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How do I setup and run a Facebook Mystery Host Virtual Show?


Silver Member
Oct 15, 2013
I have a lot going on in my life. I've had a couple virtual facebook parties, but haven't done one in a long time because honestly I just prefer doing a cooking show. However, I really need to do a show to stay active in October, I'm juggling a fulltime job, graduate school, and my wife and I recently separated and my daughter lives with me full-time. And did I mention we moved into a house that I'm in the middle of renovating and most of my cookware is still packed? Other than that, loads of time LOL.

So anyways, I have two weeks to pull this off. I want to setup a virtual Facebook show, but I need to be able to change the host to the mystery host. I've read somewhere that I should set it up as a cooking show in CC so I can use a co-host, though I'm not sure why. I guess I would pick a random friend that could be listed as the host, then add the mystery host as the co-host? I wouldn't want to use "consultant as host" because it reduces some of the benefits.

So I'm thinking about giving virtual "tickets". I'd give a ticket for RSVP. I'd give a ticket for responses to posts, and then maybe have some contests (how many candy corn kernels in the brownie pan, etc.) that may win one or more tickets. I'd also give tickets for inviting a guest who participates. For that I'd have to make sure each person who invites someone messages me who they are inviting. Or better yet, if they put it in a post everyone can see who all is getting tickets and maybe that will set up a competitive spirit.

For the prize, I would give the grand prize of Mystery Host to the person with the most tickets. Then the remaining tickets would go into a drawing for a season's best, toaster tongs, etc.

Please give me tips, feedback, criticism. Thanks in advance!

York, SC