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What is care: Definition and 138 Discussions

  1. csnteacher

    Iso Woven Tray Care & Instructions

    If anyone has the care & instructions for the Woven collection, could you please email me a copy. I recently obtained a lovely pizza woven tray & would like to know the do's & don'ts. Appreciate it very much!! [email protected]. THANKS!!
  2. D

    Use and Care for Old Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

    I need use and care instructions for the old round I’ve cream sandwich maker—can anyone help?
  3. DebPC

    How to Take Care of Your Pet Cat

  4. Bren706

    Improve Customer Care with Personalized Email Communication

    Do you have an email letter you send to your customers for customer care? (That you would mind sharing here). Whether it be a BIG MAC (MAE) or a month or so later, I am looking to send my customers an email as a follow up to my customer care call (especially if I only get their voicemail) or if...
  5. Bren706

    How Many Customer Care Call Voicemails to Leave?

    For customer care calls to those that are not necessarily booking leads (they did not express interest at the show, and checked no on DPDS), how many times do you call and leave a voicemail? Do you call more than twice?
  6. K

    Bbq Roasting Pan - Care & Grill Question

    I have a show coming up and several guests have already asked the host on a number of items relating to the BBQ Roasting Pan (# 2714). 1. Can you close the lid on the grill with this item in there (along with the chicken on it)?? 2. How is the cleanup on the item?? 3. Can you put foil at...
  7. naekelsey

    Optimizing Customer Care: Effective Have You Used Your Items Call Timing

    How long does everyone wait to make the "have you opened &/or used your items" calls??
  8. naekelsey

    Customer Care Calls Done by the Way the Customers Choose?

    This question is for those of you that ask if people want to be contacted by email, text, Facebook and etc. Do you make your customer care calls by the way they choose or do you always make those by phone?
  9. K

    Iso Use & Care for Previous Model Mandonlin

    I'm searching for the Use & Care instructions for the Ultimate Slice & Grate (old Mandolin - where the blades store directly in the mandolin). My daughter's teacher asked me today about it - she inherited her Great Aunt's Mandolin, but doesn't know how to use it. I told her I would find...
  10. ilovpc

    Costumer Care - Sample of Words to Say

    I took the Costumer Care online course (part of SUYB program) and save the following (see attached doc). I know that for me it is a lot easier to have in front of me what I am going to say and thats why I created this doc. Now I can print it and have it with me all the time. These are great...
  11. P

    Customer Care Calls/Booking Idea!

    I am seriously lacking in the bookings department but financially can not put a lot into paid advertising. Since the phone is considered the lifeline of this business - I have decided that over the next week I am going to contact every customer that I've had within the last 3 years of being in...
  12. P

    Endorsing a Check for College's Day Care Center Fundraiser

    I recently did a fundraiser for a local colleges' day care center. To help out with sorting I had the complete show sent to me. The check was made out to the day care center and me! I presume I just endorse it?
  13. K

    Need help with Customer Care Calls? Any tips for a new director?

    Hello. I have been with PC for a year and a half and am set up to promote to director this month with the new career plan! YIPPEE!!!! However- I have NEVER done CCC- Horrible! I know! I just don't quite get it! I have gone back and logged in all of the customers and notes etc. Now I find myself...
  14. gretchengreen529@yahoo.co

    Looking for Customer Care Call System

    I know I need to do this, but I get totally hung up on thinking of a "system" to make my CCC's. Does anyone have something that works for them? I'm not a digital person, so the P3 task list doesn't work for me.
  15. wadesgirl

    My Niece Just Posted a Picture on Fb Saying She Was at Urgent Care

    My niece just posted a picture on FB saying she was at Urgent Care with her soon-to-be SIL who just cut open her finger on a PC paring knife! Sharp little things! I've cut myself on many products including the kitchen spritzer but never enough for a doctor visit!
  16. aried

    Customer Care Calls During Holidays.

    So I really need to make out of the box calls. Should I wait till next week? I know I should at least not make calls over the weekend. These are just "how are your products?" calls.
  17. R

    Care to Take a Guess What the New Product Is?

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread on this, but I'm just dying to know what the guesses are.
  18. California Girl

    Getting Your Seller Permit: Do I Need to File or Is It Already Taken Care Of?

    Do i have to file for a seller permit or does PC already have it for me, i know in another company i just need to email them for it. TIA
  19. Aurora

    My Sister Is Doing a Catalog Show With Me, and She Doesn't Care

    My sister is doing a catalog show with me, and she doesn't care whether it's a November or December show. I'm trying to figure out which would be best for me, SAT-wise?I only have one other show booked for December, on the 2nd. So if I do hers 12/1-15, I'll get an extra free Spring product...
  20. suzipooh

    Finding an Old Cookie Press Use & Care Guide

    Where can I find the use and care guide for the old cookie press? Thanks!
  21. aried

    Chocolate Care: Don't Let it "Bloom

    these tips were in our newspapper the other day-it was talking about chocolate turning white which is called bloom and its when the temperature is too hot and caused by the cocoa butter rising to the surface. Bloom doesn't mean you can't use the chocolate. It will disappear when you melt it in...
  22. K

    Organizing 100 Customer Care Calls: Tips & Ideas

    Ok! So I have sat down and collected ALL of the people that I need to call! Its like 100! Bad- I know! Anyways- I am trying to figure out a way to organize my customer care calls and so on. I pull the drawing slips for potential hosts and recruits, but what do you do with the others? How do you...
  23. R

    Care to Share Notes From Go for No?

    I couldn't take notes for a few various reasons. I tried taking some pictures of their pop ups, but the screens switched so fast that I missed a few. Anyone care to share them? I really wanted to share them with my husband. Thanks!!!
  24. chefkugler

    Looking for Old Cookie Press Use and Care Instructions?

    Hello Does anyone have a copy of the OLD cookie press use and care? I can't find mine ( thought I saved them all). I have a customer who needs it and it isn't online anylonger.
  25. A

    Help Needed: Use & Care for Pampered Chef Flower-Shaped Bread Tube

    Hi! I have a customer looking for use and care for a flower shaped bread tube. I can't find anything. She says it's PC. Perhaps it's been discontinued for a while? Any ideas? She knows to put refrigerated bread in it, but that's all. Please help!
  26. M

    Seeking Advice: Hosting a Cooking Show During Grandma's Hospice Care

    Hi all, My grandma was just sent home from the hopsital on hospice care. The dr. gave her a couple days to a week. The family is all at peace with her passing as she's been very close for a few years and her quality of living was so poor. My question is this... I have a show scheduled...
  27. R

    Overcoming Fear of Customer Care Calls: Tips for New PC Consultants

    I wasn't sure where to put this. I am still fairly new to PC. I started in July. I am very hesitatnt about making customer care calls. Do people get irritated when you call? I just don't want to feel like I am bothering them. I'm just looking for some input on how to get over this...
  28. VeronicaW

    How do I properly care for and use Bread Tubes and a Flan Pan?

    I have a couple of guests looking for the Care and Use Guide as well as the recipes for: Bread Tubes Flan Pan Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA Veronica
  29. loreo

    Any Recipes for Small Round Stones?

    I have an online order that was over $150. I would like to send her some recipes. She ordered 10 small round stones. Does anyone have any recipes specifically for this stone? I looked on CC and the only one available is the one in the use and care. Thanks!
  30. E

    Customer Care Calls: What's Your Strategy?

    If so, how long after they receive the order do you call? What do you say in yours? I'm just starting out, would like to hear advice on these from others.