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  1. Bobbi Jo Bell

    Bobbi Jo Bell and I am with Jane McDonald

    Love Pampered Chef. There is sooo much to learn! I hope to be successful with this business. I was an elementary teacher before this, and I want to teach people how to cook and spend more time around the table with their family. I signed up for Conference in July!!! I can't wait!!!!
  2. Jasmine

    Who is going to the National Conference?

    Who is going to the National Conference? I am! :D
  3. D

    I think that I heard this idea at conference but would like to open it

    I think that I heard this idea at conference but would like to open it up here to see if we could all brain storm with this one. I would like to do an entertaining theme show. Basically it would be a lesson in presentation. Like different table settings, simple addition displays, etc. I myself...
  4. C

    I had to cancel my national conference trip!

    So I was scheduled to go to national conference first session and at the last minute I was unable to attend. I have been trying to get a refund for my reg. fees and have still not gotten anything! Has anyone else had to deal with this? Also when I first cancelled they told me that the refund...
  5. Y

    UK National Conference

    Just got back yesterday from our UK National Conference. It was my first time and very exciting. Nancy Jo Ryan was there and she was inspirational! Our incentive trip next year is New York - I have just got to be there. The guests at my show tomorrow night will wonder what's hit them as I...
  6. janel kelly

    Conference booking notes

    I got this document with notes from a booking class at conference in my e-mail today. It is GREAT! If you have a few minutes take some time to read it.
  7. C

    ISO Conference Bag 2004

    My plastic is ripping and I would still love to use this bag as my purse. The conference bag from this year is a bit too bulky for a purse, but I will use it as a briefcase. Thank you, Sandra Kearns Future Director [email protected] www.pamperedchef.biz/sandrak
  8. DebPC

    OK to discuss Conference now!

    Those that went- what did you learn, what do you think of the new improvements and new products for fall?
  9. Karen

    Limo from the airport for Conference #3

    Hi Everyone-- I just wanted to let you know that four people from my cluster have rented a limo to take us from O'Hare to the Sheraton Towers Downtown for Conference #3. We will be arriving on Wednesday morning around 11:46 on American Airlines. The limo that we rented seats six people...
  10. T

    National Conference Info

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and was hoping maybe someone could share all the excitement from conference with me. I am military overseas and was not able to make it there. I will also be leaving On Monday morning and won't have access to a computer for three weeks and would love to know...
  11. DebPC

    Please no threads about National Conference

    Please no conference announcements or discussion til after all 3 conferences have ended. Everyone want's to be surprised!
  12. P

    Conference Material...

    Ok, I'm getting worried! I've gotten a confirmation letter for conference, but I haven't gotten any other matierial...am I supposed to?
  13. DebPC

    Conference Meetings!

    Please post conference meetings for Chef Success here-I am attending #2 and there is a meeting at 4pm at the Hilton on Day 3 in the lobby. Anyone can attend- early #3's or #2's.
  14. jdavis

    Conference help

    I have lost my microsoft word and won't be able to get it back in for a bit and I was wondering if someone could maybe copy and paste in an email or to the board here the word documents for conference, I think they are conference checklist and conference survival tips. Thanks a Bunch!! :D...
  15. G

    I'm On the big screen at conference

    Everyone here is so great. I get excited when I read all the news and helping everyone. I wanted to share with you that I may not be walking across the stage this year, but will be in one of the "I'm glad you asked Videos" It was such an honor to be asked and I didn't expect it at all. Let...
  16. P

    Ribbon at Conference?

    I've been out of the postings for a bit, did I miss what we're doing to recognize each other at conference? Are we meeting up between conferences? I'd love to know!
  17. PampMomof3

    Registering for Conference

    Hey everyone! I decided today that I'm am going to conference. I really didn't think I could get a sitter and I sat down with my husband and he is pushing me to go! I am so excited to go and get a break with adults! My problem is that when I went online to register, it said that you have to...
  18. jdavis

    About Conference Wear

    Okay, I have a question for all of you who have been to conference several times. My director says that there are some events where we have to dress very nice and then she says that at one of them we will be doing crazy stuff so not to wear anything you can't play around in (or something like...
  19. queenjean

    Who's going to conference?

    Wouldn't it be great to meet some of the faces that go with the names of the awesome consultants that share so much info on this site?! Maybe we can meet at conference. We could maybe meet the first day before the sessions start, since they don't start until 1pm and most of us arrive the day...
  20. P

    Special Message About Conference

    Did anyone listen to the special message? I totally forgot until 15 minutes after it was over. :confused:
  21. DebPC

    When are you going to National Conference?

    [B]When are you going to Conference in Chicago? Please take part in the poll if you'll be attending Conference. I'll be there for Session 2.
  22. S

    Need a roommate for conference

    hey i am a guy going to the last conference July 14-16 I have a room at the hilton and I am looking for another guy who wants to share the room --- the other consultant who was supposed to now is no longer selling Please help either email me at [email protected] or call me at...
  23. kcjodih

    What do YOU take to Conference?

    Hello Everyone, This will be my first time at conference (I've only been with PC 6 months). I was wondering if any 'conference veterans' could give me ideas what I should take with me besides business cards, bottled water, pen and paper, planner (maybe?) and comfy shoes. Thanks so much...
  24. rachelpc

    Questions about conference

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how going to conference changed their business. I have heard many positive stories. I will be attending my first conference July 11-13th. I am so excited!!! Anyway I just thought maybe people who have gone can share their experiences. thanks :) :)
  25. P

    My Goal? National Conference!!

    I really want to go to National Conference! and I figure in order for me to be able to go I need to do about 4 shows a month! I have 3 in April, but nothing else, I'm really hopping to get more bookings off of these shows. What do I do if I don't? I have flyers up, I'm going to put flyers on...