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What is agreement: Definition and 41 Discussions

  1. heather223

    Why can't I submit an agreement for a prior consultant online?

    Hi! I am trying to submit an agreement for someone who was a prior consultant. Every time I try, it says that the agreement can't be submitted online and I need to call the Home Office. (I would but it is Sunday and they are closed.) Has anyone ever had this happen and if so what caused it? It...
  2. Sheila

    I Signed My Consultant Agreement 3 Years Ago Today!

    Hubby actually talked me into signing! I didn't even have a desire to do this!!! LOL My, my how things have changed! :) I'm loving my business, my team and the flexibility of being able to work when I want and take my business with me when the military moves us! It really has been a fun ride...
  3. Sheila

    Director I Signed My Consultant Agreement 3 Years Ago Today!

    Loving the fact that hubby talked me into doing this! LOL
  4. C

    Anyone Have a New Agreement Form?

    I completely forgot to order agreement forms with my supplies, and I have someone who wants to sign-up but doesn't want to use the internet to do so...(yes, she wants to mail in her agreement.:rolleyes:) She wants to order the mini kit - does the new form have the mini kit as an option...
  5. finley1991

    Is It Normal to Receive Multiple Director Agreements?

    Just wondering if this is going to be normal from here on out. Last fall, I demoted to TL and repromoted to Director December 1st. I received a new director agreement in the mail, signed it and sent it back. I demoted to TL in February (:mad:) and repromoted to D May 1st. Today I received...
  6. B

    Consultant Agreement Form Vs Signup on Website

    I'm meeting with a potential recruit in an hour or so.... If she agrees to sign up and she completes the Consultant Agreement Form, what do I do with the form? Do I send it to HO or do I enter the information through my website? Thanks for any help I can get at this short notice.
  7. Liquid Sky

    Not Providing a Ssn/Itin # on Agreement

    Why does PC make it an "option" to provide a SSN or ITIN # when completing a new consultant agreement? I know there's verbage about withholding 30% of the commission for tax purposes if someone does not provide that info. Isn't it a "standard" in the US for all employers to require SSN's...
  8. linojackie

    Is There a New Consultant Agreement?

    Since they changed the career plan, is there a new consultant agreement? I believe I have a couple old ones, but I wanted to make sure there wasn't a new one.
  9. amy07

    Signing Agreement Timeframe: 2 Leads, 1 SC

    this is my dumb question of the day......I'm meeting in a few hours with 2 leads from my show yesterday - they are friends and both are interested in signing. So, I'm thinking, GREAT! I'll get a 2fer - have one sign under her friend (& get that 2nd SC I need). But, here's the question: how...
  10. M

    Director New Director Hosts Home Gathering to Encourage Agreement Signing

    I have 2 team members who have several people interested in the business, but have not signed agreements. I am opening my home Monday evening, and they are bringing the interested, so hopefully I can get to why they are hesitant. This is the first time I have done this as a new director. Not...
  11. janej76

    Just Sent in My 2Nd Agreement so Guess Now I'm

    Just sent in my 2nd agreement so guess now I'm "officially" a future director! Phew! So excited about the year ahead...
  12. heather223

    Consultant Agreement: How Long to Wait for Kit Credit?

    Just wondering if someone knows this: How long after you submit a show do you need to wait before someone can do the Consultant Agreement online and be able to use their kit credit?
  13. A

    Will I Qualify for November Shows? Excited to Sign Agreement Today!

    I am just so excited I could burst at any moment!!!:D:D:D I've got 2 qualified, and the other 3 already have their 4 shows on their calendars for November!! Cross your fingers for me that everything falls into place to qualify by Nov. 30th!!! :)
  14. P

    I Have a Signed Agreement in My Hands! We're Not Submitting Until

    I have a signed agreement in my hands! We're not submitting until August 6 so I'll be sitting on pins & needles while she books her shows...I hope it goes well! I have another interview tomorrow night that I think will have the same result! This will make #s 13 & 14 (but I have 3 inactive...
  15. I

    Agreement Deadline for S/S Quick Start Boxes? Excited for 3 Signings!

    I know I have received at least 2 emails regarding this but I can't find them or remember (baby brain!!) when do agreements have to be submitted by in order to use the s/s quick start boxes?? I am so excited I may have 3 signing..2 definates and 90% sure of the 3rd :pray: I have 2 boxes to unload!
  16. KaryCam

    How to Cancel an Agreement: Understanding Your Options

    a lady called me who recently signed up, she knows I sell and didn't want to talk to her recruiter. she is very upset. she felt very pressured into signing up, didn't understand it all. then this week, the recruiter came over to her house and was inconsiderate of her, even rude. This lady wants...
  17. cookingwithlove

    Consultant Agreement for Online Sign Up | Step-by-Step Guide

    I have a host who wants to sign. I do not have any consultant agreements. Can I sign her up online? I was thinking about just printing up a form that looks like the Consultant Agreement. Any problems with this?
  18. C

    I Have a Signed Agreement in Hand....

    My new recruit just brought over her signed agreement - her internet connection isn't working right now, and she thought she was going to have to mail in her agreement. I told her to bring it over and I would would do it online for her. Only problem is, when she thought she was mailing it in...
  19. J

    Unable to View Agreement with User ID - Help Needed!

    I signed on today and was sent an email that I have a user ID to log on to view and print my agreement. When I enter my ID number and last name, nothing happens. I shoudnt say nothing happens, the screen glitches like its refreshing and then nothing. am i supposed to be able to view my agreement?
  20. J

    How Long Until Kit Credit Available for Consultant Agreement?

    Does anyone happen to know for a new consultant to sign up with Kit Credit - how far along does the show need to be? I submitted a show yesterday and it shows as "received". I heard there's a huge wait time so maybe the order is just slower processing through today. When my new recruit...
  21. ccarp

    Can I sign up as a PC consultant without having 4 cooking shows booked?

    Hello~ I'm new to Chef Success, so I just want to say hello to all of you. I've learned quite a lot in a short time. This is my situation...... I'm in the process of signing up to become a PC consultant. My Director will not let me sign the agreement & purchase my kit until I have 4...
  22. ChefJoyJ

    Exciting News: I'm Now a Consultant and Can't Wait to Try My New Products!

    I'm finally a consultant! I signed my agreement this morning, so my kit should soon be on the way!! :D I can't wait to open my box and see all my new "toys"! It will be like Christmas all over again! Now I can start practicing my recipes and using the products from the kit while cooking...
  23. D

    asMost Know, Im Signing My Agreement Next Week

    As most know, Im signing my agreement next week (due to vacation plans and I want to be able to do the 30 day award). Since I am on the road on Mondays and have the awesome opportunity to lay catalogs at many places I would really appreciate your input on a few questions. I have made labels...
  24. W

    Ready to join the world of entrepreneurship?

    Hey there! My name is Kitty Williams and I live in Bristow, Virginia - about 35 miles west of Washington, D.C. In addition to my DH and two boys, I work full-time outside of the home. I'm so excited about starting my business and I look forward to sharing and learning with you guys.
  25. MomToEli

    How can I make the most of my first month as a new Pampered Chef consultant?

    Woohoo! I was able to sign my agreement online today (had to wait for my show to hit)! I have 7 cooking shows and 2 catalog shows booked, have my list working and am gathering ideas. I'm really looking forward to this! What is this most important thing I should be doing to get my business...
  26. pcchris

    What Happens if a Pampered Chef Kit Napper Doesn't Fulfill Their Agreement?

    Seeing as how I have yet to recruit anyone (but have a couple thinking about it), what happens if someone signs up, gets the kit and then does not fulfill their 4 show agreement? Do they have to pay for it? I'm having a serious case of Deja vu, like I've asked this before, but I can't find the...
  27. chefcarole

    Ready to Join the Fun? Hello from a New Member!

    I am so excited! I can't wait to get my kit and get started! I love this site and all the information...just wanted to say hello now that I'm official!
  28. DMB75

    Are You Ready to Join the Pampered Chef Team?

    I know that I've already introduced myself, but I just wanted you all to know that I just signed my agreement with PC! I'm so excited! I can't wait for my kit to get here! Thanks for all your answers to my questions so far. Donna
  29. DebbieJ

    I Have the Signed Agreement in My Hand...

    But the credit card number won't clear! Ugh!!! She told me to hold it until tonight because she gets paid tomorrow. I think it is her debit card number. So since I tried to put it in three times already, is she going to get three overdraft charges? :mad: Can we even use a debit card #...
  30. L

    I Just Signed My Oline Agreement

    I am now an official PC Consultant!!! I am so excited. Cant wait to get my kit. How long does it normally take to arrive? Also I need to get booking now~ any ideas to help me ? I have my training on Sunday so I am sure I will find this info out~ I am just excited . :) :D