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What is signed: Definition and 154 Discussions

  1. LizJones

    Ready to join the New Year Kit with Liz?

    Good morning! I just signed up for the New Year Kit. I am a stay at home wife with three cats. My husband is in the Coast Guard. We live in California. I can’t wait to meet y’all and have a successful business!
  2. G

    Are you ready to learn recruiting tips and thrive with your family?

    Hello everyone! So glad I stumbled upon this site! I am a mother of 2 21 (married) and almost 3. I have been married to my husband for 26 yrs. I am disabled following a back surgery that was unable to fix my chronic pain. My husband suffered a stroke following a car accident a year after my...
  3. C

    Exciting New Milestone: Signed 1st Consultant at Show!

    I am so excited! I went to Leadership in Denver and since I have been home I have signed 3 new Consultants!! Today I signed my very first one AT A SHOW!!!
  4. Tropicalburstqt2

    I've Just Signed up for Mailchimp & Was Wondering if There's a

    I've just signed up for mailchimp & was wondering if there's a "join my mailing list" type button I can add to my facebook fan page? TIA!
  5. naekelsey

    Someone Just Signed up and Has 2 Questions

    My friend just signed up and she is asking me 2 questions that I am drawing a blank on. Do we ship to Puerto Rico? And how long until she can get her website?
  6. P

    Director Good Day for My Business and I Want to Shout About It!! Signed 1

    good day for my business and I want to shout about it!! Signed 1 today, signing another on Monday... that makes 23 for me personally this year!!! I am going for 30 now! And HO contacted me about interviewing me for the CN!!! I am soooo excited!!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  7. I

    Director This Morning I Checked My Cc. Apparently I Signed a New Consultant

    This morning I checked my cc. Apparently I signed a new consultant overnight. WOW! Actually she is a former consultant who decided to re-sign, and she didn't mention anything to me. THEN- I have an online lead order- $214.00. YAY! Especially considering that my May is going to be very low- prob...
  8. Sheila

    I Signed My Consultant Agreement 3 Years Ago Today!

    Hubby actually talked me into signing! I didn't even have a desire to do this!!! LOL My, my how things have changed! :) I'm loving my business, my team and the flexibility of being able to work when I want and take my business with me when the military moves us! It really has been a fun ride...
  9. Sheila

    Director I Signed My Consultant Agreement 3 Years Ago Today!

    Loving the fact that hubby talked me into doing this! LOL
  10. G

    There Is a New Consultant That Signed up Under Someone Who Isn't

    There is a new consultant that signed up under someone who isn't giving her the time of day for answering questions, let alone any kind of training whatsoever... is there a time frame where she can be moved under a new recruiter or no. I know she can wait 6 months and join again but can...
  11. J

    Signed My Very First Recruit Today!!!

    And I'm super excited! She had a show with me on the 13th and she asked me a few days before the show to bring some info on joining- totally beat me to the chase because I usually bring it up on a host coaching call but hadn't yet. She had a $700 show and then used a kit credit to sign. She...
  12. B

    Ready to Take Your Pampered Chef Business to the Next Level?

    I have been lurking around here for about a week, but finally bit the bullet and signed up for PC yesterday!! If you ladies could, I posted in the flyers section with a tri-fold, and could use some constructive criticism if there is any!!! Thanks for all of the ideas!! You ladies are FANTASTIC!!!
  13. C

    Will I Receive Two Signed Anniversary Cookbooks?

    So, I earned a signed Anniversary Cookbook today. (YEA!!) Do you think this means I'll get 2 Anniversary Cookbooks (having also earned one by submitting at least 2 shows Oct. 1-15) or will my Anniversary Cookbook that I earned for the 2 shows Promo now come signed?Hmmmm.....
  14. G

    Boost Your Business: Tips for Welcoming and Supporting New Consultants

    I just got my first consultant to sign underneath me!! Woooohooo... She is taking advantage of getting half of the kit back!! Any advice on how I can make her feel comfortable.. She is super excited but really nervous!! I want her to do so well.
  15. D

    Ready to Join the Pampered Chef Community?

    Greetings, Just sign up for PC Today and signed up for this forum. Looking forward to selling Pampered Chef, excited about sharing input here as well. Darlene:)
  16. M

    New Consultant, Signed up for Holiday Booth

    I have signed up to do some holiday booths in December. I'd love some input from y'all :) Part of the agreement states this: Provide 4 door prizes; 2 minor $5-$10 and 2 major $15-$25 total. What would you think to bring as the prizes? And I didn't ask but I wonder if I need those for...
  17. S

    Who is the newest recruit for the Pampered Chef?

    I signed another recruit. She's a new mom & love to cook. She's going to do great. I paid for her to be on here too. Welcome Jessica Willmore!
  18. A

    Success! I Signed My First Recruit!

    after selling for over a year I've signed my first recruit!!
  19. Tropicalburstqt2

    Are You Ready to Join Our Team? Yay for Another Recruit!

    So far I have 2 recruits signed & 4 potentials. 1 is actually signing after her DS's b-day party this weekend. Wahoo!!:D
  20. S

    I Just Signed My 7Th Recruit This Morning!!!

    I am so excited! I just signed my 7th consultant since January. Now all I need is a couple of senior consultants. Looking forward to the next step!
  21. J

    Just Signed on to Be a Pampered Chef Consultant

    Hi everyone! I joined this site about 6 weeks ago and have really learned a lot from all of you wonderful people. Thank you for that. I just this evening went to the PC website and officially signed up to be a consultant. I feel excited! :sing: So my question to all of you is what are...
  22. loreo

    New Hires and Potential Hires: Updates on Our Team - #6 Signed, #8 Technically

    #6! Technically #8 but my first two have quit :( Still talking with two more for this month :) Oh so close!
  23. Sheila

    aNew Recruit Signed Today. She Wanted to Sign Under One of My

    A new recruit signed today. She wanted to sign under one of my consultants, promoting her to SC & promoting me to TL. Her friend is still brand new too & doesn't have a web page yet. I told her that she could start the process under me on my web page, but at the very end where she reviews all...
  24. lockhartkitchen

    Recruit Signed With Someone Else!!

    I recently got a call from a consultant friend of mine (another cluster) that had a client that contacted her about joining the business. My friend, doesn't do PC that much and because of distance ask if she could give her information to me, so I could give her the best training. She said yes...
  25. ShelbyMichalek

    Rant She Signed With Tupperware, Ugh!

    So, this recruit that I've been really working hard on getting to sign (not pushy, mind you) just signed with Tupperware! :( I'm soooo mad right now. Especially since I found out via Facebook. Her status "Taking another whirl at a home-based business. If anyone is interested in doing a...
  26. J

    I Would Like to Do a Newsletter and Have Signed up W/ Ttbits!! and

    I would like to do a newsletter and have signed up w/ ttbits!! and love the look thank you JOY!! I would now like to find how to track this when I send it out... Any ideas? I found mailchimp and wondered if there were anyother free services like this that you think are better or compare...
  27. P

    I Just Signed #4 for the Month!!!

    I am so excited!!! I just signed number 4 for the month! I have 3 more hostesses this month that are thinking about signing too! My best month was 5 new consultant's signed. So I am trying to make break my own best this month :party:
  28. P

    First recruit signed - What's next?

    Just had to share my excitement! Signed my first recruit today!!! I'm so happy for her! She's going to be a great consultant!!!!
  29. C

    Just Signed My First Registry...advice???

    I just signed my first Wedding Registry!! I've been talking about it at shows and have had a few interested, and finally got the first to sign on. I'm planning to send the bride and groom a note and small gift. Ideas about what all that shoudl contain? Any other general advice to make this...
  30. finley1991

    Director I Just Signed up to Use This... I Have a Show on Tuesday That I Am

    I just signed up to use this... I have a show on Tuesday that I am doing the invitations for today (oops!) and am using the Phonevite as a follow-up. Has anyone used this? Do you have a script? How soon before the show do you send out the call? Thanks for your help! :)