any flyers or any ideas that they would like to share? :D Thanks Laura
  14. O

    Catalog party letter

    I am a new consultant. Does anyone have a letter that explains to hosts doing a catalog party? Thanks!
  15. A

    Pool Party Show

    Hello Everyone, I'm in need of some ideas for a pool party show...recipes where I don't have to use the Hostess oven or microwave but can prepare in front of everyone at the show...any non-cooking ideas?? Much appreciate your help! Cheers, Angela
  16. N

    Can someone explain the mystery host party

    Reading some of the posts, and since its late, im not sure i'm grasping the idea of the mystery host party. How does it work?
  17. K

    Hostess Had party 1 year ago

    Does anyone have a letter that they send out to past hostess that discount will be expiring?
  18. S

    Apple Themed Party

    Does anyone have an Apple themed show flyer or a fall theme show flyer that I could see so I am not reinventing the wheel? Not sure if this is o.k. to ask, but I thought I would try it. I want do an apple show with microwave apple crumble and apple pizza in one of the Pampered Chef cookbooks...
  19. Y

    Spa Party

    I have come across some attachments posted by Janel about a Spa Party. This has really captured my imagination. Pampered Chef as a party-plan company has a lot of competition from Virgin Vie and Body Shop make-up over here in the UK - and I just wonder if a Spa Party could bridge the gap. I...
  20. S

    Party on last day of month. . .can it be counted toward next month?

    Hi Ladies, If I hold a party on July 31 and do not want the party to count until August, can I just input the party as an August 1? Or is that against the rules? Sorry if this is a question answered in the contract or something. I am still thinking about doing PC. Thanks, Sarah :)
  21. M

    My friennd in AZ said she will have a book party!! She did pc for

    My friennd in AZ said she will have a book party!! She did pc for almost 3yrs and her director quit so she quit. said she needs stones asap and wants a book party!! Cool 3 now lined up and don't even have my kit yet!! :p
  22. K

    Increasing my party average

    Hello everyone! I am in need of some help and guidance. I would like to work on increasing my show sales average so I can work smarter not harder. My current show average is $448. (This includes a couple of catalog shows.) I know one of the main keys is host coaching...and I can...
  23. janel kelly

    Tea party show

    I have a host that wants to do a tea party theme show. I have a couple flyers about it but would like a couple of ideas for recipes or anything else anyone has done at this type of show. I thought about ordering the tea from the catalogue for the guests to try and make some kind of baked good to...
  24. E

    Need help for b-day party

    :confused: I am hoping someone can help me. I was supposed to be doing a grilling party on June 18, but the hostess decided to change it into a surprise birthday party for her 33 year old daughter. Has anyone ever done anything like this. She wants to have the food pretty much pre-prepared...
  25. W

    Flyer for neighborhood PChef party

    Hi, I've really enjoyed this site and was hoping to get some suggestions on a flyer I'm working on for my upcoming neighborhood Pchef party- (This will almost be my restart to the biz and my new area since I just moved here) Any suggestions would be appeciated- Whitney
  26. S

    Question re: Party Fatigue

    I have not yet joined -- I have to get those four dates -- but I am finding that a lot of people like Pampered Chef, would like to have a party, but all of their friends are sick of parties -- they have been to the candle parties, etc. How do you get around this? Pampered Chef parties seem...
  27. plichte

    Party Guest Interested in the Business but...

    I was making some customer care calls the other day and was speaking with one of my past party guests about the business opportunity. She said that she has thought about it a lot and would love to do it but she is unable to do heavy lifting due to a permanent back injury. I am fairly new to...
  28. K

    Party in May/Closing in June

    I am very confused on if someone has a party in May and wants to close in June. :confused: I was told that I can do that--is that correct? What I'm confused on are these things-- 1. Does that party count for June, if that's when I close, or does it still count for May? 2. When I am...
  29. S

    Ice Cream Party

    Thanks so much for all the suggestions I have been looking at. June 5th I am hosting an Ice Cream Party for kids so if yall have any suggestions please let me know. Wish me luck; all the people who have seen it have loved the flyer even if they can not come so I am hoping that will be a big...
  30. D

    Layered Mexican Party Dip/Spring Recipe '05

    Has anyone made the Layered Mexican Party Dip on Page 6 of the Spring/Summer Recipe Collection '05 for a Kitchen Show? If so, how did it go over and do you have any preparation tips to share?