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What is party: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. B

    Another way to say "party" or "show"

    Does anyone call parties anything other than a party or a show? I'm wondering if there's something more clever that doesn't sound like "selling". What are you calling your parties?
  2. Joyce D

    Can a New Consultant Succeed in the World of Direct Sales?

    Hi, my name is Joyce, I joined in May of 2019 while in Iowa. Within a couple of months I went to Chicago for the conference and then drove to my new home in Florida. I am not doing well as a consultant but I have gotten a lot of product, I am my own best customer! I am starting over, learning...
  3. Laurie Jimenez

    Converting a Freezer Workshop to Virtual Party

    Has anyone successfully converted a Freezer Workshop to a Virtual Party? Did you run it for multiple days? One day? How many recipes? How did you handle the advance purchase of spices/products?
  4. K

    Organizing a Perfect Birthday Party: Ideas & Tips

    How is better to organize a birthday party?? Any ideas?
  5. K

    Discover Catchy Virtual Party Names for Your Group | Expert Advice

    I am looking for a catchy group name. Any advice?
  6. kcmckay

    Ice Cream Party Ideas: Delicious Tips for a Sweet Sunday Gathering

    I have a host that wants to do an Ice Cream party next Sunday. She requested a demo with the ice cream maker, I don't have one but am borrowing one from someone. I read up on it a little and see it takes a little bit so I already suggested to her, that she has store bought ice cream and have the...
  7. A

    Help! Need Catchy Group Title for Virtual May Day Party

    Someone help! I am drawing a blank as to catchy group titles for a Facebook virtual party. It is a May Day theme. Can anyone throw me some ideas? Thanks!
  8. K

    How Can I Get People to Attend My Party When I'm New to the Area?

    Hey everyone,I am new to PC and my first party was a bust, no one RSVP'd nor did any shw up. i had to cancel the party. I'm looking for advice on how to get people to attend when I schedule a new one. This is supposed to be my Grand Opening party and I need ideas on how to convince people to...
  9. P

    Wine Cheese and Chocolate Party

    I saw this a while back and have a party to do using this theme. Can anyone help? I can't find anything in the Party Packs or by searching the PC site.I'd be grateful for any help!!!
  10. Ashley_Delio

    Find Your Party's Express Checkout Number | Quick and Easy Checkout Process

    Hi, Newbie here! I cannot for the life of me find where the express checkout number is for a party I have this weekend! I feel like I found it for a different party, where I didn't use it, a few weeks ago, but now I just can't find it. Can someone tell me where to look?
  11. Sharon Roode

    Can selling Pampered Chef products be a source of joy during tough times?

    I started selling Pampered Chef mainly to get a few products that I wanted in my own kitchen and decided to go all Virtual with it. Soon after (within 10 days) of joining my husband was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia and my whole world changed in an instant! I was going to give up selling...
  12. dn4007

    Hosting a Pampered Chef Party - Ready to Shop and Save?

    Hi Everyone! I just joined Pampered Chef and am really looking forward to getting to play with all the fantastic products. My first show will be a Facebook/catalog party with my sister as host. Her goal is to have $1500 in show sales. Fingers crossed!
  13. Stephanie78

    Looking for a June Virtual Party Outline? Share yours with me!

    Hi there! Does anyone have a June Outline for their Virtual Parties that they wouldn't mind sharing with me. I would be forever grateful if so. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance! Have a great day!
  14. PChefAdriel

    Need Help with Home Parties in Cincinnati/NKY? Shadow Someone Now!

    I'm in the Cincinnati/NKY area and I'd like to shadow someone for home parties. I have my first home party next month and I'm kind of freaking out lol
  15. raebates

    Fundraiser Fb Party Posts & an Apology

    First, I am so sorry. LOOOOOONNNNNNNG ago I told someone on some post that I'd share what I use for mentioning fundraisers on a FB show. I completely forgot about it. I was just setting up a PC event on FB and remembered. However, for the life of me I can't remember which thread it was on or who...
  16. byrd1956

    Boost Your Party Posts: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Fundraiser Event

    I have a fundraiser party coming up at the end of this month. It is an in-home party and the host has set up an event of FB. I have a number of post I use for this but, I would love to find some new ones to use. Is there anyone on CS that is willing to share the post and pics they use on parties?
  17. Niki Kate

    Host a Successful Facebook Party: Tips & Tricks

    I use these for my Facebook Parties...
  18. shelleypchef

    Virtual / Facebook Party Drawing Slip

    Does anyone have a drawing slip they are using for their virtual / facebook party?
  19. Nightschild24

    Host a Party with a Thirty One Consultant: Tips and Ideas

    I am having a party next month with a Thirty One consultant and I've never done this before. Does anyone have any flyers or ideas on how to get the word out? I want this to be successful for me and my friend that sells 31. She is new to this and I am only a year into this and need to get my name...
  20. R

    Bon Fire Party Recipes Needed!!!!

    I have a host wanting to do a bon fire party. We did pizza at the party she booked from, so i'd like to do something different since some of the same people will be at this one.Need help coming up with something to cook!!!!! Either pre cook or cook on a charcole grill while there!!HELP!!!!!!
  21. H

    How to Host a Successful Business Relaunch Party?

    After doing the bare minimum to keep active over the last couple of years, I have decided to relaunch my business next month with an open house/relaunch party at my house. I plan on showing off the new products, etc. Anyone have any suggestions for invitations, theme of party, etc. Looking...
  22. SherryLynn

    Question on Vendor Show/Holiday Party

    There was a posting on FB about a home vendor show/Christmas in July party at someone's house. A consultant down state said she was available and I said I was also. She commented first. A few hours later the person having the show said that she would get back to me if the first person fell...
  23. E

    How Can I Modify a Pampered Chef Show for a Post Bariatric Surgery Party?

    A friend of mine is hosting a healthy living party for a mutual friend who has undergone bariatric surgery. Does anyone have any ideas of how I could modify a Pampered Chef show to meet this need? Right now, we are setting her up like a bridal show so that people can buy her items from PC...
  24. C

    What are the details on the Outdoor Party Sticks in their box?

    I have a "display only" set of these Outdoor Party Sticks, but they are in the box. $28 + shipping.
  25. P

    Where Can I Find Party Sticks for Sale?

    I have a couple customers looking for Party Sticks (the ones you put in the ground to hold a glass - discontinued last year) Does anyone have any?
  26. Cici

    Maximizing Your Facebook Party: Tips and Ideas for Hosting a Successful Event

    Have anyone created an outline for their Facebook party? What stuff do you share? I've seen some parties have a lot of prizes, what type of prize would you do? I have my first Facebook party this week and I am a little bit lost
  27. DebPC

    Have you ever thrown a surprise birthday party with a twist?

    Please share any unusual parties you've done...I did a surprise birthday party PC show for a 40 something woman whose daughter threw it for her. Everyone bought things for themselves but she got the host plan. And she was surprised. B-day decor and a cake etc. I did 2 appetizers. It was really...
  28. C

    2 Party Type Questions- Mommy and Me; One for Kids

    My daughter (11 yo) has expressed interest in learning to cook. I was thinking about a Mommy and Me cooking class or even a Junior Chef class to teach kids basics of cooking. Has anyone ever done any of these or have any ideas, etc. Thanks.