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What is write: Definition and 47 Discussions

  1. lisaterwilliger

    Smart Phone Glitches Delay Website Conversion: Can I Write it Off?

    So I bought a smart phone earlier last year in preparation for the new website...its an android...much cheaper than buying an ipad...so anyway, my reasoning to my hubby was that I would need it for my business...well...since there has been so many glitches I have yet to be converted to the new...
  2. K

    Maximizing Tax Deductions: Uncommon Write-Offs You May Have Missed

    My sister, who does our taxes, just told us we will still owe about $1000. :cry: I am just wondering what you write off that might not automatically come to mind. For example, I heard of a consultant who writes off her cable bill because of the cooking shows (don't even know if that's legit or...
  3. L

    atShows - Use Laptop or Write Orders

    What do you prefer - Handwriting out Orders or taking a laptop to your shows and entering the order there? :confused:
  4. Intrepid_Chef

    Can I Sell the DCB Without Even Using It?

    I have been wanting to get a new microwave, since I need to practice recipes at home for my shows. They have been running a little higher than I want to spend, however. Is this a deductible expense?
  5. cwinter474

    Write For Hope Pens - 8pk for $7.49, Donation to City of Hope

    Staples has a 8pk or really nice pink pens called "Write For Hope" Pink with silver trim, They have tip-to-clip grip. Black ink. really nice. Saving them for next HWC promotion. 80cents per package goes to "Ctiy of Hope" the pens cost $7.49, kinda high, that's $6.69 after donation, bringing...
  6. K

    Write in on Supply Order for Free Receipts

    Are they giving us 50 free receipts this season? I know they have in the past but I didn't see anything in the changeover kit saying they were doing it again. I wanted to double check before submitting my supply order.
  7. babywings76

    Should I Add More Information to My Receipts?

    I want to start adding a little note to my printed off receipts from P3. I usually just write on there Thank You for your order. But I'm wondering if I should add anything else on there. Instructions on my website or something. A lot of these outside orders, my host didn't provide me with...
  8. ChefMary412

    Pampered Chef Dollars and Write Off?

    Do we write off our PC dollars we earned as they were used on office supplies/products for shows?
  9. I

    Director Maximize Your Tax Write Offs: Tips and Experiences From Others

    I met someone last night who is thinking of signing for the tax write offs? Has anyone had any one do this before? If so can you please share.
  10. Koolotus

    Director Just Talked With Lindaplay the 5 Questions Game-Have Them Write

    Just talked with Linda Play the 5 questions game- Have them write 5 questions about the business on the back of the door prixze slip, first one done wins. Use the questions rto Follow up Offer them all the benefits of being the host. Do not leave off the kit credit. Say..."This could...
  11. P

    Urgent What Would You Write in an E-Mail?

    I met someone on Facebook who is willing to hear about my 'business opportunity.' I did not say I'm a consultant with the Pampered Chef (though, I gave as many hints as I could!!), nor, of course, did I give my website. Still, she gave me her e-mail address so I can send information. What...
  12. K

    Write off Your Chef Success Membership - Creative and Legal Write Offs

    Your membership here is deductible as a professional membership. So are cooking magazine subscriptions as an educational expense. Groceries used at your shows, and groceries used at home to try recipes, both are deductible. I'll probably bring groceries for my hosts just because I can...
  13. D

    Can I Write off Babysitters for Work Purposes?

    My husband travels a lot for work so I often need to hire a sitter for my meetings and shows. Can I write that off? How does that work...
  14. D

    F"I Got My CUTE Pampered ChefF Gear Today - Can I Write It Off?

    I got the CUTE pink and brown bag today! (not prego AT ALL) but LOVE the bag....so much better in person! Question is...can we write off anything we buy from Merril? Cause i got a shirt and the making strides string bag. Can we write this all off? Thanks. it's my first year doing PC
  15. ChefinHarmony

    Number for Free Write in Forms?

    I'm up late trying to get my supply order in and I can't find the number for the 50 free Write In forms! Can anyone help? Also, is the shipping going up in the fall? How much? Thanks! I've been out of it for a couple months... my Director retired and the communication is slower from...
  16. P

    How Do You Add a Write in on Paperwork Supply for Pp?

    Does anyone remember off hand where the thread is that talks about adding write ins on paper work supply for PP? I know someone typed out the instructions somewhere, but I can't seem to find it now. I have a consultant trying to order her HWC items. Just thought I would ask. Thanks, Tracy
  17. ivebeen4given

    Reviving Old Order Forms for Fall: Safe to Use or Remove Shopping/Wish List?

    Question, I finally cleaned up my PC materials and I found some old order forms for the fall. Is it safe to use those just remove the shopping/wish list?
  18. dianevill

    Can You Write Off a New Microwave?

    One of my new recruits was joking around in an e-mail saying she was dying to try the DCB in the microwave, but it just doesn't fit, so wouldn't it be great if she could buy one and write it off? Although she was kidding, it got me thinking. Could she? She'd be buying it to be able to practice...
  19. dannyzmom

    Experience the Magic of Barry Manilow: My Review of the Concert!

    ...that make the whole world sing... I just got home from the Barry Manilow concert...it was AWESOME!!! :sing: :sing: :sing: :sing: :sing: :sing: :sing: :sing: :sing: :sing:
  20. PCJen

    Who Do You Have Guests Write Their Checks To....

    I would like to get an idea on how all of you handle checks from guests. For the last 4 years I have had all guests write checks to their Hosts. This way I felt that the guests were more comfortable writing a check to someone they know and it helps me from getting bounced checks since, more...
  21. PampMomof3

    Can We Write off Our Earned Trips?

    This is the first year I earned a "free trip" and it was to San Francisco. I'm right in the middle of doing my taxes and on my 1099 it lists San Fran for $2521.73. Can we do anything with that amount on our taxes? Thanks in advance!
  22. L

    So in layman terms, what is exactly a tax write off?

    So in layman terms, what is exactly a tax write off? If i buy a laptop for lets say 830.00 total, only the taxes I paid on that is deducted or half of it???? I'm confused and I need someone to explain it to me. My husband told me we only get the taxes we paid back on our return. I know there...
  23. DebbieSAChef

    Boost Your Business with Free Write Ins & Supplies - Help for New Recruits

    Ok ladies I need your help. My new recruit and I would like to order some supplies but I am lost as to what the code is for FREE 40 write ins or itemized depending on what she uses. Can someone help? Also the code for the FREE trivet is FN70 right? And that will probably have to be entered...
  24. D

    Get on the Phone... and Write It Down!

    I get very discouraged making what seem like endless phone calls with often little results to show. Another consultant I know said she keeps a log so she can look back and see just how many calls she places and what results she has. So I did that this week, and since Monday, I've placed 93...
  25. jrstephens

    How Great Is It for Your Grocery Bill to Be a Tax Write Off?!

    :blushing: For the last two weeks I have been buying ingredient to try new recipes for the Fall. I am loving saving my receipt to write-off my supper from taxes!!!!:angel:
  26. jrstephens

    My Director Asked Me to Write up How I Implemented 3-2-1

    And she sent it out to all the Cluster/Downline. I have 8 shows booked and 2 more coming with more calls to make I had to toot my own horn! I have never been asked to share what I do like this before!!!:love: Here is her email and what I wrote: "WOW! READ THE SUCCESS BELOW! I'M...
  27. C

    Write In Order Forms Available - Interested?

    I have the package of write in order forms that I had ordered with spring/summer paperwork. Unfortunately I've had all catalog shows and I print out reciepts via Pampered Partner. So I don't need any of these reciepts/order forms. There are 40 in the their original, unopened package. PM me...
  28. C

    Sales Receipts - What Do You Write in Before/During the Show?

    I have been writing my name, consultant #, and phone #. Total during the show. What do you do?
  29. naekelsey

    Keep Deleating What I Write!!! Help!!

    Can someone PLEASE help me. Almost everytime I go to write and email to customers and etc, I always seem to push a button ( or maybe 2) that erases some of what I wrote. Can someone tell me how to "bring back" what was deleated!!!!!!!!! This is on my Yahoo acct, if it matters..