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What is guess: Definition and 53 Discussions

  1. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Revive the Activity: Join the Buzz at Our Group for Fresh Updates!

    I really miss when this group was really active. I guess we all need to start posting here again this was the in place for all the new info :) Let's get a revival on!!!
  2. kam

    Is It Time to Say Goodbye to My Pampered Chef Business?

    Unless I miscounted, as of Nov 1st I will no longer be a Consultant. I have actually been thinking this would happen sometime in the past 3 years. Amazingly, without even trying, I have managed to somehow stay active. About 3 years ago I decided that I would let my business phase out...never...
  3. M

    My New Fall Product Guess Is.....

    I'm thinking that PC will be coming up with a ceramic cooking line, as Longaberger is initiating in August. Their product is called "Flameware" and can be used on stovetop, grill, broiler, dishwasher, microwave, fridge, freezer and tabletop! WOW! This would be something!!!
  4. A

    I Guess I Knew the Price Was Going Up...

    I do remember reading something about it. And before anyone jumps down my throat, I totally get that $15/month is a great deal for what we get with our websites! But the fact is, they don't charge me $15/mo. They're taking $180 of my commission next month, and THAT is a chunk of change...
  5. R

    Care to Take a Guess What the New Product Is?

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread on this, but I'm just dying to know what the guesses are.
  6. C

    Guess I Should Formally Introduce Myself :)

    My name is Candice and I have been married for 6 years in November to Eric. We have 2 beautiful little girls. Piper Raine who is 3 years old and Imogen Winter who is 18 months. They are exactly 20 months apart. How it worked out that way is beyond me, but it's kinda cool to say ;) I live in...
  7. C

    theDeep Covered Baker in Cranberry Is on Back Order!!!I Guess

    The Deep Covered Baker in Cranberry is on back order!!! I guess everyone sold a lot of those in February!
  8. niktim3

    Let's Guess the Discontinued Items...

    I am sure the snowmen plates/platter will be going. Any other guesses out there? THanks!
  9. nikked

    TPC Resignation & New Beginnings - My Journey as a Consultant | NikkeD

    Go ahead, guess! You'll never figure it out!!!!! After several years "lurking" on CS, toying with other DS companies, and finally actually HOSTING a TPC show (what a BLAST that was!)... I just resigned with TPC. Gonna give it another try. It started out just helping my AD with...
  10. Intrepid_Chef

    I Guess This Booth Was Not Meant to Be!

    Several weeks ago, I got a call from a lady I know telling me about a booth opportunity at her church's outdoor craft fair. I said I would think about it and get back to her. A week or so later, she called again, VERY INSISTENT, saying they had another PC consultant who could take my spot if I...
  11. M

    Anyone Want to Guess the Discontinued Products?

    A spin-off from the guess the new products thread. :D I was flipping through the catalog today trying to guess what's going to be discontinued. And I couldn't find too many items. My guesses are: the outdoor tumblers Drink Charms Those are the only two items I could find...
  12. DessertDivaFL

    Anyone Want to Guess - New F/W Products

    Anyone want to take a guess what the new products will be for the 2009 Fall/Winter season? I am hoping for more sauces, toaster-size bamboo tongs, additional blades for the mandoline (waffle cut and french fry cut) and a different pattern for Simple Additions.
  13. PampMomof3

    Guess What Happened to Me Today???

    On the back of my van I have the PC logo. Well, I've had it on for over a year and a half and today I'm driving to the bank and this lady pulls up beside me and says "I need a catalog!!! Pull over please!" I'm like what? R u kidding? So I pulled over and she asks if she can place her order...
  14. PampMomof3

    Director Guess What Happened to Me Today?

    On the back of my van I have the PC logo. Well, I've had it on for over a year and a half and today I'm driving to the bank and this lady pulls up beside me and says "I need a catalog!!! Pull over please!" I'm like what? R u kidding? So I pulled over and she asks if she can place her order...
  15. chefHLM

    Maximizing Business Growth: Overcoming Awkwardness in Cold Call Conversations

    I wasn't sure where to put this...hopefully I'm in the right area LOL. Anyways...I have a new HD (my director is over 6 hrs away) and she is trying to help me grow my business, she gave me some drawing slips with names of people to call. The only thing is that I have no clue on what to say...
  16. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Guess That Bail Out - An Exciting New Game Show for Taxpayers!

    It's an exciting new game show! How much of your, your children's, your children's children's, and your children's children's children's tax dollars are going to get poured into the rat-hole that will be the next Bail Out Bill?
  17. P

    Facebook Friend - Guess Who??????

    So - most of you know that I ventured into the FB world recently - it's kinda cool over there and I'm still trying to figure it all out. But....guess who I got a friend request from????? Remember LW? :eek: I saw her on Gillian's friend list, so that must be the link. What happens if I don't...
  18. erinyourpclady

    Guess What I Did to My Kids.....

    Well...more like WE (my DH & I) did to our kids! My DH is leaving VERY soon for a year long deployment and we had already talked to our kids about going to Disney World when he got home. In January we decided to try and go before he left for a long weekend. It was up in the air if we were going...
  19. janej76

    Just Sent in My 2Nd Agreement so Guess Now I'm

    Just sent in my 2nd agreement so guess now I'm "officially" a future director! Phew! So excited about the year ahead...
  20. B

    Personal Guess Who Visited Us at Thanksgiving?

    We had so much fun with all our kids and grandkids at Thanksgiving (our Christmas) - look who visited! I have a better pic with my grandson looking lovingly at Santa and one of my sons with him but they're too large.
  21. G

    I Guess I'm the Gasoline Police.. 1.29 Today!!

    Yep, I filled up my Tahoe for cheap. Hope this lasts
  22. Gina M

    Guess What I Was Doing 14 Years Ago Today?

    My oldest son, Zach, turns 14 today at 11:19 pm! I can't really believe how fast the years have flown. He's a great kid - very kind and sweet, great student and a great brother. I still remember my husband exclaiming how big he was when he was born via c-section (a whopping 10 lb. 11 oz!) -...
  23. P

    Rant Guess It's My Turn to Vent! (Not a Pampered Chef Rant, and It's Long)

    I work for a company which has an office 48 miles from my home. September 2007 my then-boss realized it was ridiculous for me to commute 1.5 hours, minimum, each way, and told me to work from home - which I've been doing for over a year. My current boss started this past May, and it was...
  24. AnnieBee

    Fun and Busy Labor Day Weekend - Can You Guess Who We Met?

    I just had to share about my busy but fun weekend. Every Labor Day DH's family and another family go camping together, this is the 24th year! They started when DH and his sibs were kids, and now there are 12 grandkids! It is always a fun time, and so worth the 6 hrs in the car to get to the...
  25. ndbigler

    Ready to Celebrate? One Year with Pampered Chef and Future Director Status!

    Its my 1 year anniversary with Pampered Chef! And on August 1, I became Future Director! Go, me! Oh, sorry can I toot my own horn? LOL
  26. PampMomof3

    Did my July newsletter bring in unexpected results?

    I sent my July newsletter out yesterday hoping to drum up sales on the 4th and get some takers for my $1000 mystery host catalog show. My results so far are.... 2 takers on the show one wants to host a party in July one 77 order one outlet order of $33.75 And the kicker is today I get...
  27. chefann

    Have You Seen the New iSlice at Michael's Crafts?

    So I'm at Michael's Crafts this morning, and I went to the sewing aisle to see if they had a pair of pinking shears, since I can't find mine at home (and I need to cut ribbons for the Conference Meet 'n' Greets). Hanging there in the aisle, was none other than an iSlice! Same name. Same...
  28. V

    You'll Never Guess What I Paid for the Pie Plate...

    Our street was having a 3 day yard sale, but only my house and 2 others participated. I made some good cash, and my DH wanted to go "look" at what the others had to offer. I hate when he does this, because we spend what we earned. LOL The one lady had a table we might like for our living...
  29. linojackie

    Anyone Care to Guess What Might Be in the Fall 08 Lineup?

    We had a lot of fun guessing where this year's trip might be, so I thought it might be fun to guess what the new fall products might be. Or, what would you like to see? I'll start... I saw a garlic press at Williams Sonoma that presses and slices. That was pretty cool. I would really...
  30. rayday

    September Stoneware Special: Expert Insights on Host/Guest Deals

    That September will be a stoneware special? I've been dong this for 3 years now and each time it has been the Host/Guest specials. I have a host who wants to wait until the stoneware month and I want to give her an idea. Thanks!