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  1. C

    HUGE couples party

    Okay - today was very promising for me, yet a little overwhelming as a new consultant. I got some great news about a Family Fair (I posted in a different thread) and then talked to the host of a couples show I have booked in two weeks... The host of this show is now telling me she is up to...
  2. P

    Couples Show

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a couples show?,and if so, do you any flyer ideas? I don't want to do a cook on the grill. All suggestions/ideas greatly appreciated!!
  3. S

    Need ideas for a COUPLES show

    I'm only on my 4th show as a PC consultant and this will definately be my biggest one! This couples show need to be fun and get everyone involved. Do you have any ideas for cooking challenge that pits guys against gals, or any other ideas that have a successful track record. I need a HUGE show...
  4. P

    Letter for Engaged Couples

    Does anyone have an example of a cold-contact letter for sending to engaged couples listed in the newspaper whom you have never met before? Thanks Paula in TN
  5. P

    Couples Cookoff info and invitation

    Attached is a copy of an invitation for a couples theme show as well as some couples ideas. The couples shows I have done are Couples Cookoff show. The men make one recipe while the women make another recipe. If there are kids there, they just the winner. I judge for appearance and...
  6. T

    Recipes needed for couples party this Feb

    I am looking for recipes for a couples party this Feb. I'm thinking of setting up 2 stations, one for guys and one for gals or maybe do as couples to make 2 recipes. There was an apple recipe we used to use the skillet for...anyone remember that one? I think I'm older than most of you...
  7. DebPC

    Couples Shows

    Here is a compilation of e-mails I've received on doing Couples Shows from my files. I usually do the "Tool Time" segment right at the beginning of the show. While everyone is being seated, I pass around the Batter Bowl filled with some of the more "obscure tools" that are difficult to tell...