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What is conference: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. jcsmilez

    Who's at Pampered Chef Conference 2023? :)

    I hope y'all are having an incredible time! I was not able to go this year and am anxiously awaiting the replay! :D I have a vendor booth coming up and absolutely love the way that Home Office displays all the products. If anyone is able to take pictures of the showroom, I would be forever grateful!
  2. raebates

    Countdown to National Conference 2020

    Today is May 25. There are 46 days until the start of National Conference.I’m going to be doing a countdown to National Conference. In the past my NC countdown has included a lot of travel tips. With this year’s conference being virtual, those won’t be necessary. I’ll be sharing my suggestions...
  3. raebates

    Are You Ready for National Conference 2020?

    I'm excited to be going to National Conference this year. I can't wait for registration to open. It's the 40th anniversary, so you know it will be amazing!My first NC was the 25th anniversary. Wow, it seems like yesterday.Tell me if you're planning to go. Are you excited?I'm still looking for a...
  4. raebates

    Looking to Sell Your Conference Bag? Contact Me for a Potential Offer!

    Anyone go to Conference but not want your bag? I'd be interested in purchasing it. Send me a PM or email me at [email protected] (with Conference Bag in the subject line).Thanks in advance!
  5. VictoriaH

    Looking for the 2019 Conference Bag: Can anyone help me find it?

    ISO: 2019 conference bag I was not able to attend conference this year and am looking for the conference bag that was given out. (Sorry for the blurry picture). You can also email me at: [email protected] Thanks!
  6. C

    National Conference 2019 (Spoilers)

    I can't attend conference this year. Will there be a Spoiler forum this year? Thanks!
  7. O

    National Conference 2018: Live Stream Unavailable, Join the Discussion!

    I just read where there will be no Live feed option for Conference this year. What a bummer. I'm hoping we can still do the spoliers here. And I know everyone will say -"Go to Conference" but for health reasons I am unable to travel.
  8. Denise K

    Maximize Your Party Success: 2017 Conference Handouts and Tips

    For those who were not able to go to conference this year, here are my selected files from the app:6 Ways to Have a $1000 Party https://quickstart-api.quickmobile.center/cdn/2.0/render/4140895/11602/1/7bc4559753c23114941faea560302b30 ------------------------------------------- Amanda Gore's...
  9. K

    How to Listen to Conference Breakouts

    Is there a way I can listen to the breakout sessions I was not able to attend from Conference 2017..
  10. J

    National Conference --Spoilers--

    I don't know everything, but this is what I know so far...
  11. chefjeanine

    National Conference 2017: Join the Excitement and Live Stream with Us!

    This will be only the second conference (out of 17) that I've missed. I'm doing the live stream of general sessions and am looking forward to the announcements and new product reveal.Who is going? Who is live streaming like me?Have fun! Learn lots!!
  12. mspibb

    New Conference Gift: Never Used Padded Zip Pocket Bag - $10 + Shipping

    I think this was a conference gift. Never used. $10.00 is a little padded, open interior with single zip pocket. Place for business card on back. I will pay shipping!
  13. Admin Greg

    theToo Soon National Conference 2017 Thread

    Got any news on the National Conference 2017? What are you looking forward to? Predictions? New products?
  14. Admin Greg

    National Conference 2016 *Spoiler* Thread

    WARNING: This thread contains discussion and media about the Summer 2015 National Conference.Dear Cheffers you may use this thread to discuss all things about new products and announcements.. Please feel free to post photos and comment on the new items.We also ask that you refrain from...
  15. raebates

    Countdown to National Conference 2016

    Today is June 10. There are only 34 days until the start of National Conference.If you’ve never gone to NC before, you’re in for a real treat. They treat us well. I’ll be sharing travel and NC tips in the coming days.Feel free to ask questions. Feel free, too, to add any hints or tips you can...
  16. scottcooks

    Resources for National Conference 2016 | August Timeframe

    Looking for coordinating resources for National Conference 2016. Who has the timeframe? August I expect?
  17. DebPC

    Get the Inside Scoop on This Year's National Conference on Chef Success!

    For those attending: Please share everything you can about this years conference by posting on Chef Success. From tips, new products, logo, paperwork changes etc. There are no restrictions on posting this year as there is only one conference. For those that would like to be surprised at your...
  18. raebates

    Why attend the National Conference for Pampered Chef?

    If you're on the fence about going to National Conference, I'd like to help you get off that fence. After all, fence-sitting is an uncomfortable position to be in.First, there's the training. Yes, the HO will be sharing the basics of the training with everyone on CC. However, I've noticed that...
  19. Bobbi Jo Bell

    Bobbi Jo Bell and I Am With Jane Mcdonald

    Love Pampered Chef. There is sooo much to learn! I hope to be successful with this business. I was an elementary teacher before this, and I want to teach people how to cook and spend more time around the table with their family. I signed up for Conference in July!!! I can't wait!!!!
  20. raebates

    Countdown to National Conference 2015

    Today is May 6. There are 71 days until National Conference (hereafter known as NC).If you’ve never gone to NC before, you’re in for a real treat. They treat us well. I’ll be sharing travel and NC tips in the coming days. A few of the more important things I may mention more than once. Feel free...
  21. Jasmine

    Who Is Going to the National Conference?

    Who is going to the National Conference? I am! :D
  22. L

    Conference Registration Fee: Cost & Pampered Chef Incentives

    How much does the registration fee cost for the conference. Does PC have any incentive to earn some of the fees? i.e. as a monthly incentive? like the free for all?
  23. B

    Need a Roommate for 2014 Summer Conference?

    I just decided today to go to Summer Conference. I'm looking for anyone that may have an open space in a room? I need to know within the next couple of hours or I'll be booking a room to myself. Please email [email protected] if you have a spot. I don't know if I'll be able to check...
  24. jpanzenhagen

    Summer Conference and Fal Products

    Does anyone know if the fact that they are giving out new Fall products at Summer Conference mean that we aren't having a regional fall product reveal.
  25. esavvymom

    Summer Conference- 2014- Who's Going?

    So, who is going to NATIONAL CONFERENCE now that it is back?! I so wish I could go, but was wondering who is making the journey to Kentucky for conference. I heard (from an NED) that it might be an "every other year" thing. I hope they change their mind if this one is full!
  26. A

    Missing National Conference: A Reflection on the Impact of Virtual Events

    Anyone else missing National Conference? All my Scentcy, Posh, Thirty one friends are all off attending their conference... and I gotta admit I am a bit sad... :(:(:( I know home office is trying to reach more people... but I just can't see traveling 3-4 hours to attend a meeting that is 2-3...
  27. pampchefrhondab

    Is the National Conference Gone for Good?

    Anyone else missing National Conference this time of year? Now no fall launch either:-(. Very sad.
  28. raebates

    1-Night Roommate for Leadership Conference

    I'm going! I have my plane ticket and a roommate all set up. The thing is, I'm flying in on Wednesday, but my roommate isn't arriving until Thursday. Anyone else coming in early and want to share my room? I'm a fairly low-maintenance roommate.
  29. P

    Purchase Conference CD's for Host Coaching & Team Building - ISO 2021

    Looking to purchase copies of the old conference CD's. You know- the CD's they would give out at conference on topics like host coaching and team building. Anyone?
  30. P

    Director Is anyone creating a binder for this year's National Conference?

    Has anyone started making a binder for this year's conference? I'm playing around a bit but thought I'd check if anyone else is doing the same...