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What is couples: Definition and 69 Discussions

  1. P

    Couples Grilling Show: Game Ideas & Pizza Recipes

    I am doing a couples grilling show next week. Any game ideas? Any good pizza recipes?
  2. J

    Thrill of the Grill Couples Party

    I'm having a grilling couples party at the end of the month, and wanted to offer up the flyer I made (ideas adapted from a couple of others I found in the files), in case any of you could use it. I haven't done a show with men before, and it sounds like there will 10-12 couples there. I'm...
  3. D

    Tips for a Successful Couples Show: Ideas for Nervous Consultants

    Help!!! I just scheduled a couples show and need ideas. This show is for one of my DH's co-worker and spouses. So a little nervous doing this show.
  4. M

    Game Ideas for a Couples Party

    Hello Everyone! I have a couples party coming up and was wondering if anybody had any fun ideas for games I could play? Thanks for your help! Mel
  5. scottcooks

    Couples Theme Show: Share and Share Alike for a Fun and Memorable Event

    I am updating my Theme Shows Binder and just tweaked this- share and share alike!
  6. P

    What recipes and suggestions would fit a Breast Cancer Couples Show?

    I am having a Breast Cancer Couples Show at my daughters house this Sunday. Her husband will be grilling outside with the guys, and I'll have the women inside doing other recipes. The show is at 4:30 PM so enough food to be considered supper would be expected. I would like to make as much...
  7. C

    Which Recipe for a Couples Show?

    I have a couples show tomorrow and night and want to make a dcb recipe. I cant decide between doing the Pork Tenderloin or the Grilled Chicken Penne Al Fresco. I'd like to have the guys make the tenderloin and then make them into bbq sandwiches while the ladies make a trifle. I'm not sure which...
  8. B

    Personal Navigating a Holiday Dilemma: Should We Treat Married Couples Differently?

    Okay, I have a bit of a dilemma. We have Christmas at Thanksgiving since that's when my 4 oldest come here for a visit. I have gotten everyone gifts but decided since $$ are short for everyone that I would give part of their gift in cash. We decided that the single guys would get $75 and the...
  9. S

    Couples Show Wine Recipe Ideas

    Hello, I am a new consultant (I just submitted my 4th show today w/in my first 30 days, and made the $1250.00 goal! - I can't wait to get the DCB!! woo hoo!!!) I visit this site daily. Everyone has such fantastic ideas, and is so helpful! I need some help - I have a friend who is interested in...
  10. Pchefterza

    Tales: Fun Couples Cooking Show!

    I am doing my first couples (50-60 yrs old) show next saturday. I plan on utilizing the DCB, Ex cookware, and the cutlery at my show. Does any one have any suggestions on how to include 2 people at a time in the demonstration? Do I let the guests do most or all the work? Also, any ideas on a fun...
  11. Liquid Sky

    Couples Challenge -- Need Recipe Ideas

    I have a "Couple's" theme type show this Thursday. The men and their wives will be separated into groups (men vs. women) and have a "cook-off". I need ideas of good main-dish and dessert recipes, that pair together time-wise. What are some of your favorite main meals and desserts?
  12. Liquid Sky

    Creative Couples Show Ideas for a Fun and Engaging Cooking Experience

    I have a Couple's Cooking Show next week. I have never done one before. The host went to one in CO a year or so ago where they did the Amazing Race style show. She wants to do something like that for her show...rather than the traditional cooking show. She just really wants the men to...
  13. C

    Planning a Couples Show? Share Your Invites Here!

    Does anyone have a couples show invitation they have used in the past that they would like to share? I have a couples show coming up and it is the first one that I have ever done - any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks much.
  14. C

    Couples Wedding Shower for a Biker Club.

    Anybody have any ideas on what to prepare? I did one before and the guys weren't interested in anything except motorcycles.
  15. candiejayne

    Couples Party: Grilling & Desserts - BF Co-Consulting?

    I have booked a couples party, they want my BF to co-consult with me. They want to get the guys out on the grill and the women in the house working on a side dish and dessert. This will be a full blown meal, but I don't mind since they are picking up all of the ingredients. I just have a few...
  16. krzymomof4

    Humor Hilarious Reasons Why Couples Get into Fights!

    Thought you all would get a kick out of this.... WHY COUPLES GET INTO FIGHTS??? ************************************************* My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I was flipping channels. She asked, 'What's on TV?' I said, 'Dust.' And then the fight started...
  17. M

    Couples Show to Night With Guys

    i was woundering what to bring that the guys might like. i have amost every thing and i know of a few items that they might like but what about the more expensive ones? there will be 8 couples and maby 2 more so this will be a big one andi will let you know how it turns out.
  18. C

    Couples Bbq Show, Not That Great

    So today I had my 1st couples (more like families) BBQ show. I did my best host coaching, and even met with the host and co host before the show to go over everything. We had agreed that I would do the flag trifle inside for the ladies, while my husband would hang out with the guys and they...
  19. lacychef

    Searching for Couples Grilling Show Invite....

    can anyone point me in the right direction? I've been searching but can't find one....could be I'm tired....anyway, if you have one---that would be just super!:)
  20. C

    Couples Cooking Show: Invitation to a Unique Culinary Experience!

    I'm wondering if anyone has an invitation to a Couples Cooking Show that is neither a Grilling Show or a Cook Off? My neighbor (who has never had a home show of ANY kind!) has booked a couples show for July, and she is so excited! She already has a list of 25 couples and her DH will be...
  21. melindag

    How to Plan a Couples Show with a Poker Theme?

    I have a past host (and very good friend) who wants to host a show as a couples show. Since the guys all gather Saturday evening for poker, she wants to do it then, and have a poker theme. Last spring, I held a show for this group and we did an Amazing Race couples competition. It was loads...
  22. J

    Planning a Couples' Dinner Party: Need Recipe Ideas

    Have my first one on the 19th. Expecting about 20 couples to attend. Need recipe ideas. I though of doing a main dish and dessert. Any suggestions?
  23. C

    Need a New Couples Grilling Invitation for June?

    I now have 2 Couples Grilling shows booked for June - I have checked the files section, and there is one on there I could possibly use, but just wondered if someone has different one that they use?
  24. K

    Here's the Challenge - Amazing Race Couples Show!

    This has the potential to be a huge show for me! My hostess wants to do an Amazing Race show for couples. I've heard of this before - where you have the guys on one side and and the girls on the other and your tools in the middle. Each one gets a recipe with a certain number of 'tasks' to...
  25. Christ Follower

    Rockin' the Roles: Couples Study Adventure Begins!

    Not sure if this should be posted under Marriage or Books, but I will keep you all updated on the newest book Hubby and I are starting together (for a couples study). It's called Rockin the Roles and is supposed to be really good. We shall see......
  26. N

    Couples Party Ideas: Clubhouse Chicken Squares & More Fun Games for Men

    I'm doing a couples party tomorrow night, and need some ideas, the hostess has no idea how many people will be there. She asked if we could do the Clubhouse Chicken Squares, and the Hot Pizza Dip. Are there any fun games to get the men involved?
  27. L

    Boost Show Sales: Leveraging Couples Attending for Higher Buys

    A few months ago, I asked for help reeling in a potential host who was a husband. Thanks to your help, he did book a show, and now it's this weekend. He has 10 people attending, but that includes 4 couples and 2 other people - so really only 6 households represented. I've encouraged him to...
  28. G

    Couples Cooking Show Ideas: Get the Guys Involved!

    I have a host that has decided she wants to have a couples show. She asked me for manly recipes to look at for the demo. I guess I don't normally classify our recipes as manly or girly :) My husband said, "NO braids...those just aren't manly". :rolleyes: It's been forever since I did a...
  29. K

    How Can I Successfully Host a Couples Show with 20 People?

    I am doing a couples show tonigt; I am going to do a Battle of the Sexes type thing and have the men and women race to make a recipe - the women are making dessert; the men are making the main dish - I just talked to the hostess and she said there are going to be 20 people there! Now I am a...
  30. laylaleigh

    Football-Themed Couples Show: Ribs vs. Chili

    I am doing a football themed couples show tomorrow. The men are going to decorate a football cake from the batter bowl. The women are going to help cook the main meal. I am torn between the new ribs recipe or the quick turkey chili. I haven't made either before. My host doesn't care which...