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What is meetings: Definition and 90 Discussions

  1. O

    Seasoning Meetings: Can We Start a Spoiler Thread?

    Is anyone as curious as I am - especially since some have had their seasonings meetings? Admin Greg - can we start a spoiler thread?? There are many that do not have teams in their area and will have to wait until they get their new catalogs?? really??
  2. DebPC

    Director Forming Friendships & Sharing Recipes at Directors Meetings

    I think when they form friendships with others who attend- they come to see their friends. For me- tasting and hearing about new recipes and tips is key when I attend my directors meetings. My husband and I are empty nesters and try to eat healthy- so I can't try a ton of recipes at home...
  3. DebPC

    Director Favorite Training at Team Meetings?

    What do you think is your most successful type of training at your team meetings?
  4. Sheila

    Why You Should Consider Attending Team Meetings

    Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth! ;) I was able to attend a few meetings before my recruiter gave up Pampered Chef for personal reasons & I moved up to a Director who wasn't local & whom I'd never met. From that point, I wasn't close enough to ANY Director to attend meetings. There...
  5. P

    Director I Really Can't Complain Too Much About Attendance at My Meetings, but

    I really can't complain too much about attendance at my meetings, but I have someone who is not coming because she has to close a show, and one person who can't come because her boss said she spent too much time last week on the phone doing PC stuff....which makes sense, but she works 8-4! What...
  6. Bren706

    Optimizing Monthly Team Meetings: Finding the Best Day for Maximum Productivity

    Now that I have 3 local consultants on my team, I am hoping to start monthly team meetings. The cluster meeting I used to attend was on the 1st or 2nd (can't remember which) Monday of each month. My hospitality director has hers on the 2nd Saturday of each month. It sounds like Saturdays...
  7. jbdowd0798

    Milton/Pace, FL: Find Team/Cluster Meetings and Recipe Nights!

    Hey Folks!!! I have a dear friend who is looking at the business again. I say again because he did it years ago but got out. He's in the Milton/Pace, FL area. I'd love for him to see a team/cluster meeting or Recipe night. Help! Thanks Becky:chef:
  8. D

    Director Improving Meeting Incentives with Drawings and Prizes?

    I am thinking about changing drawings/prize opportunities at team meetings. We were doing tickets for good behavior (sales, TL, SC, recruiting, helping with meeting etc.) and on time drawing. I was thinking about doing away with the ticket one b/c it takes so much time, but now I am rethinking...
  9. F

    Director Year-end Meetings & Gifts: What Do You Do?

    Curious what everyone does for mtgs. in Dec. Do you give year end gifts? Have a party? Regular Mtg.? Last year we met with our Exec. for a meal @ her place & had a gift exchange.
  10. P

    Director Planning to Hold My Own Meetings in 2012...Yikes!

    I have been attending my Director's meetings since I started with PC 6 years ago. And, have been sharing meetings with her since I promoted. I've decided to start holding my own meetings beginning 2012...I'm excited and a little freaked-out about it too! I have 14 consultants on my team, 12...
  11. dannyzmom

    Director Venting My Frustration: Scheduling Team Meetings

    So pissed. Need to vent. Disclaimer: I have PMS. So, I schedule our entire year's team meetings and announce them in January. In other words - they all KNOW when our meetings are MONTHS in advance. I clean my house, I miss out on time with my children...for what?? Nobody RSVPs til the day...
  12. S

    Have You Upgraded Your Team Dollars for Meetings?

    Hi everyone. I am in charge of revamping our out of date team dollars that we use for meetings. The old ones are hiddious and have been around for like 15 years. Does anyone else use a team dollar that they would like to share? I know some of you do a WONDERFUL job in designing flyers and...
  13. carolynsh52

    Fresh Ideas for Team Meetings: Let's Get Cooking!

    I am about to start having team meetings of my own next month. Any good ideas? I like the meetings I have been attending for several years but would like some new ideas, too.:chef:
  14. P

    Director forThose That Share Meetings With Other Directors

    For those of you that do meetings with other Directors, ADs, etc....how do you split them up? Do you alternate months that each person "runs" the meeting? What about expenses? There are supplies and such to buy, recipe ingredients if you do a demo, etc. what do you do about that? I'm...
  15. M

    How can I effectively merge two teams for successful meetings?

    Does anyone have team meetings with two different teams? How do you split out the costs (i.e. one team has 10 in it, while the other has 7) for the meeting? I'm hoping to be a director and have my own "team". My director and I are discussing the possibility of me having my own meetings or...
  16. B

    Suggestions for "Jazzing Up" Cluster Meetings

    Hey all, I'm wondering what you do in your cluster meetings that keeps the energy going? Our cluster meetings here seem to lack the enthusiasm that I feel I need to keep my forward momentum. Our Senior Director has asked us for suggestions in what we want for the meetings and I was the only...
  17. K

    Director Can't Get People to Come to Meetings? Let's Try Again!

    I had to cancel yet another meeting. A few are asking for more local meetings so I plan it and everyone says they can't come or they may make it but don't count on me. I would rather drive the hour and go to the meeting where there are people. How do you get people to come they don't know how...
  18. C

    Rocky Mount, VA Consultant Meetings

    I am a Consultant in Rocky Mount, VA. I am looking to see if anyone has meetings in this area that I could attend.
  19. Bren706

    Interested in Cluster Meetings in Western MA?

    I just recently moved back to my hometown in Western Massachusetts (Lenox / Berkshire County) after living in NC for 4 years. My director is barely active and has not taken the time to find me hospitality here, so I am trying to do it myself. Anyone in the Western, MA area (west of...
  20. JackieB999

    St Petersbug, Florida Cluster Meetings?

    Are there any directors here in St. Petersburg, Florida that would like to adopt me?? :love: My cluster is up in NPR and Oldsmar and it's just too far to travel on a work night. I'd love to find and bond with a group here in southern Pinellas county. OR if youre reading this and you know...
  21. BlueMoon

    Using Vyew for Online Meetings

    Some of us were talking about supporting each other, cheering each other on for a booking blitz, but of course we are all over the country. In some of the classes I have taken I have had to collaborate with other students all over the world, and we have used virtual meeting sites. My favorite is...
  22. K

    Where Can I Find Meetings in Medford, Oregon?

    I am specifically looking for the Medford Area.
  23. K

    Any Cluster Meetings in the Beaverton/Aloha or Area?

    Are there any PC cluster meetings in the Beaverton/Aloha OR area? I am signing up under Wendy Love. She is lovely! Her meetings are every other month in the Bethany area. I am also looking for hospitality/cluster meetings that are in the Beaverton Aloha area because I love going to monthly...
  24. babywings76

    Feel Awkward at Cluster Meetings

    Why do I always come home from a cluster meeting feeling stupid? I always walk away thinking that they all would love to kick me out of my cluster. :rolleyes: :blushing: :D The reason is that I think I just talk too much, not social chit chat, but business stuff. After being cooped up all...
  25. K

    Director Team Meetings by Phone? How to Make Them Engaging?

    Hi I promoted in May 2010 and have just started doing my own monthly team meetings but they have to be by phone with a face to face gathering 3-4 times a year because my team is really geographically spread. Has anyone done team meetings like this? How did you keep the interest and make...
  26. D

    Award Certificates for Team Meetings - Need Help!

    Does anyone have an award certificate document they use such as #1 in Sales and so on to give out at Team Meetings? Wanted to start doing this and didn't want to have to create a document if someone out there had already created such as this. Thanks in advance for your help!:chef:
  27. P

    Motivational Music for Cluster Meetings: Suggestions from Conference

    I'm looking for some motivational music to play at my cluster meeting....what do you all like? Any suggestions from conference?
  28. W

    Join Us at the Spring Launch Meetings | Register Now!

    How many of you all are going to be attending a Spring Launch meeting? I am registered for the Bellevue, WA meeting. I can't wait to see what the new products are and get the new spring mini catalogs! I completed my order for the new spring supplies through Consultants Corner. I ordered...
  29. P

    Spring Launch Meetings: Who's Attending in Feb?

    Who has signed up for the Spring Launch meetings in February? I am excited about attending
  30. N

    Director This Is Why I Hate December Meetings

    Me (at our meeting in November): ?Do we want to have a cluster meeting in December? In the past it's been hard because everyone is so busy". Team: "No, of course we want to!!!! Let's do a cookie exchange" Me: "Ok, if we do a cookie bake, can everyone bring something for the recipes?"...