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What is phone: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. E

    Is It Normal That Most People Don't Answer the Phone?

    As a fairly new consultant working on making phone calls consistently, I was just wondering if it was normal that only about 1 out of 10 people actually answer the phone? (mostly voicemails) It would help me tremendously as I keep trekking on to know that this is normal/to be expected, and I am...
  2. A

    Having Problems With TPampered Chef Phone App...help

    I have been using the TPC app on my Android phone and so far it's been ok. However, on Friday, it took a major nose dive while I was trying to complete an order for a show. It got so boggled up that I removed the app from my phone. I have been trying to reinstall it since Friday and it does...
  3. Bren706

    Customers Using the Website on Their Phone to Order

    I recently did a virtual Facebook party and the host just contacted me to let me know that her friend is having a hard time ordering through the website using the internet on her phone. Can someone remind me what the issue is? I remember reading about that somewhere, but can't find it now.
  4. byrd1956

    Troubleshooting Phone App Frustration for Direct Sales Events

    I sent this to the home office but decided to post here since I am looking for any help/advice. This group is awesome at helping each other. (I apologize that this is somewhat long)I set up a July show on my computer with consultant as host for an event I was working.I added several orders via...
  5. stephaniekocala

    Apron, New Catalogs, Cell Phone Case Available

    Hello all,As I exclusively run my PC business via social media and friends/family, I don't have a need for the new catalogs or my PC (women's) apron. I also have the Jan consultants' gift (cell phone case) for Iphone 5 available:25 New Catalogs: $12 Apron: $8 Cell Phone Case (I can email you a...
  6. byrd1956

    Home Office Phone Number: Find the # for Your Home Office in # Format

    Anyone have the # for the home office? In # format.
  7. C

    Get a Stylish iPhone 4 Case with January Incentive - Only $15 + Shipping

    I earned the January incentive but I just won't use it. It will fit an iPhone 4. Not sure what PC will value it at but, if it's like things in the past, I am thinking at least $15. So, that's what I am asking, plus mailing. I can email a picture, if necessary.
  8. DebPC

    Can't Access Pampered Chef Website? Need Tech Help and Phone Number?

    I'm locked out of the PC website. It says my captcha code doesn't match- what ever that is. Thanks!
  9. Sk8Mom209

    Can't Find the Files Section on Here on My Phone

    Can't find the files section on here on my phone. I need a prize drawing slip ASAP. At an event and left mine at home
  10. Bren706

    Master the Art of Phone Calls: Tips for Filling Your Calendar with Ease

    Okay folks, I need a little nudge. I have been awful about making my daily contacts. That phone weighs a ton, and my calendar shows it. (August is empty). For those that have made phone call after phone call in one day to fill up your calendar, do you pay attention as to what is the best...
  11. E

    Overcoming Phone Phobia: Tips for Picking Up the Phone with Confidence

    What are you best tips/strategies for pushing through the fear/anxiety and picking up the phone that feels like it weighs 5000 pounds? For some reason I am suffering from a bad case of phone phobia. I could talk a team member through this but for some reason I am having a difficult time...
  12. D

    I Have a Windows Phone. It Says It's Installed but It's Not. Help!

    I have a windows phone. It says it's installed but it's not. HELP!
  13. P

    Saving Money: Use Phone Apps to Cash in

    Download and use the following apps to accumulate points for GC and Cash! Ibotta – Ibotta is a fun and easy way to earn $20 or more each time you go shopping. The more you use it, the better and more personalized your offers become. SavingStar – Select the eCoupons you like and have them...
  14. lisaterwilliger

    Smart Phone Glitches Delay Website Conversion: Can I Write it Off?

    So I bought a smart phone earlier last year in preparation for the new website...its an android...much cheaper than buying an ipad...so anyway, my reasoning to my hubby was that I would need it for my business...well...since there has been so many glitches I have yet to be converted to the new...
  15. byrd1956

    Ever Get One of These Phone Calls?

    I was expecting a call so I answered. The person said my name as a question and after I said yes they said "This is Joe". I thought it doesn't really sound like my dh's brother, but said "hi". Joe then proceeds to tell me I had been recommended as a PC consultant and did I still do that. When I...
  16. wadesgirl

    Search by Phone Number in P3 - Save Time and Effort!

    Did you know that you can search by phone number in P3?? I didn't until about a week ago and used it a second time today! There are probably others out there who haven't figured it out so I thought I would share. In the same spot under contacts that you would search for a name, type the phone...
  17. pjpamchef

    Considering Getting Rid of Home Phone: Upsides & Downsides

    I am considering getting rid of my home phone, I'm pretty sure I know all the upside reasons to do it, wondering if I'm missing any of the downside reasons. Has anyone regretted getting rid of their home phone??
  18. B

    What are the differences between AT&T and Verizon for phone carriers?

    We have had Verizon since we've had cell phones but we are now considering going with AT&T because of things like unlimited mobile to mobile, roll-over minutes and other things. It looks like the cost would be the same. I'd love to hear pros and cons, how is the coverage in different areas of...
  19. Bren706

    Need Bookings - Need Encouragement to Get on the Phone

    Okay, I went inactive in April (submitted the 1 April show in May) after having a record February and a pretty good March. I have a show next week, but still do not have the guest list. I have a booth at month end. I have been making customer care calls, and got an order for a few margarita...
  20. esavvymom

    Urgent Teleseminarreply- Phone Fear! (Expires Soon!!)

    This is a replay recording from the Mindaware Teleseminar. The interview is with Linda Sturdivant,and she's talking about facing phone fear. I'm listening to it now, and she's giving great scripts and tips for the phone and facing the fear of it! :) But this replay expires soon- it was an...
  21. T

    How to End a Phone Call After a No

    So on the phone, obviously, I cant say Here is my card, etc... So if I call someone and get No's all around, what is the best way to end the conversation, that is not just saying Ok, have a nice day?
  22. naekelsey

    Keeping Customers Organized in Your Phone

    Most people are wanting to be contacted through text. So, can anyone tell me how they keep the phone numbers organized in there cell phones? Or do you not add them to your cell phone contacts and just text them when you need to?
  23. NooraK

    Phone Call About 50% Kit Rebate

    So I'm sure all of you, just like me, received a recorded phone call today from a SC talking about her experience with the 50% rebate. The message is directed toward other consultants, but that really only comes across toward the end. We can re-listen to the message by calling back the number...
  24. wadesgirl

    How to Approach This Phone Call

    A gal on my team today called and said she received a voicemail from someone today (the phone cut out and she didn't catch the name, she believes it's someone she met at a gas station and gave a catalog to) who wanted to order some products. Right now her computer is down and she doesn't know...
  25. finley1991

    Director Top Must-Have Phone Apps for Your New iPhone | Expert Recommendations

    My phone has decided to give up on me and I'm going to be getting an iphone in the next few weeks. Any apps I can't live without? ;)
  26. kcmckay

    Why I Should Make Phone Calls Everyday! :)

    So I had planned on making a few calls tonight and I got busy and distracted as usual! :( I know my fault. But had I actually looked at my phone I would have noticed before 9 pm that I had 2 VM's one was from my director at 8 checking in on my calls I said I'd make Monday ( I did do that)...
  27. scottcooks

    Instant Phone Show - Challenge, Anyone?

    Bookings a little low?Help make "May Marvelous" - I listened to the May "ideas" recording by Rachel & Amy and want to do the Instant Phone Show. Would you do it with me?Any other West Coasties want to do a phone challenge for the next 4 hours? It is 5pm - between now and 9pm tonight?Teacher...
  28. dme.grant

    How Can a Surprise Phone Call from a Friend Boost Your Business?

    Wow! Yesterday I got a phone call from a great friend who has decided to join Pampered Chef under me!! It was totally out of the blue and it just made my week!!! I'm so excited for her because I think she will do amazing, but that one phone call was so inspiring!!
  29. NooraK

    Boost Your Phone Calls: Using Electronic Communication for Better Results

    This was posted on Jen Fong's blog today. I though the tips were quite helpful. http://www.jenfongspeaks.com/using-electronic-communication-to-make-phone-calls-more-productive/ Using Electronic Communication to Make Phone Calls More Productive Phone communication is really not my...
  30. chefkathy

    Director Three Phone Messages in Less Than 24 Hours From Catalog Show Host

    Talk about ANNOYING!!!This is a March catalog host who has had the info for about a month now. I had her on my list of people to call this week, but now she's beat me to it.She called me Sunday night at 8:45 p.m. I was struggling to get my little one to sleep. She left a message 45 secs...