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What is wondering: Definition and 51 Discussions

  1. Tropicalburstqt2

    I've Just Signed up for Mailchimp & Was Wondering if There's a

    I've just signed up for mailchimp & was wondering if there's a "join my mailing list" type button I can add to my facebook fan page? TIA!
  2. NooraK

    Just in Case You Were Wondering...

    ...what Home Office was doing with all the left over HWC kitchen gloves: The Pampered Chef® Donates Nearly $500,000 in Kitchen Products to Alabama Disaster... -- ADDISON, Ill., May 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- :D Ok, so I don't know for sure if that's what they donated, but I still think...
  3. ChefCKHall

    Phil's Whereabouts: We Were All Wondering!

    We were all commenting on...Where's Phil?
  4. E

    I Am New and Wondering What Is Worth Spending the Money on From

    I am new and wondering what is worth spending the money on from Merrill? What can be produced cheaper elsewhere? I want to place an order while there is free shipping. Let me know what is worth it and what is not :)
  5. pampered1224

    How's Everyone Doing on Hitting HWC Goals? My Progress & Struggles Inside!

    How is everyone doing on hitting their HWC goals? I have been busting my rear end and have fallen way short. It has been a hard this year, not for want or lack of trying for sure, but I am about $700 short of my goal. I am sitting at $828.78 and have done all my big fundraisers. I still have...
  6. AmyP

    Wondering if Any One Else Uses a Binder......

    I bought a binder and I figured it would be easy to go page by page while doing my intro at shows. Was wondering if anyone else uses one and if so what flyers do you use or anything else? Thanx
  7. pc_jessica

    Okay so I Am Just Wondering I Know We Get Paid in Certain Brackets

    okay so i am just wondering i know we get paid in certain brackets that determine our commision amount. well does that start over each pay period or do we get to keep our same bracket the whole month. for instance, for the 1st-15th my sales were over $2000. but know for the 15th-30th they will...
  8. J

    What do P3 and Pws mean? Learning as a newbie!

    Hi just wondering what does p3 and pws mean? I'm learning all I can! Thanks
  9. {*mandy*}

    Where is My Pampered Chef Order? Dealing with Delays and Missing Items

    I got an email stating that my order had been shipped with the tracking # that I could track. I clicked on it and it states that item was delivered at my front door, but guess what? It is NOT there. What do I do??? Do I need to call FedEx? Any suggestions are apprecitated.
  10. kam

    Why Isn't My Show on IPT Yet? Just Wondering...

    I know Dec is busy...but I don't ever think I have had the IPT not updated within the day after the show. I submitted the show last night. It is already on my Shipment Status page as Picking - should I worry that IPT hasn't added the show yet? Just wondering if that means something? Like...
  11. janetupnorth

    New Poll for Person Wondering - Outside of Pampered Chef Do You Work...

    Full-time or other... Give me a minute to create the poll with multiple options...
  12. quiverfull7

    I Wasn't Sure Where to Post This.i'm Just Wondering Is the Ipt Not

    I wasn't sure where to post this. I'm just wondering is the IPT not updating? Did I miss an email that may have said it's behind? Or is the new computer system at HO causing a slow down?
  13. StacieB

    I Am Doing a Booth at a Vendor Fair This Weekend and Was Wondering

    I am doing a booth at a vendor fair this weekend and was wondering what you have used in the past if asked for a Raffle Item? I have a few products on hand. Was wondering if a Gift Certificate would be ok to do or if I should do product? Thanks for any advice.
  14. wadesgirl

    I Have Two People Under Me and I Was Wondering What All You Future

    I have two people under me and I was wondering what all you future directors do for recognition. I know my director takes care of a lot of things for team recognition and stuff but do you at least send postcards or emails to congratulate them on things?
  15. Jennie4PC

    soI Went to Kmart This Weekend. and I Was Wondering Did We Skip

    So I went to Kmart this weekend. And I was wondering did we skip halloween and Thanksgiving all together?? They had all thier Christmas out. Trees, decorations and all. I told the checker it was way to early for Christmas. I know people start shopping early for Christmas but we havent even...
  16. PChefPEI

    Chillzane Bowl....just Wondering.....

    ....if it holds smells? A friend of mine wants to get it, but will be using it for a salad she makes that has oil/vinegar, cauliflower, brocolli and is wondering if it will smell after a while.
  17. C

    I Am Doing the Ho Tour on Monday (Day 1, Wave 2) and Was Wondering

    I am doing the HO Tour on Monday (Day 1, Wave 2) and was wondering when do we pick up our packets. Is it Monday morning or would I wait until before 1st session. This is my first time so I'm not sure what I'm doing...
  18. V

    Hi Everyone,I Was Wondering if Anyone Could Share How They Send

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could share how they send out their monthly newsletter. I have used constant contact before but have found that it gets spammed a lot. I have a great newsletter that is forwarded to me from my upline that I can send and I have figured out how to insert...
  19. cwinter474

    How Many Users Bypass Categories for New Posts?

    I was just wondering how many of us just log in and go right to "new posts" and how many of us actually go thru the catagories ???
  20. lkprescott

    Is My PWS Making a Difference for My Business?

    So after I qualified I got 90 days free on a PWS. I set it up and started using it right away. None of my hosts seemed to use it at ALL. I asked if they got the emails, "yeah" but just no interest in using it or even promoting it to get more outside orders though I reminded them and pushed it as...
  21. A

    I Was Wondering if Anyone Took Their Computer to Their Shows to Enter

    I was wondering if anyone took their computer to their shows to enter their sales as customers check out. I just thought it might be easier. I am going to do the "full-service" check out for the first time this weekend and just wondering about doing it with my laptop. Andrea
  22. R

    Hi All, I Am a New Consultant and I Was Wondering if Anyone Could

    Hi all, I am a new consultant and I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how I can create my own website?:confused:
  23. lacychef

    Wondering if You've Heard of This....

    I got an email from one of my customers yesterday; just wondering if any of my fellow cheffers have heard of this... Sweetest Buys
  24. StacieB

    Wondering About Different Organizations

    Was wondering about all the different organizations everyone has done fundraisers for. with being only in my 7th month I am interested in what avenues I could check out. Thanks!!
  25. quiverfull7

    Wondering ... Prayer Please. - Warning... Long

    Okay... yesterday was one year to the day that God prompted me to sign up with PC. It's been a totally awesome experience and I've grown SO much. Yesterday, on the way to do a show with the same gal who hosted the show where I signed up last year, I got a phone call from one of the families...
  26. M

    Hi All, I Was Wondering I Was on Ebay Last Night and I Have a

    Hi all, I was wondering I was on ebay last night and I have a couple of questions. How can people afford to sell PC products so cheap? There's a seller there pctoyourdoor that has sold tons of PC products on ebay (some way cheaper than retail), but my question is how do these people afford...
  27. K

    Where is Gillina? Is Anyone Else Wondering?

    Is it just me - I dont' seem to have seen any posts from Gillina lately. Am I missing something??
  28. Y

    I Was Wondering Anyone Who Uses Pp3

    I was wondering anyone who uses PP3 how does it save? do you have to remember to do it? that is the only reason i havent switched yet. any help would be welcome.
  29. TerraOB83

    Ok I Was Wondering if I Can Post in a Blog That I Am an Independent

    Ok I was wondering if I can post in a blog that I am an independent consultant and that i started w/ pampered chef but not post anything about my website? TIA Terra
  30. K

    Does Anyone Have a Resume With Pampered Chef on It? I'm Wondering What You

    Does anyone have a resume with PC on it? I'm wondering what you wrote. I have some ideas, the basic sales, marketing, communication, customer service, blah, blah, blah (can you tell I love doing a resume??) but I'm just wondering if anyone has thought of anything more unique and interesting...