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  1. heat123

    Bookings Future pc consultant with ????

    Hi, I am looking to sign up within the next 4-6 months (due to a very needy infant who will be weaned before I start up) and have been here before with some questions. As I am learnig more and more about this company (and loving it) I had a few more questions for you helpful consultants out...
  2. N

    Need Future Director Advice

    Hi! There's something I've been thinking about lately and thought I would come to you all for suggestions. I am a future director. I have recruited 7 people, but one has already gone inactive. I am looking for ways to give recognition to my team. Of course, our director will give...
  3. Marg

    Future Director, here I come!

    I signed my 2nd recruit this weekend! WOOHOO!!!
  4. C

    Bookings Host booking a future show from her show????

    If a hostess having a party in August books a show for Oct., will she qualify for 2 host bonus? One as past hostess and one as current hostes at her Oct. show? Charlene
  5. D

    I'm trying really hard to recruit, I would like to be Future Director

    I'm trying really hard to recruit, I would like to be Future Director by the end of August. What does everyone do to try to recruit? Has anyone placed an ad in the Newspaper for recruiting? I was thinking about doing this for business opportunity and hosting a show, but I would like to know...