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  1. A

    I am terrified of the Phone!

    I need some advice. I know that our business is phone based and I am willing to get on the phone but I am so scared to pick it up to make that first booking call, customer care call etc... Do any of you have any tips for me?? :eek:
  2. D

    How long to phone customers?

    How long is a reasonable time to still be able to call customers from your shows, as a follow up call? I did a show on July 6th that had twenty purchasing customers. About half of them I managed to call within 2 weeks after their product arrived, but the rest were difficult to get ahold of, then...
  3. J

    Phone book cold calls?

    I've seen a couple of times on this website some of you talk about getting out the phone book and just going down the list to make calls for bookings, I was wondering if you had a script or something when you made these calls or did you just make it up with each call. I recently moved and don't...
  4. P

    Phone Scripts

    Does anyone have a "phone script" for calling people for bookings (or recruiting). (I just need some help with the wording sometimes & feel a bit better with a paper in front of me.) I do fine at shows but strictly phone work is the hard part for me. I've been doing PC for about 1 1 /2...
  5. DebPC

    Nothing Replaces Getting on the Phone

    I have discovered over the last few years that even though the company sends "Your discount is about to expire emails" and I send an email newsletter etc. Nothing gets me more business than getting on the phone. You can send out flyers and drop off catalogs. But the personal one to one phone...
  6. DebPC

    The Phone is Your Friend!

    Here Are Your Tips For Phone Calls.... 1. The Phone Is Your Friend: Phone=$. Keep A Mirror By The Phone - Host Coaching Calls - After A Few, Reward Yourself. Block Out Small Amounts Of Time, Set Up Times To Talk With Hosts. 2. Start With A Most Probable Yes, Will Set You Up For A...
  7. DebPC

    One Phone Call

    Making one phone call could put $100 in your pocket Not making the call leaves it empty. Making one phone call can answer the question "Will they or won't they?" Not making the call leaves you wondering. Making the phone call can give you confidence to make another one. Not making the...
  8. DebPC

    Phone Time

    Pampered Chef Phone Time Sometimes it's better not to think too much or you might think of 100 reasons not to get on the phone and call your prospective hosts and customers! For instance: they might be preparing supper,just getting home,just leaving, bathing their kids,fighting with their...