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  1. P

    Mystery Host

    Anyone have any flyers ar ideas for a mystery host show??? Thanks :)
  2. C

    Murder Mystery Show

    Hi Everyone, The Murder Mystery theme show is catching on to my guests, and I have 3 booked for October. Here's my problem: Two of the hosts were at one of my Murder Mystery shows already, and will have some of the same guests. How can I tweak my show to make it different? I guess what I...
  3. M

    Tickets for mystery hostess show?

    I am having my first show this weekend at my house and decided to make it a mystery hostess one to try and draw more people in. Which kind of tickets do you find are better? I had bought the single roll of tickets, intending to have everyone write their names on them, but am starting to think...
  4. C

    Mystery Host Flyer for Fall

    I just made this my first flier. Tall me what you think. :)
  5. C

    Mystery Package

    I just got a package in the mail. I went through my head what I had earned from PC. I opened it and it was my $100,000 in career sales pin!!! YIPEE!! I hadn't attended conference this year so they mailed it to me!!! As a part time job, it took me a while to hit it in almost 8 years but I...
  6. T

    Looking for Postcard for mystery show

    Hi everyone, I've seen something out here one time. It was a flyer with a postcard and instructions on how to fold the flyer to create a postcard using only a 23 cents stamp. Does anyone else remember seeing this? It was for a mystery show. Thank you Theresa4chef
  7. M

    Mystery Hostess Kitchen Show

    I'm trying do up a flyer for a Kitchen Show, but I'm not sure if it's quite "right." I've never done this before, so I'm a little lost as to what to do/write. I was wondering if I could get some feedback and advice/tips on it from anyone? Thanks!
  8. N

    Can someone explain the mystery host party

    Reading some of the posts, and since its late, im not sure i'm grasping the idea of the mystery host party. How does it work?
  9. C

    Help for Murder Mystery ?

    I see some great flyers in the Files section of the site, but I am not sure how to go about planting the clues throughout the show ? Any help from someone who has done this successfully, as in "lunchroom" chat, I have two people interested in this type of show in Aug ! I was thinking it...
  10. P

    Mystery hostesss show

    I am going to hold a mystery hostess show to try and jump start my business; I am in my 3rd starter month and have had only 6 kitchen/catalog shows. My question is, does anyone have results with a Saturday afternoon show? or should I book a show for the evening time? I was also thinking of...
  11. P

    Mystery Host

    Does anybody have a flyer I could use for a mystery host. I wanted to leave some catalogs at my husbands work and give everyone the chance to be the host...which may lead to some bookings. Thanks for your help. This is my first super starter month. Thanks.
  12. B

    Mystery Hostess went great.

    This was my 2nd show and I invited 10 people, not to ambitious I know but I was very nervous. I had 7 people show up and only one brought orders, so she got to be the hostess. The great thing was I had over $500 in sales and she is getting some orders at the bank she works at today, and closing...
  13. B

    Mystery Host Show

    I am so excited, I hosted a Mystery Host Show tonight at my house and it turned out GREAT. I sent out around 60 flyers to people I know and had 19 to attend. I gave tickets for different things like RSVP, Show up on time, Bring a friend, place order, book July or Aug show, etc. And at the end of...
  14. W

    Mystery Host....

    Good morning, I'm finally going to have a show 6-24-05(my own but it's a start) so now that we are on just money value system, the sales I get from this show I'm going to give away to people who book I guess. (still not how to decide who gets them)any ideas to ? So technically when I enter...
  15. D

    $1000.00 Mystery Host

    Do any of you have a letter that you use to promote the $1000.00 Mystery Host Show? I can't wait to get started on it!!!
  16. S

    HWC E-mail Mystery Host Fundraiser

    I am thinking about doing a somewhat last minute HWC E-mail Mystery Host Fundraiser, where I am willing to donate my commission to the Canadian Cancer Soceity. I am in the middle of putting a flyer together. The flyer mentions the tickets for the amount of products purchased, as well as...
  17. K

    Open House Mystery

    I have distributed over 100 flyers to my neighborhood inviting them to my open house and announcing my start as a PC Kitchen Consultant. However, I am days away from the event, and have only received two responses-out of at least 135 flyers- and those were 'no thanks'. I am still going to have...
  18. rachelpc

    Mystery Host

    Does anyone have a flyer for doing a mystery host show??
  19. L

    Mystery Host Flyer

    Hey everyone! I am a new consultant and have A LOT of talk about Mystery Host Kitchen and/or email shows. Does anyone have a sample flyer that they have used? AND any suggestions would be MOST appreciated! Thanks a ton! Leah in Georgia