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What is script: Definition and 48 Discussions

  1. V

    Need a Script for Selling at Schools? Look No Further!

    I work at a local school as a child care aide. I will be placing catalogs in the teachers lounge. Is there a script out there stating that, I will return by November 30 to place their orders and give them a treat for being sweet and ordering from me.:chef:
  2. Bren706

    Email Script When You Are Trying to Reach a Goal

    Ok, so I really need to FILL my calendar up to its maximum potential. My hubby had been on disability from December-February (this was his third time in a year!!!! First his broken ankle, six months later his knee, and then his hip!!!) and then in February he was laid off. Fortunately, they...
  3. B

    Phonevite Message Script: Get Ready for the Show!

    Does anyone have a script they use when they send out phonevite messages before shows? Thanks.
  4. babywings76

    Need Script Ideas for Phone Calls for a Grand Opening

    My new recruit is getting a little nervous about her Grand Opening. She only has 2 people coming so far, and both are people who have booked parties with her to help her get started. She's concerned that she won't get any orders for this show to count. Any advice you think I should give her...
  5. D

    Death by Chocolate Murder Mystery Script

    Thanks all for contacting me about the success of this show. Everyone had a ball. But the script needs tweeking with the timing of the words/show. Haven't had a chance to work on that part yet. I think I would have more of the recipes done and just say Pam had it mostly complete before her demise.
  6. ChipLines

    Script Needed! Salvage Show Canceling Due to Road Washout

    Help! I'm looking for a great script (I've been searching - I saw it once on here - thought I'd saved it)...Host just called regarding party tonight - we've had flooding - road washed out. They are going to wait until 3 p.m. to make decision whether to postpone. There was a great script on...
  7. byrd1956

    Have you tried white chicken chili at a show? How did it turn out?

    Anyone have a script for using this at a show? I've noticed comments about changing up the recipe because it is too spicy and also that it may not be a good recipe to do at a show. Has anyone used it and how has it worked out?
  8. kdangel518

    Help! Anyone Have a Fundraising Script?

    I have a list of animal shelters, food pantries, and churches in my area that I am going to start calling to offer fundraisers. Before I do so I would like to have at least a loose script so I don't stumble over my words, lol. I have such a hard time coming up with what to say though! Does...
  9. nikked

    Can Opener "Inuendo" Script

    Hey...I can't my copy of the instructions on how to use the can opener in "inuendo" form...Could anybody direct me to a thread and/or actually post it? Thanks....
  10. JBigler

    Effective Customer Care Call Script for Your Team | Proven Tips and Templates

    Hi, Does anyone have a customer care call script that they use? We are doing this as a team soon and I thought it'd be helpful to have something in front of me to say. Thanks!
  11. M

    Director Phone Script for Blitz - Cross Post on Cs

    I am having a team booking blitz tonight (my first since promoting) and most of my consultants are brand new. I am looking for a phone script they can use, that mentions budget friendly meals, maybe the economy, etc. All of my scripts are older, and I would like a fresh, up to date one. Has...
  12. M

    Phone Script for Booking Blitz

    I am having a team booking blitz tonight (my first since promoting) and most of my consultants are brand new. I am looking for a phone script they can use, that mentions budget friendly meals, maybe the economy, etc. All of my scripts are older, and I would like a fresh, up to date one. Has...
  13. M

    Phone Script- Grand Opening Show

    My newest recruit is having her Grand Opening show on Monday. Does anyone have a phone script for her to use when making reminder calls. She sent out 66 invites, and will be calling them all this weekend. I am looking for a pohone script for her to use, that will help her ask for bookings if...
  14. Flamingo

    Follow up Email Script....

    Hi... I was looking for a follow up email for stopping by my booth at a fair. Anyone have a good one.....?????
  15. N

    Potential Recruit-Need Phone Script

    I have some potential recruits from a booth I did this weekend. I want to call them but don't want to forget anything in the first call. I have the consultants corner one and the one from our binder but is there one that's a little more personable. Those I have a hard time with. They don't seem...
  16. R

    Craft Show Follow-Up: Summer Hiatus Over, Let's Book Some Shows!

    Does anyone have a script they use when calling people they have met at craft shows in past months? I met some of these people at shows in May and June so some time has elapsed. The summer was crazy for me. I'm not sure on how to address that aspect of it?? I think some of them may be...
  17. M

    Need Help Writing a Show Script?

    Does anyone have a general script they use for their shows that they wouldn't mind sharing with me? I checked the files the other day and couldn't find anything I really liked. I'm working on getting something down on paper this week before my next live shows, since I've been having trouble with...
  18. P

    How can I turn uncomfortable calls into successful bookings?

    I am running across a problems. I am trying to make contact with host and guest that I have not spoken to in 5 years and when I talk to them I do not know what to say. Does any one have any suggestions on how I can turn these unconfortable call into bookings or open communication again...
  19. Liquid Sky

    Email Script for New Consultant Promo?

    Does anyone have a good script they have or are using for emailing everyone about the new promo? I am having a hard time condensing all the info and making it really appealing. :confused:
  20. dannyzmom

    Director Looking for a Call Script for New Consultants?

    Can't fins it - anyone know where to look?
  21. P

    Effective Script for New Recruiting Promo | Boost Your Recruitment Strategy

    Does anyone have a good script for the new recruiting promo they could share. We're very weak in the recruiting area & could use some help.
  22. A

    Who Remembers That Thread? Thank You Script Needed

    Okay, I remember seeing this on a thread over the past few days....who was it???!!! Anyway, I like the idea and just wanted to ask if you could share your "script" again for them. I have been sending out emails that thank all the guest, but I need something for those that don't have or want...
  23. janetupnorth

    Great Recruiting Script...

    Here is a good recruiting script written by the person at the bottom and passed on to me by my ED - good luck to you all!!!!: "As a Pampered Chef consultant my job is a service position. I'm here to assist you in all things Pampered Chef by selling products, providing customer service and...
  24. T

    Recruiting Promo Mailed.... Please, Give Me a Script!

    Okay, so I took the recruiting promo and copied it and sent it along with the oppty. brochure and a "10 reasons why PC could be for you" to people that have expressed interest in the business over the years. I plan to follow up with these folks, but what do I say when I call? Thanks for...
  25. J

    Making My First Reminder Calls: Need Script Ideas

    Just joined and will be making my first reminder calls. Anyone got a good "script" they use and want to share? I don't want to sound too goofy on the message...for some it will be the first impression they have of me.
  26. wadesgirl

    Script for Reminder Calls: Hosting a Show on Saturday

    Does anyone have a good script for making reminder calls for a host. I'm doing my first ones for my show on Saturday and not exactly for sure what to say. I would love to mention the new catalog or at least the recipe we are making but is that too much? I also have a couple guests who...
  27. S

    Script for Cccs and Recruiting

    Here is MY Script. Feel free to use it, but let me know if it helps OR if you have ANY suggestions! :) Customer Care Calls “Hi. This is Jenna Grant, your Pampered Chef Consultant. Is now a good time?” IF THEY ANSWER ‘NO’: “I am doing Customer Care Calls. When is a better time to...
  28. soinlove808

    Need Help Booking Shows? Try this Script!

    I have no bookings!:cry: Does anyone have a script they use when they call? I have only have 5 shows, and i have called everyone i know. And some from other partys, but no luck, i think i am not saying the right things.. so any help would be appriciated..
  29. L

    Boost Your Bookings: Tried and Tested Cold Booking Script for Low Seasons

    Does anyone have one of these or have you ever done this when bookings were low? Did it work?
  30. katie0128

    Iso: Past Host Referrals From Ho Phone Script

    Does anyone have the script for the past host referral call HO sent out? My director received a number of lead and shared them with her downline. I need to follow-up again with two of the people I got, but can't find my script. Thansk!