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What is leadership: Definition and 180 Discussions

  1. GalaxyIsAHusky

    Who's the Top Leader Around Chicago?

    Who's the top leader around the Chicago, IL area?
  2. esavvymom

    The Patti & Marie Show: Hilarious Leadership Videos with Special Guest Sandy

    Ok...you have to watch...quite funny. From the "Patty and Marie show!" Leadership - The Patti & Marie Show with special guest Sandy - YouTube (Tip: if you have a YouTube account, you can "subscribe" to videos posted by certain people. I have PattiMoc (Patti MOcerino) as one I...
  3. wadesgirl

    What's the Best Option for Airport Transportation: Taxi or Shuttle?

    Trying to figure out what to do to get from the airport to the hotel on Thursday morning. One of the people I thought was going to grab a taxi with is now taking the shuttle. Trying to figure out what's the best price. The shuttle is $38 round-trip.
  4. raebates

    Need a Cheap Airport Shuttle to Your Hotel? Check Out Leadership Shuttle!

    I just visited CC and discovered that there is a way to get a discounted shuttle from the airport to the hotel ($38 round trip, a savings of $6). If you click on Sizzle, you’ll find Super Shuttle on the right side under Related Resources. You’ll need a credit card, your flight information...
  5. K

    Leadership Summit in Denver: Bringing Guests & What to Expect | FAQ

    Hello all! Are we allowed to bring guests for the Leadership Summit in Denver? I was thinking of bringing my sister as a mini vacation. Just wondering if she can get into any of the events like they used to let guests do for National. Think it would be cool for her to come to the General...
  6. P

    Director Shout Out of Leadership.. You Going?

    registered this morning, hoping to have a new director walking!
  7. raebates

    Who's Attending Leadership 2012? I'm Registered and Ready!

    I'm registered and excited to go. Funny thing is I'm wait-listed for the first day at the hotel. (I'm flying in on Wednesday.) So, who else is going? Update: it only took a few hours to get me off the wait list. I'm all set. :D
  8. raebates

    1-Night Roommate for Leadership Conference

    I'm going! I have my plane ticket and a roommate all set up. The thing is, I'm flying in on Wednesday, but my roommate isn't arriving until Thursday. Anyone else coming in early and want to share my room? I'm a fairly low-maintenance roommate.
  9. C

    Director Need a Deal on Southwest Flights? 72-Hour Sale Now On!

    http://www.southwest.com/html/promotions/fall-travel-sale-2012.html?int=HOMEHEROWOWSAL120612 72 hours only. Hope it helps someone get a good price!
  10. Karen

    Denver Leadership Conference: Past Locations and Potential Venue for September

    Does anybody remember (or have past information on file) where Leadership was held the last time it was in Denver 3-4 (?) years ago and what the conference hotels were? I have a sister consultant who has a timeshare in Denver that we might be able to use for Leadership in September, depending...
  11. C

    Director Will You Attend Leadership Training This Year?

    Just curious about what people think they will do about Leadership this year. 1) Gotta be there!!! - State your reason(s) such as "I wouldn't miss any HO training"; "I want my recognition"; "I miss having Conference this year"... 2) Hmmm, it's still up in the air - What are you juggling...
  12. cookingwithlove

    Director What Is the Optimal Time to Book Denver Flights During Southwest's Sale?

    Southwest is having sale this weekend. Flights from PDX to Den are $280. I never know when to fly in. Should I fly in the day before or early on the 13th?
  13. finley1991

    Director Unlock the Power of Gen Y: Jason Dorsey to Speak at Leadership Conference

    Just wanted to pass this along... Jason Dorsey was the speaker HO brought in to speak at Exec Sem last week. All of the execs have been raving about him and his *message*... he is a Gen Y-er and speaks on how to work with and market to them. He has a few books out that have received great...
  14. raebates

    Discover the Benefits of a Leadership Handbook for Your Supply Order

    I'm working on a supply order and saw the Leadership Handbook. Anyone know what it is?
  15. hmolah

    Help Needed: Where Is Leadership for January 2010?

    I didn't know where to post this since I couldn't find a leadership thread. Maybe they don't have one? At any rate, I've been out of PC for a year, and just jumped back in. I wondered if anyone knew where Leadership was for January 2010? I can't for the life of me remember when they put that...
  16. baychef

    Director Maximizing Leadership Skills: Focused Team Meetings with Directors

    Does anyone hold meetings with just their Team Leaders/Directors? I would like to do this and have a meeting that is for a focused group and deals with just developing their leadership skills. Just thinking this may be benificial for to help them start thinking leadership and leave the...
  17. pcgogetter

    Calleigh's Picture at Leadership: Check It Out!

    I hope this works. I finally got a copy of Calleigh's picture Doris' makeup gal took at Leadership and wanted to post it here for you all to see! ThanksMichelle
  18. esavvymom

    Audio Mp3S Available Online From Leadership 2009

    The audio MP3s from the Leadership 2009 conference are now available on the Consultant's Corner- Online Training Center under "Resources". These are great to download to your computer, or MP3 device/Ipod, or burn to a CD for the car. :) (or just listen to on your computer).
  19. frozenchef

    Earn New Apron: Leadership Forum Details

    I had seen in the Leadership Forum the info on how to earn the new apron. Does anyone have that info? I know there were two to earn - I believe it was a certain number of shows in a certain time frame in April - just can't remember the details.
  20. K

    Missed Leadership: What Gifts Did You Receive?

    I didn't get to go to Leadership this year. I was just curious what gifts you got? I heard they were phenomenol, but I haven't heard (or seen-pics would be cool) what you got. Any details?
  21. esavvymom

    When Are Leadership Workshop MP3s Available Online?

    How long does it usually take before they start putting the MP3s from the Leadership workshops onto the Online Training Center on CC? I think I've listened to all of the ones from last year (and working on them again). :)
  22. wadesgirl

    Dreaming of Leadership: My Close Call and Missed Trip to Disney

    I had the strangest PC dream last night! We were heading to Leadership (probably next year's "regional" Leadership because of the trip) and talking about the trips we all earned. Well my director turned around and told me that she noticed that I earned 52,000 points - only 1000 short of Level...
  23. L

    What Did You Learn at Leadership That Made the Most Impact?

    Ok fellow cheffers. Statistics show that if you don't start to implement a new concept within 48 hours of learning it, you won't. So....what did you learn at leadership that has made the most impact on your business since you got back?? My list is: 1) The Future Binder - it's amazing...
  24. N

    Searching for Trivet Pin Fro Leadership

    My Director had lost her trivet pin at Leadership, I guess it fell off her sweater. I told her I would post here to see if anyone had an extra one or didn't want theirs. Thanks.
  25. jcsmilez

    Ad for $2 a Serving Meals (Mentioned Ad Leadership)

    At leadership conference (I think it was on the last day) they were talking about an ad generator on Consultants corner to create an advertisement to post in local papers for $2 a serving meals. I can't find it anywhere on consultants corner and I don't think it was through Merrill. Has anyone...
  26. OhmyDLM

    Director Discover Delicious Leadership Recipes and Try the New Demo Recipes Today!

    Anyone try any of the new demo recipes since they've been home? I got home super late last night and am just getting unpacked... I think I'm going to run out to the grocery store tonight to get the ingredients for the Mexican Lasagna. Anyone tried any of these or any of the new 29 Minutes to...
  27. C

    Just Back From Leadership And...........

    Already 2 recruit leads! My director and I are going to do interviews with them in the next few days! Just had to share my excitement
  28. scottcooks

    Leadership Workshop Notes: Share and Benefit from Valuable Insights

    Please post your notes from Leadership Workshop, if you'd like to share. This can be a valuable resource for folks who saw the same session as you, to get a different perspective...and for folks who couldn't get there, to benefit from great trainings. I've got to post from another computer...
  29. C

    Discover the HWC Apron in Our Tour of Spring 09 Product Room | YouTube Video

    This maybe posted elsewhere so sorry but wanted to post right away!! I love the HWC apron. YouTube - Tour of Spring 09 Product Room (trimmed)