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Creative Couples Show Ideas for a Fun and Engaging Cooking Experience

In summary, a Couple's Cooking Show would be a good option for marketing to those in their 40s and 50's who have kids and are still working. The show could feature grill out themes and include activities for the men.
Liquid Sky
I have a Couple's Cooking Show next week. I have never done one before. The host went to one in CO a year or so ago where they did the Amazing Race style show. She wants to do something like that for her show...rather than the traditional cooking show. She just really wants the men to participate and engage and is wondering if a competition type thing would be a good idea.

So, what other great ideas are there for shows with Couples? The guests will primarily be in their 40's and 50's so I am also trying to plan on how I will market to that age group (I am so used to marketing to those who have kids and work and need time-saving meal ideas).

What works well for a Couple's Show?
How about a grilling out theme? We have the great BBQ products, and the cookbook. And then I have no idea about the games and such. But men do like to grill!!! I have a hard time selling BBQ products to women, but all my uncles, and husband's friends have loved teh BBQ items!!
oh and you could have the men do the grilling at the party! get them involved that way too!!
I've done "cook offs"...where it's the men vs. the women!!! Always give the men the more involved recipe...have thing set up that they have to steal some tools...within the "recipe steps" have them recite the Guest Special, upcoming specials, product commercials....LOTS OF FUN!!!
I also like to do "poker for a prize"- men especially love it! For one question pertaining to the Business, you hand out 2 cards to the guest that asked the question. When everyone has 2 cards, you lay down 5 cards (the "river")- and say "did you know..." for every card you lay down. Those are the community cards- guests use those 5 cards, plus the 2 in their hands- and whoever has the best poker hand wins a prize! (Not gambling, since it's for a prize)
I'd say this time of year the grilling would be good, and there are lots of threads about the amazing race type shows. But also remember that some of us 40 somethings do have kids and are still working and still need time saving meals! As a matter of fact, I'll still be in that boat when I'm in my 50's... and so will a lot of people, so don't just assume that these people aren't going to be interested in your normal theme, just jazz it up a bit and do your race, but keep the whole saving time and money theme going, by all means!
ChefPaulaB said:
But also remember that some of us 40 somethings do have kids and are still working and still need time saving meals!

Yeah Caressa :p My kids will only be 14 - and perhaps close to our busiest time (lots of activities no driving yet) when I turn 40. :p

And if they are like my husband's poor parents, they are in their late 50s but still have my kiddos running around and eating them out of house and home LOL
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Well, I did not mean to say that 40 year old people do not have kids running around. I really should have said the typical age group of this show will be those in their mid to late 50's. Yes, I know those in their 50's can still have younger kids around (my husband was the youngest child of 8)...but the majority that I run into at my shows aren't cooking large batches to feed their family a meal on a regular, every day basis.
cindylpal said:
I've done "cook offs"...where it's the men vs. the women!!! Always give the men the more involved recipe...have thing set up that they have to steal some tools...within the "recipe steps" have them recite the Guest Special, upcoming specials, product commercials....LOTS OF FUN!!!

This sounds really fun do you have any more elaborate information on this? I would love to do something like this. My future SIL has moved in with my brother and once she gets the house all together they were going to do a couples show I was selling them on game day show but if it's not gonna work for game time this is another option I could sell to them.
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I am 51 and my husband is 59 and we still have 4 kids at home in college, HS and Jr.High (plus one married and another moved out and in college.) We are busier than ever, plus most people appreciate time saving recipes no matter their age. And my parents go to all of their activites too, so even though they are in their seventies, they need those same tips and recipes for time and money savings.
Even if most of your customers are older, maybe now more than ever they do need those time and money saving recipes because they are eating out less (because of the economy).
Back to your question about games. I have done two variations of couples shows: one where the men made the recipe while the women watched_ I had made one veggie pizza ahead of time and then the men made one. The host had a variety of aprons in her kitchen, so each of the men had to wear one, very funny. The other show the men and women each made the same recipe and then one their kids was home and judged whose looked the best, that too was very funny. At both of those shows we played a game of food related questions about how well you know your spouse and that made for lots of laughs!
Look for some of those games in the files and see if there is something there you can use. I will look for mine in my documents see what I can come up with.
Most of all keep it short and simple and have fun!
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Kitchen Survivor Show - Do 3 ID activities for the couples. See Who Wins the map to buried treasure (Season's Best) and who Gets Voted OFF Kitchen Island!(1) Have baggies with as many white powder food / soap products as you can get - with the rules posted clearly - they can NOT OPEN THE BAG and need to correctly ID as many as possible; try for 10 of these: correct ID is 10 points each; 100 total.
-dish detergent powder (costco has a white one)
-laundry powder (many store brands are plain white)
-baking soda
-baking powder
-cream of tartar
-powdered sugar
-table sugar
-table salt
-Kosher salt
-pancake mix
-white cake mix
-powdered milk
-bread machine mixHave prizes for the more they can ID. Top 2 couples get to vote off one couple.(2) Then, separate guys vs. girls. Guys all go into the garage / rec room and get to figure out a manly puzzle -- go online and find a 'survival puzzle' something about what are the top 3 items you want on a deserted island
-bottle of whiskey
-spool of wire
-box of bandaids
-bag of Jolly Rancher candies etc, etc.It'll take them a while to figure this out, debate, etc. (3) Wives get to setup the following Taste Test and choose what order their husband samples the items in. They do not have to all sample in the same order. Once a hubby starts sampling, they continue until all items are sampled. Blindfolds are removed only AFTER all sampling. Hubbies stay with wives as each new guy is brought in to sample.Once the ladies setup are for their station - where they feed / present their blindfolded guy with 10 of the following products for him to ID by smell / texture / taste, bring the first guy in and begin. His wife gives him a wet rag to wipe his hands, and gives him the following to sample - tiny quantities like from a toothpick or soda straw...-mayonnaise
-barbecue sauce
-orange juice
-cocktail sauce (ketchup with lemon juice, horseradish & TINY amount of pickle relish in it)
-basalmic vinegar
-PC pineapple rum sauce or PC ginger wasabi sauce
-corn syrup
-maple syrup
-ranch salad dressing
-french salad dressing
-blue cheese salad dressing
-butter or margarine
-cottage cheese
-sour cream
To set this up, they get a small bowl (prep bowl) with the ingredient in it, and either a toothpick or plastic knife to get a small amount to
1. touch - feel it in their fingertips, then wipe up with a wet towel. Husband says an idea of their answer; wife writes it down.
2. smell - wife holds it near husband's nose (can be either the toothpick or knife, or the entire bowl for liquids). Husband says in answer; wife writes it down.
3. taste - wife puts a small amount on hubbys tongue. New toothpick or knife for each ingredient. Husband says an answer; wife writes it down.Guys are called in from the rec room one at a time. They are blindfolded, then try to guess by each sense, in the order above. They are likely to change their answer on each for each different sense - that's OK. Do not reveal to them if it is correct until after they have tasted it. If they get it by touch only = 15 points.
If by touch then smell = 10 points
If by taste = 5 points
If not all all - 1 pointSame as before - top 2 point couples get to vote off 1 couple.ID test #2 is used for tie breakers - right items = 10 points each; all right items in right order = 50 points.Couple with the most points overall is a 'winner' and gets a free season's best (or maybe you pay their $4.25 shipping). Couples with least points - gets to cleanup the sample challenge. Have fun!

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1. What exactly is a "Couples Show"?

A Couples Show is a type of Pampered Chef party where both partners are invited to attend and participate in the cooking and product demonstrations. It's a fun and interactive way for couples to learn how to cook together and try out new kitchen tools.

2. Can we customize the menu for our Couples Show?

Yes, you can definitely customize the menu for your Couples Show! Our consultants are happy to work with you to create a menu that fits your dietary preferences and cooking skills.

3. How long does a Couples Show typically last?

A Couples Show usually lasts around 2-3 hours, depending on the menu and the number of guests. Our consultants will work with you to create a schedule that fits your needs.

4. Are there any discounts or special offers for hosting a Couples Show?

Yes, as a host of a Couples Show, you can earn free and discounted products based on the total sales from your party. Our consultants can also offer exclusive deals and promotions for your guests.

5. Can we invite more than just couples to our show?

Of course! While the focus of a Couples Show is on cooking together as a couple, you are welcome to invite friends and family members to join in on the fun. The more the merrier!

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