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What is note: Definition and 37 Discussions

  1. K

    Pampered Chef Post-It Note Holder - Great Condition

    Pampered Chef Post-it Note Holder for sale in great condition. $5 plus actual shipping. PM me if interested.
  2. DebPC

    Bamboo Note Holder/Dry Erase Board

    Is anyone selling some of these??? i've never seen had any questions on these. I wouldn't mind if they were gone 3/1.
  3. T

    Looking for Hwc Magnetic Recipe Card Note Holder

    I did a cooking show in October. Shortly after, my host became extremely ill and was placed in the hospital. Needless to say, finalizing the order was not a priority. She has now back home (as of yesterday) and has provided me with the orders. While the HWC items were only available...
  4. esavvymom

    Simple "Thank You" Note That Made an Impression on Me

    For months now, I have had this "Thank you" note from an area businessman sitting on my desk. He had gone around the neighborhood introducing himself to area residents (those who'd open the door ;)). He was with Edwards Jones Investment company. But a couple of days after I met him, I...
  5. cookingwithlove

    Printing Custom Prize Drawing Slips into a Note Pad

    I use my own prize drawing slip. I would like to get them printed into a note pad. I tried Vistaprint, but their note pads are too big. I just want mine to 1/4 page. Any suggestions?
  6. J

    Did You Guys See the Note Re: Cherry Almond Sauce

    on the bottom of the packing list: "Please note, the label on our Cherry Almond Sauce states there are no salt or preservatives added. Although it does not contain salt, the ingredient Sodium Benzoate is a preservative. We apologize for this error. If you have any questions, please contact...
  7. babywings76

    Bad Note Taking, Makes Follow up Hard!

    Okay, so here's a reminder that when doing a booth and talking to people....write down good notes when they leave! I had one person do a definite booking. Then I had 2 people say that they would try to do a catalog show. But one of those people was more of a sure thing than the other. I...
  8. J

    Judy Finds a Job: A Note of Gratitude

    For those who know my situation I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers!! I found a job!! I will be going back to work driving dump trucks. I have been unemployed for 11 months and my unemployment runs out this week. My old boss called me yesterday to see if I would come back to...
  9. jbdowd0798

    Mini Catalog...tagalong Note??

    Hi All, I want to send a note (quarter sheet of paper possibly) along with the mini catalogs to all my customers who are not local. That would be 95% of my customer base now that I have moved so I'd like something catchy. HELP please I'd love to send these out soon. I think I'm smart (okay...
  10. T

    Need Help Writing a Note to a Potential Bridal Shower Host!

    I made a call this morning!! yay! and she is interested in a bridal shower for her brother's fiancee. I need to send her a note with the info I am sending. What should I say? I am newbie at this. Help!
  11. dannyzmom

    Personal Note to Send With Calendars

    I would like to send a note with each calendar thanking each host/customer for their business and loyalty, etc. I would love to put our heads together to come up with some nice wording...anyone want to brainstorm with me? Dear ____ Just a little token of my appreciation...thank you for...
  12. dannyzmom

    Personal Note for Sending With Calendars

    I would like to send a note with each calendar thanking each host/customer for their business and loyalty, etc. I would love to put our heads together to come up with some nice wording...anyone want to work on it and brainstorm with me? Dear ____ Just a little token of my...
  13. JenniK

    Way to Note When You Receive a Check but Written to You

    I would love to be able to put that I received a check from the guest (written to me) in the P3 so I can make sure everyone has paid. But I still want it to add their total to the amount that I'll owe at the end. Can it do this? Did that just make sense? I'm tired and I just got home from...
  14. J

    Thanks for the Support - A Note of Appreciation

    There may be a better place for this, but... Just a quick note of thanks. I haven't been here long, but as I was just telling my DH, I honestly feel that my last show was better just because of some of the things I have learned here. I feel like my next shows are going to be even better. I...
  15. kcmckay

    Need Specials Flyer: May and June Without April - On a Side Note, July?

    Does anyone have a specials flyer that has May and June specials without April specials. I can't find one in files and would make one myself but that is something I haven't figured out how to do yet. TIA On a side note does anyone know when July specials will be posted on CC?
  16. babywings76

    Should I Add More Information to My Receipts?

    I want to start adding a little note to my printed off receipts from P3. I usually just write on there Thank You for your order. But I'm wondering if I should add anything else on there. Instructions on my website or something. A lot of these outside orders, my host didn't provide me with...
  17. kcjodih

    Say Thank You: Crafting a Standard Note for Customers

    Does anyone have a standard thank you note that they send to customers they don't know who order off their website? Or if you don't already have one but are good at wording things, would you be willing to help me out? I'd like something that says thank you for your order, if I can ever be of...
  18. S

    Classic Baker & Food Chopper Note Pads - $10 + Shipping

    4- note pads (pictures: classic baker and food chopper.. not sure what is on the other two). Sealed in plastic (5.5x8.5) 3- Franklin Covey Note pads (8.5 x 11) sealed in plastic. for ring binder. all for $10 plus shipping Thanks, Karla Stoney [email protected]
  19. Kitchen2u

    Helaine Balsamo's 9-11 Note Awesome!

    Just in case you are not a Director (she posted it to Director's Dish) ~ this is such an inspirational note. Good morning. I just would not feel right letting today come and go without taking a moment to reflect on the happenings of September 11th already 7 years ago today. We all have...
  20. armywyf

    Gift Note Wording Help Needed for Pampered Chef Package Closing Gifts

    Ok so my realtor has decided to give PC packages as closing gifts to his clients. Since he is buying in bulk and giving them as gifts I need to put a note in with the products to have them call me directly if they should need customer care with their new products since all products are in the...
  21. chefkathy

    Note to Team Re:relinquishment?

    I'm facing the big R this month. We are only $1200 short. I usually do the sales myself, but had 3 cancellations this month, so here we are. I have NO IDEA what my team might be holding. They do not return my calls. Anyway, I wanted to send out a note to them about the sales we need and...
  22. N

    New Recruit Is Kind of Got Me Worried.... ( Note: Long)

    So I did a booth on the 4th of July, and this woman is selling jewelry next to me. She is middle aged, maybe in her late 50's. She gets all excited, her DIL and son live with them, the DIL is looking for a part time something or other to do, LOVES TO COOK (remember this for later), yada yada. I...
  23. chefkathy

    Send a Note of Thanks to Our Warehouse Staff

    I can't believe the six shows I submitted over the weekend are all shipped or picking! KUDOS to the warehouse!!! I just sent an email to them.
  24. PChefPEI

    Sending Gratitude: Crafting the Perfect Thank You Note

    I am embarassed to admit that I have never sent out a thank you note to any of my past hosts.... :o :o :o One of my new year's resolutions is to start doing that!! I want to use the thank you letter that can be printed from PP, but was curious as to what everyone else does.
  25. JAE

    Using "The Pampered Chef" on a Vista Post-it Note: OK or Not?

    Is it okay to put "The Pampered Chef" on a post it note from Vista?
  26. C

    Important Update on Discontinued and New Products - Letter Template Included

    Does anyone have a letter to send to registries about the discontinued products and the new lines coming out? thanks.:D
  27. DebPC

    Lyn Conways's Daily Motivation: Start Your Day with a Positive Note

    Lyn Conways Daily MotivationI get her email every day with a motivational quote. She does promote her workshops at the bottom of the email, but it's worth it just to get the quotes. Usually there first thing in the morning to get me going on a positive note. Do a search for her website and I'm...
  28. chefann

    Are Back-to-School Sales the Best Time to Stock Up on Office Supplies?

    All you folks with school-age kids are surely aware of this already, but I wanted to make sure others kept this in mind... Back-to-School sales are starting! Stock up now on office supplies for your PC office! Don't buy everything at once. Scan the circulars each week and only get what's...
  29. husbandwifepcteam

    Who is the Top Salesperson with 12 Recruits and a Prize Every 3 Months?

    My director just informed me that I am the top salesperson in our group :) . I believe she has 12 recruits. She gives away a prize every 3 months to the top salesperson those 3 months combined.
  30. jenniferknapp

    Check Out Our Outlet for New Products - Post It Note Holders & More!

    Be sure to advertise the Outlet to your customers...the stoneware trivet is available, and I think it might be a good seller!! Other new things are the Chillzanne cooler, parchment paper, and the rectangular lid/bowl. Oh, and the digital thermometer is still available!! Also, through CC...