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What is murder: Definition and 24 Discussions

  1. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Who was Paige Birgfeld and what happened to her?

    Hello, Everyone! I know it's been awhile, but I promised you that if anything new every turned up in the case of Paige (Dixon) Birgfeld, I would let you know about it.I had notification today that a memory of Paige's case was published yesterday on a site called on Tech Radar (link below.)...
  2. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Suspect in Paige Birgfeld Murder Held on $2 Million Bond

    KJCT News is reporting that at his arraignment, Lester Ralph Jones was ordered held on a $2 million cash-only bond. He appeared in court via video link, wearing a red jumpsuit that indicates a maximum security jail.Paige's father, Frank Birgfeld was in the courtroom for the arraignment.Link to...
  3. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Arrest Made in the Murder of Paige Birgfeld

    The Mesa County Sheriff's Department on Friday, November 21, 2014 arrested a suspect in the murder of our fellow Cheffer, Paige Birgfeld. According to multiple sources, the Sheriff's Department arrested Lester Ralph Jones, the only suspect in the case.Paige, a 34-year-old mother of three and a...
  4. F

    Ready for a Cheesburger Man Murder Mystery?

    Has anyone actually played this one? I'm looking through the file and a little confused as to what I give the guest and who ends up being the murder. Do you have cards or sheet made up to hand to each guest? Host has requested to do this Tues. Thanks!
  5. D

    Death by Chocolate Murder Mystery Script

    Thanks all for contacting me about the success of this show. Everyone had a ball. But the script needs tweeking with the timing of the words/show. Haven't had a chance to work on that part yet. I think I would have more of the recipes done and just say Pam had it mostly complete before her demise.
  6. chefliz

    Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party with Pampered Chef!

    My DH and I went to a REALLY fun party over the weekend and I didn't know if any of you have ever turned something like this into a Pampered Chef party. It was a Dinner and a Murder Mystery party. I would love to do some variation of it, but would have no idea where to begin. Obviously it might...
  7. Thinker

    Host Your Own Murder Mystery Show with a Death by Chocolate Theme

    I have a host that wants to do a Mystery show - sort of a who dunnit type. II looked through the "Files" and saw a Death by Chocolate but no script. Does anyone have the script/file for this theme? Thanks
  8. chefmeg

    Planning a PC Murder Mystery Show: Tips and Ideas

    Does anyone have any ideas how we could pull off doing a PC murder mystery show???
  9. B

    Help With Murder Mystery Docs I Have!!

    Hi all, A while back, I found MM docs that looked good. Not having a MM show before, i just saved it to my files and didn't think about it again. Well, now I have a hostess who wants to have a MM show - at the show I met her at, we did the Chic Ench Ring. So I don't want to do the...
  10. P

    Murder Mystery Theme Ideas Needed - Help Appreciated!

    I saw the file for a murder mystery theme show, but only the directions for the MargarittaVille one! Can someone help me? I am doing a murder mystery theme, and I am looking for ideas! Thanks!
  11. K

    Help With Murder Mystery Show!

    Hey everyone! I have a show in March that wants to do a "Murder in Margaritaville" themed party. I have looked on here and found 2 scripts for this show that seem awesome, but I'm a bit confused. When the guests come in, am I supposed to give them pieces of the script and then pieces of the...
  12. C

    Attach Files to Your New Murder Mystery Show!

    I made up a new murder mystery show and want to post it here~how do I attach things from my Word program!! Thanks for your help!
  13. pcheftammy

    Death by Chocolate Murder Mystery

    Does anyone have this? I saw it on a previous flyer. It sounds great for Valentine's Day! Thanks, Tammy [email protected]
  14. C

    Tips for a Successful Murder Mystery Show - Get the Inside Scoop Here!

    Can anyone please post where I can get the info on the Murder Mystery show. I have searched and can't find it. Also, if any has any tips that they could share on doing a Murder Mystery show I would greatly appreciate it. I have my first one in a few weeks and I don't want to blow it. Thanks in...
  15. J

    Where Can I Find Specific Murder Mystery Scripts?

    Please help me. I have searched this site and need your help. I have the hotel script and the Pam Perchef cards but they don't go together. Also, I can't find the Margaritaville script. Please, please help me. I have 2 of these murder mystery shows booked and I am creatively challenged...
  16. C

    Need Help with a Murder Mystery Invitation?

    I found a Murder Mystery Flyer, but can't seem to find an actual invitation for this theme show.....I have one booked for June 3, and would like to send out a fun invite for it- but am not creative or computer proficient enough to do one well.....has anyone else done this? Also- I really like...
  17. M

    Unravel the Intrigue with a Murder Mystery Theme Show - Flyer Available!

    I know that there are two MM scripts on here, but I have not found a full page theme show flyer for this theme. I was doing my theme show binder and wanted to put one in. Does anyone have one?
  18. B

    My Murder Mystery Them Was a Blast!!

    Hi all This is my first time posting, but I wanted to chime in here and say what a blast I had doing a murder mystery last night. It was my 5th show that I've done so far as I'm only in my SS2. I took ideas from what I found here about the murder mystery and sort of made it my own. We had...
  19. P

    Planning a Murder Mystery Party? Get Creative Ideas Here!

    does anyone hav eany ideas??? need a invitation that sounds fun. im sooo not used to this. i think im going to do a murder myster and found a good script for that but need a invite that looks really neat..........HELP!!! You guys rock!!
  20. momoftwins

    Murder Mystery or Get Acquanted Show

    I have a friend who wants to do a show to get acquainted with her neighbors in her new house. I was mentioning the murder mystery theme show (although I have never done one and want ideas/help) and she liked that. Has anyone ever done a get acquainted type show?? Any ideas, help and...
  21. M

    Murder Mystery Theme Finished....

    what do you think? Obviously I still need to make it so that "parts" can be handed out, but other than that the main story line is done. How long do you reckon this would last? I'll have to read it out loud and do the recipe at the same time sometime soon and time myself!
  22. Jennie4PC

    Question on Murder in Margaritsville

    When you guys do this do you just randomly decide who the murderer is i told a host since it was oct i would do this and she was so excited.
  23. C

    Spice Up Your Murder Mystery Show with Unique Themes - Book Now!

    Hi Everyone, The Murder Mystery theme show is catching on to my guests, and I have 3 booked for October. Here's my problem: Two of the hosts were at one of my Murder Mystery shows already, and will have some of the same guests. How can I tweak my show to make it different? I guess what I...
  24. C

    Creating a Murder Mystery: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Show

    I see some great flyers in the Files section of the site, but I am not sure how to go about planting the clues throughout the show ? Any help from someone who has done this successfully, as in "lunchroom" chat, I have two people interested in this type of show in Aug ! I was thinking it...