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What is guys: Definition and 72 Discussions

  1. chefliz

    Guys' Shopping Night: Snacks, Wish Lists, and Personal Shopper Services!

    Has anyone ever done a shopping nite just for the guys? I was thinking something with snacks like hot wings, taco dip, chips, etc. I would offer wish lists for the guys to give to their significant others or offer personal shopper services with free wrapping and package deals. My husband says I...
  2. Jean DeVries

    Because I Know You Guys Work Miracles....

    Asking for prayers for a little boy named Max Nunn. If you have a Carepages account, you can log in and read his story, but here's the synopsis: In 2009, Max was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He underwent whatever horrors a child has to go through to get rid of the brain tumor, and it was...
  3. Dotty

    Guys' Night Out: Shop for Christmas Gifts with a Personal Shopper

    I'd like to do a guys only show, where guys can shop for themselves or purchase Christmas gifts for their wives with a personal shopper (me). I was thinking of approaching a male-friendly organization like a hunting/fishing club or veterans organization or firehall and offering to do a...
  4. loreo

    Spicy Pineapple Rum Sauce Quotes from Team Newsletter | Director Loop Share

    I just received a team newsletter that had quotes from Rae, Becky, Chef Booby and many more about the spicy Pineapple Rum Sauce! I KNOW where it came from :D
  5. J

    Did You Guys See the Note Re: Cherry Almond Sauce

    on the bottom of the packing list: "Please note, the label on our Cherry Almond Sauce states there are no salt or preservatives added. Although it does not contain salt, the ingredient Sodium Benzoate is a preservative. We apologize for this error. If you have any questions, please contact...
  6. B

    Easy Guys Against Girls Game- Not Too Long

    Hi! So i'm doing a couples show tomorrow night and it's w/ a bunch of people I know and they are not the game type really :) I want to do 1 short type of competition, but nothing overly complicated. Just like taking 1 thing to do and having a guy/girl volunteer do it w/ the food chopper or...
  7. janetupnorth

    Check Out Your New Sister Company Guys...

  8. G

    What Do You Guys Put on Your Lapboards?I Was Thinking Putting

    What do you guys put on your lapboards? I was thinking putting different flyers in each is a great idea and maybe have the guest tell whats on the back of his/hers to get some interaction going at shows.
  9. pc_jessica

    What Do You Guys Do With Last Season's Catalogs?

    the last season's catalogs??? i have about 30 left and have no idea what to do with them...for some reason i just can't put them in the trash lol
  10. C

    What My Guys Will Be Doing While I'm in Chicago!

    Whew! Annual tractor show will give farm equipment a chance to run off a little steam - Grand Rapids News - The Latest News, Blogs, Photos & Videos – MLive.com I am so glad that I am in Wave 3! Every year, DH drags me to this thing, and I really really really dislike it. I told him...
  11. C

    Inviting the Grilling, Hunting, Fishing Guys - A Fun Party!

    Does anyone have a really fun Guys Only invitation? I searched the files, but everything I found for a Men or Guys only party is for men to come shop for thier wives. I have a party scheduled with a group of guys who do a lot of the cooking at their houses, and they will be shopping not...
  12. PampMomof3

    Pampered Chef | New Catalog Jan-Feb 09 | Check Out the Latest Products!

    https://www.pamperedchef.com/images/cc/us/pdf/cs_09jan-feb.pdf I haven't been on in a while so I could have totally missed this!
  13. PampMomof3

    Discover the Latest Pampered Chef Catalog for Jan-Feb 2021 | Shop Now!

  14. M

    Couples Show to Night With Guys

    i was woundering what to bring that the guys might like. i have amost every thing and i know of a few items that they might like but what about the more expensive ones? there will be 8 couples and maby 2 more so this will be a big one andi will let you know how it turns out.
  15. pamperedbecky

    Check Out This Post From Cs!! Have You Guys Heard???

    Check out this post over there....they seem to be changing the format of leadership starting in 2010. I haven't gotten the email yet.... http://www.chefsuccess.com/f97/no-more-leadership-46241/
  16. J

    Book a Homemade for the Holidays Show and Earn Free Gifts - Pampered Chef

    I am posting this on my pws and I will probably be sending out something like this to past hosts and customers. I really need to get some bookings. The only sales I have had in the past two months were from the show I hosted. What do you guys think?Book a Homemade for the Holidays show and catch...
  17. H

    Looking for recipe ideas for a guy's show?

    Does anyone have some recipes you use a guy's show? I've done the Touchdown Taco Dip, but I got 5 booking from this last guy's show and they want something new. Any suggestions?
  18. susanr613

    Recipes for Romance - Guys' Opinions

    Hi again: Thanks for the replies to my previous thread. Now there's a twist. The Surprise Party lady bought a chocolate fountain so there go all the chocolate recipes. Now I'm thinking of savory foods....and would like a male perspective too. I'm thinking of a pizza recipe, like the...
  19. janetupnorth

    Goodbye for Now: A Heartfelt Farewell to My Dear Friends

    :cry: Nuff said, you know who you are! ;) See you there in a few years!
  20. janetupnorth

    Unveiling Wave 3: A Look at What's Next for Greg and the Future of Tomorrow

    I guess we have to wait until tomorrow to talk about new stuff... Why Greg? Isn't Wave 3 over now? I need an impatient mood now...
  21. C

    Why are the lines for the bathrooms so long for first time guys?

    Last year the lines were long for the bathrooms between classes. Making all of the mens bathrooms into ladies bathrooms didn't help. When you get to the door, you still have to wait until all the ladies are out and get the next person to watch the door.
  22. J

    Thought That Some of You Guys Might Want to Use This Email.

    This was forwarded to me by my director and I thought it was great. I thought that some of you all might want to personalize it and use it. Did you know the first thing most people cut back on when the budget is tight is eating out? That means, they are eating at home more! I'm here to...
  23. N

    Frazzled Host-Sorry Guys Longs but I'm Stressed

    I have a show this Sat. with my hairdresser. We set her show up a month and a half ago. I mailed her EVERYTHING she would need, mailed postcards, called her on an every other week basis. She seemed so busy that I couldn't seem to host coach her as well as I wanted. Even though I spoke with her...
  24. P

    Director Guys, Help Me Get My Pea-Brain Wrapped Around This....

    pay $155 for kit and get $425.50 in products do a show of $600 and get $120 commission check-which can be split into 4 catalog show (give away host bonus or do your own show) qualify in first 30 days May bonus $100 TPC$ 4 shows in 30 days $100 TPC$ $155-$120=$35 for $35 you get...
  25. janetupnorth

    Hey Guys - a Request for One of Ours...

    Ellen (Christ Follower) just posted on the 3-2-1 thread early this a.m. that her dad died on Thursday. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers the rest of this week and we know how hard losing a parent can be. Thanks!
  26. S

    Recipes That Will Please the Pickiest of Men: A Couples' Party

    I don't want to stereotype, but the guys in my household tend to be the picky eaters -- you have to sneak veggies in and almost force them to try something (even though 99% of the time they like what I push them to try, it is still a struggle, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my husband!) We are...
  27. C

    Hi Gals, and Guys! I Wanted to Get Some Ideas on How You Find Out

    Hi gals, and guys! I wanted to get some ideas on how you find out about local booths and events in your area? Not sure how to go about this? I know to check out radio station websites to find out community events but then its too late to sign up for a table. Thanks
  28. Kitchen Diva

    Grateful for the Chef Success Community: A Message of Thanks from Kacey

    :sing: I just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know how much I really appreciate you, and this Chef Success community. As I posted a week or two ago, I recently found out my sister's husband had been sexually abusing their 3 1/2 year old daughter. Since then (2/10/2008) they have...
  29. P

    Need to Show You Guys Something

    I hope this is okay to post here... I found a service that helps my business tremendously, and want to share it with you guys... I've always wanted a personal assistant to help me stay in contact better, but assistants are expensive. LOL. ;) A friend of mine turned me on to this service...
  30. T

    Pampered Chef Is Giving Me a Reputation With the Guys!

    My husband is in the Coast Guard and he has to stand duty 2-5 nights a week on top of his work days. I love doing Chocolate Bliss shows, but I really don't need the extra calories. My husband doesn't really like sweets, so when I try out new recipes I used to be stuck eating it myself. Well I've...