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What is fundraising: Definition and 113 Discussions

  1. Niki Kate

    Fundraising Ideas: How to Engage Without Being Salesy

    I have two fundraisers coming up. Both will have an online component.How long should fundraisers run for? How do I drum up interest? Good games? I'm trying to drum up interest without being salesy.Thanks!
  2. S

    Online Fundraising Success Stories: Tips & Advice

    Has anyone done an online only fundraiser? How did you make out?
  3. MissyPC

    Fundraising Ideas for Aftercare: Let's Help Missy!

    Hello EveryoneTrying to think of an easy fundraiser to test out as my first one. My son's aftercare is pretty large. I was thinking of having each child sell a minimum of 10 trivets so each child would bring in $95 of sales. There are approximately 50 kids.I am thinking that if this is...
  4. L

    Pampered Chef Fundraising: A New Consultant's Guide

    Hello! I am a new consultant and I am trying to do some Fundraisers. Does anyone have a letter that they send to perspective fundraising organizations? Just something offering the option of a Pampered Chef fundraiser for the organization?
  5. C

    Free Breast Cancer Printables for Use at Your Fundraising Shows

    Free coordinating printables and decorating ideas can be found here FREE breast cancer awareness printables | Chickabug We used this company's printables for our son's birthday party. It takes a little bit of work printing and cutting everything out, but the results are well worth it...
  6. W

    Fundraising for Relay for Life: Tips and Strategies for Success

    I am attending a Relay for Life meeting tomorrow evening and will be presenting information to the group about fundraising with PC. This group has 46 teams and just under 200 participants. I am hoping all goes as planned and I have a fundraiser to put together this weekend. Any...
  7. K

    Fundraising Flyers: Printable Options & Info

    Where can I find a fundraiser flyer? Are there printable ones or do I have to order them, it's been a loooooong loooooong time since I did one. Or even just info to give to someone.
  8. Hunter Mom

    Girl Scout Pampered Chef Fundraising Ideas for New Troops

    Does anyone know if a girl scout troop can do a PC fundraiser? My daughter is part of a brand new troop, and we were thinking that something this spring after cookies (which, BTW, aren't that profitable for the troop!) are done might be a good idea.
  9. D

    How to Make a Crowd-Pleasing Chocolate Chip Cookie Sheet for a Fundraiser?

    Hello my daughter needed some funds for her Washington trip next year and her idea is to sell cookie sheet/cake at school by taking orders. Do we have any cookie recipe, using a large bar pan, that anyone would like to share. Thank you.
  10. quiverfull7

    Fundraising Conundrum: How Much Should HO Donate?

    Ok, I have a fund raiser that will close today that I'm thrilled about but also have a question. The Chairperson and the booking host are both ordering the knife block set. I know that those are not commissionable for me but my question is what total does HO use for their portion of the...
  11. B

    Fundraising with Pampered Chef: A Guide

    Can someone please explain to me how a fundraiser works with PC?
  12. L

    Help Our Little Princess: Community Fundraising Flyer

    Ok, I'm not sure what to call this. I'm doing a fundraiser and we're hoping to reach the community and we've got churches and places willing to put up flyers saying to go to this site for info. I'm looking for a sheet where top part I can have picture of our little princess we're doing...
  13. L

    Fundraising Website Link to My Website - Is This Permitted?

    So I was just approved for "Picnic in the Park" Things are really starting to fly for me in my area NOW!!!!!!!!:cool::cool::cool: Check it out!!:thumbup: http://www.picnicintheparkonline.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3&Itemid=4 Anyway I had noticed that she had...
  14. P

    Can I Get the HWC Fundraiser Flyer PDF from CC?

    Can someone attach a pdf file of the fundraiser flyer for HWC for some reason I can not access the link at all from CC!!!
  15. kam

    Fundraising for a Cat Shelter: Raising Money & Ideas

    I am doing a "fundraiser" for a gal to benefit a cat shelter. I am NOT setting it up as a true Fundraiser. I am going to donate my entire commission to the shelter. So she would get 20% of the entire show sales rather than 25-30% she could get as doing it as a true FR. What we are thinking...
  16. pcheftammy

    Fundraising Label for Catalogs

    I am doing a fundraiser for my daughter's preschool. I want to put a label on the front of my catalogs before I drop them off. What do you do? My husband said that I should gear it toward bookings/$3 donation from them. Any suggestions? What works?
  17. taterbug

    Using P3 Receipts for Fundraising: A Guide

    I have never used the P3 receipts; however, I intend to order some to use for the fundraiser I have going on. For those of you who use them exclusively, do you just use the OOF at your show, not giving the customer a receipt at that time?
  18. chefkathy

    Quick! Vendor Fundraising Show Tonight

    The PTO president is hosting a vendor night at her house and I will be there with a PC table. I haven't had time to think things through. I really want good sales and March bookings. Any creative ideas to encourage both? I'm not doing an official demo, but I"m thinking maybe the DCB...
  19. gailz2

    Form for Fundraising Squares???

    I recently heard about selling squares as a fundraiser, with 1/2 the funds going to the student/cause and the other 1/2 goes to the winner to be used toward PC products. Does anyone have a form they have used for this?:chef:
  20. D

    Brainstorming for Fundraising "Show"

    Hi everyone! I'm attending a fundraiser that will be a trade show like event with some home based businesses there selling to raise money for a school. I'll have a table to display product, but there won't be a cooking show, so I'm trying to think of what to have that would demonstrate some...
  21. P

    Fundraising for Low-Income Elementary Schools: Tips & Suggestions

    Do I need to contact the charity I want to do a fundraiser for? or just send them a check once I get it from PC. I also want to do a fundraiser for a elementary school in a low income neighborhood. I am not sure if I would feel comfortable asking the parents to sell the stuff. I am not sure how...
  22. kdangel518

    Help! Anyone Have a Fundraising Script?

    I have a list of animal shelters, food pantries, and churches in my area that I am going to start calling to offer fundraisers. Before I do so I would like to have at least a loose script so I don't stumble over my words, lol. I have such a hard time coming up with what to say though! Does...
  23. L

    Venting Frustration over Fundraising Challenges

    Help! I know there is not much that could be done, but I really need to vent. I had done my first fundraiser in June for our local baseball team with 500 families. I had put so much time and money into this to make sure everything was perfect. We had a kickoff and tried to have 1 team mom per...
  24. F

    Fundraising For Making Strides: Helping Out in a Time Crunch!

    I just set up a fundraiser for a health club and I am not getting many orders.(They are trying to make money for the Making Strides campaign.) They asked me to set up a table with catalogs, business cards, etc. but did not want a "demo". I only have two orders (as I put in another e-mail) and I...
  25. pampered1224

    First Hwc Fundraising Event Is This Saturday

    I am so stoked! The flyers have been out for all of a day and I have three calls, two e-mails asking questions! I am doing a combined affair with a PArtyLite person called "Dinner By Candle Light". We are setting up 4 place settings. 1 with my good china, one with the Dots Dinner ware, one for...
  26. C

    HWC Fundraising: Looking for Order Form & Pictures

    Hello first time here and love reading everyones posts. I need help with coming up with some sort of order form for the HWC fundraiser. I would like to put one in my breakroom at work but am looking for pics for it too. I was thinking one like you would see for like a kids school fundraiser. So...
  27. K

    Catalog Fundraising: Big vs Small - Which Is Better?

    catalog? I am going to do a fundraiser for my daughter's school and want to know which is better to use. I need 80 catalogs so I don;t know if it's better to shell out the money for the big or just use the small.
  28. J

    Honoring My Dad: Fundraising for Leukemia Research & Care

    Hello All. I'm very new to PC within my 1st 30 days. I was thinking of doing a fundraiser for luekemia. Part of it is selfish because I need bookings in a HUGE way but part of it is very personal for me. 5 years ago my Dad passed away from AML or Acute Myeloid Leukemia. What I'd like to...
  29. ChefErin

    Fundraising for Daughter's Class - Support with an Order!

    Doing fundraiser for daughter's class...lady heading it up set up the invite list on my PWS....I have all these email addresses....for those who respond with a "can't make it", is there any flyer/email I can send them with good info/pictures which will encourage them to place an order through my...
  30. S

    Fundraising for Stay-at-Home Moms: Tips & Ideas

    Good morning ladies, I have a question or a couple for that matter. I started this january and so far so good. I would love to promote fundraisers around the neigborhood. I would love to call first the places that i'm thinking about but i have no clue what type of scripts to use, i have seen the...