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What is desserts: Definition and 50 Discussions

  1. mattventura

    Urgent Starting a Shave Ice Business: Where Do I Begin?

    Hi everyone, I am new to the site and I am looking to start my own shave ice business with my niece this summer. I have no idea where to start. Can someone help me out? I need to buy a bunch of stuff but I don't want to dump a lot of money into this. Anyone know a good place to start?
  2. O

    No Festive Desserts in December Newsletter?! UGH!

    Hi Did anyone notice that there are Thanksgiving recipes in the December newsletter? the same that were in November? I sent an email. What a bummer - I would have thought there would be more festive desserts, cookies, the cookie press...something other than turkey & stuffing? UGH!!:confused:
  3. Dina Atnip

    Need Cookbook: Delightful Desserts - Anyone Selling?

    I have a new consultant that would like to have the cookbook Delightful Desserts does anyone have a couple they would like to get rid off? Thanks in advance.
  4. A

    New York Style Cheesecake From Delightful Desserts

    Does anyone have this recipe? I cannot find mine. Thanks in advance, Amy
  5. Tropicalburstqt2

    My Dream Wedding: Finding the Perfect Desserts!

    August 7th, I'm having my formal wedding ceremony & reception. My DH & I decided to elope in October 2009 for many reasons, but didn't want to deny our parents the privledge of seeing us walk down the aisle. We are catering the whole reception ourselves :eek: & have 175 people that have...
  6. P

    Delicious Martini Glass Dessert Recipes for HWC Customers

    I have a customer looking for various dessert recipes to use in her HWC Martini Glasses. Any suggestions?
  7. S

    Diabetic-Friendly Desserts for 10 Guests

    I have a host who just found out today that she is diabetic. She changed her main from the deep dish cheeseburger pizza to the asian chicken salad. But I had told her that I would do a dessert for 10 guests RSVPing. I was going to do the 12 minute chocolate cake, now in the fluted stoneware pan...
  8. P

    Pink Party Ideas: Appetizers, Desserts & Drinks

    In the wake of our "pink" inspired month, I was wondering if anyone had some good ideas for any pink appetizers, desserts or drinks. My friend is having a pink party for her daughter and I volunteered to make something. I was hoping I could do something cute, tasty and pink. Any suggestions?
  9. P

    Pink Party Ideas: Appetizers, Desserts & Drinks

    In the wake of our "pink" inspired month, I was wondering if anyone had some good ideas for any pink appetizers, desserts or drinks. My friend is having a pink party for her daughter and I volunteered to make something. I was hoping I could do something cute, tasty and pink. Any suggestions?
  10. C

    Delicious Desserts in the Microwave: Using a Prep Bowl

    Any recommendations on a different bowl I could use in the micro instead of the SA? Would a prep bowl work and then dump it onto a dessert plate and add frosting? Thanks I've never made these before but have heard people rave about them.
  11. D

    Making Peach Cobbler with a Cricut - Microwave Option?

    I'm having a Cricut event tomorrow night (scrapbooking thing) and I was going to make the TS Peach Cobbler...does anyone know if I could do it in the DCB in the microwave? Thanks!
  12. iteachurkid

    Delicious Desserts for the Deep Covered Baker!

    Anyone have a good dessert for the Deep Covered Baker for a show? I have a lady who wants to do a dessert show, but I still want to use the DCB b/c I just love it :love:.
  13. PamperedSD

    Valentine's Day Desserts for Work

    I'm off to a very slow start this year. I only had one show and a yes with no date. The one rescheduled (no date yet) and the other hasn't returned my calls yet so no date and I have a blank calendar right now. I'm thinking about hosting my own mini show at work. No demo but bring in 2...
  14. wadesgirl

    Tips for Storing Homemade Desserts for the Holidays

    I'm making several small serving desserts for our Christmas' on Friday and Saturday. I want to start making them today through Wednesday. I've never done this before and have never been good on how to store things to make them last that long. Any suggestions on the following desserts of when...
  15. dannyzmom

    Urgent Red Velvet CuPampered Chefakes From Delighful Desserts?

    Anyone have the recipe typed up?
  16. L

    Help Lisa Make Delicious Desserts with Her New Ingredients!

    Hi all, I've got a friend who's bought these and wants to make some AWESOME cookies or desserts for her friends and family.........any suggestions?? I haven't used these for cookies in a long time and can't even remember what I did. Thanks, Lisa
  17. D

    Delicious Diabetic Desserts: Recipes and Tips for a Healthy Sweet Tooth

    Hello- Does anyone have any diabetic desserts that they've done at a show, or modified an existing PC recipe for diabetics? Thanks!
  18. P

    Delicious Soups & Stews and Apple Desserts: What's Your Favorite?

    I'm doing a cooking class this weekend, featuring soups/stews and apple desserts. What are some of your favorites? I've only made a few of them from our cookbooks, so wanted to hear what you all enjoy. Oh, and I probably won't be cooking in the microwave, as the ladies that have signed up for...
  19. A

    Iso Delightful Desserts Cookbook

    Hello All, I am in search of the Delightful Desserts cookbook. If you have one that you would like to sell let me know. Thanks. Shane
  20. DessertDivaFL

    Looking for the Old Desserts Only Cookbook?

    Does anyone have the old Desserts only Cookbook. PM me. Thanks.
  21. G

    Delicious Coffee House Cookie Recipe | Just Desserts Cookbook

    Can someone please give me the recipe for the Coffee House Cookies. I cant find my book anywhere and I am suppose to make them for something tomorrow :cry:
  22. cmdtrgd

    Director Host Coaching to Bring More People: $2 Meals & Desserts for 40+!

    I have been host coaching my patootie off in order to get more people there "If people say they don't have any money, tell them to come anyway because they desperately need a night out. And, I might be able to help them - even if it is to teach them how to make a fast meal for their family...
  23. candiejayne

    Couples Party: Grilling & Desserts - BF Co-Consulting?

    I have booked a couples party, they want my BF to co-consult with me. They want to get the guys out on the grill and the women in the house working on a side dish and dessert. This will be a full blown meal, but I don't mind since they are picking up all of the ingredients. I just have a few...
  24. princessmeshelle

    Desserts Made Easy with Egg Slicer Plus!

    ok, it may not be new, but it has been sitting in my drawer yelling at me "USE ME! USE ME!" every time i saw it.... so, i'm practiving my my demos fo next weekend, one of which is the Choc. Velvet Cake With Strawberries. i get to the strawberries, and i mention to my imaginary audience that we...
  25. leftymac

    Delightful Desserts and Stoneware Inspirations Cookbook

    Now that I have some PC bucks to spend, I'm considering completing my cookbook collection, and wanted to know what everyone thinks of the Delightful Desserts and Stoneware Inspirations cookbooks? Are both worth getting? I've seen the Stoneware Inspirations one but don't remember which recipes in...
  26. kam

    New Game Day & Dec Desserts Are Posted

    The new Recipes for Game Day and Decadent Desserts themes are now posted under their themes on CC!!
  27. Kathy's_Kitchen

    Texas Sheet Cake From Delightful Desserts Cookbook

    HELP!! Does anyone have the recipe they can post real quick? I do not have this cookbook yet and am wanting to make this for a funeral meal at my church tomorrow. TIA!
  28. L

    Urgent Festive Desserts Cookbook - Mint Ice Cream Dessert

    Hi all, I've been asked to make the Mint Ice Cream dessert/pie or whatever it's called in the Festive Desserts Cookbook, but I loaned out my cookbook to a friend and she's away until the weekend. I know it's got the "fake" Girl Scout Thin Mints with something as crust and then again on sides...
  29. gailz2

    Help - What Holiday Desserts Are You Making

    One of my hosts wants a Holiday Dessert at her party vs. a typical one. What suggestions do you have, and do you have pix and recipes to share?:D
  30. ChefJoyJ

    Quick & Elegant Appetizers & Desserts for a Busy Holiday Season!

    I booked a Nov. show tonight by using the phrase "during the busy holiday season, everyone is looking for simple, easy, and yet elegant appetizers and desserts." My host was sold! Of course, she was wondering if it would be possible to do both. She's a great customer and host, so I'd love to...