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Converting a Freezer Workshop to Virtual Party

Oct 25, 2019
Has anyone successfully converted a Freezer Workshop to a Virtual Party? Did you run it for multiple days? One day? How many recipes? How did you handle the advance purchase of spices/products?


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Sep 8, 2008
*I now realize the original post was from April.....so you've probably already HAD your party. I'd be curious how it turned out. But I see Jen was also curious about this topic.*

I'm no longer a consultant, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt. ;) But if I were going to do this, this is probably how I'd try it. Hopefully someone else comes along with some experience in the subject, but I hung up my apron 2 years ago, but did was a consultant for 10. And as a host/guest, this would appeal to me.

1) I would do the pre-party stuff (recipes, shopping list, orders for spices and such) as normal...ahead of time. Although, given the shipping issues...that's even HARDER now...so you may have to give people some substitution options for the PC pantry items?? Like for our Southwest seasonings, what can they use instead (taco seasoning?) or store bought Italian seasoning for the PC stuff. Then in YOUR demo, you use the real stuff and just talk it up! (I love the PC stuff so much better, but in a pinch, sometimes sacrifices have to be made. haha).

2) Set up the Facebook party group so the host(s) can invite the guests to the private virtual party. Keeps it streamlined for the guests and you.

3) For the show, I would then do the Facebook LIVE demo showing the recipes being put together. I don't remember how many recipes were in the freezer workshop, but you could do it the same as a live show....all at once. OR break it up into smaller chunks. I think the point was to do a bunch of meals in one sitting though, right? So it probably would make sense to do that for the live stream as well. People can always watch the replay, so time shouldn't matter a lot....but I would at least try to do it at a time the HOST can watch live. Plus it's always more fun to interact with people in the live stream. :)

Maybe you can do some teaser recipe live stream videos leading up to the main event too. SO say you have the party scheduled for noon on a Saturday and are going to do the bulk of the recipes. Maybe you can show some livestream videos the 2-3 days before the party showing a simple recipe, OR showing some prep work that can be done ahead of time to save them time. (IE- precooking some chicken breast in the deep covered baker or rockcrok, or whatever....)

Hopefully that gives some ideas though!!
Good luck, and let us know how it goes, whatever you go with. :)