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What is favorite: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. KindaichiShota

    What Is Your Ultimate Car Preference?

    Hello everyone,Which car do you like most and what car do you have now? Share with us so that all of us can know.
  2. Admin Greg

    What Is Your All Time Favorite Pampered Chef Recipe?

    MICROWAVE PEANUT BUTTER CARAMEL BROWNIES https://www.pamperedchef.com/recipe/Desserts/Under+30+minutes/Microwave+Peanut+Butter+Caramel+Brownies/790247So good and so easy to make!What is yours?
  3. kam

    What Are Your Favorite Cold Weather Meals?

    With it being extremely cold this weekend for part of the country, I thought I'd ask - what are your favorite things to make for dinner on cold winter days?We are making French Onion Soup today and Pork Roast tomorrow. I am also making a warm apple dessert in the crockpot for later tonight.We...
  4. K

    Delicious Recipes for the Round Covered Baker | Share Your Favorite RCB Dish

    What is your favorite recipe to make in the Round Covered Baker? I have a customer who has asked me for some recipes for her RCB. I've selected several, and I've told her that she can use any DCB recipe, just to cut the ingredients in half. As fellow consultants, I would like to know what is...
  5. DebPC

    Please Share Your Favorite Features/Areas of Chef Success.

    Mine is the new Image Gallery and the files. Those areas save me so much work!
  6. byrd1956

    What Is Your Favorite Recipe Book?

    And what about that book makes it your favorite?
  7. B

    Share Your Favorite Show Recipe: What's Your Pick?

    Just want to get feedback & thoughts from others. What has been your most favorite show recipe and why?
  8. DebPC

    Director Favorite Training at Team Meetings?

    What do you think is your most successful type of training at your team meetings?
  9. DebPC

    Top Merrill Products: Share Your Favorites!

    Please share your favorites...
  10. babywings76

    Voting for Favorite Items - Have You Made Your Choice Yet?

    I can't decide what to vote for. What are you guys choosing? I need to double check the email to remind myself when I have to do it by. I think it's soon, right? Hopefully I'm not too late. :D
  11. DebPC

    What Are a Couple of Your Favorite Current Tv Shows?

    I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance! I love House Hunters on HGTV- even though it's kind of fake. I also like Good Wife.
  12. Intrepid_Chef

    Easy & Inexpensive Fruit Dip Ideas for Any Fruit

    Can anybody sugest an easy, inexpensive fruit dip that goes well with any kind of fruit? Last time I did a show I remember something involving marshmallow fluff. Or cool whip. Or yogurt. We need something that goes with all kinds of fruit, so it probably shouldn't be lemon or strawberry...
  13. O

    Favorite Pampered Chef Round Brie Recipe?

    I'm doing the five appetizers show (document found her in files), and am wondering about the brie recipe with dried cranberries. I love cranberries but the idea of dried doesn't appeal to me with the brie. What is your FAVORITE PC brie recipe? THANKS!!
  14. DebPC

    Director Discover the Latest and Greatest: Top New Products Reviewed

    Now that we've had ahwile to use and show the new stuff- what's your favorite new product now? Has it changed? What do your audiences seem most excited about?
  15. DebPC

    New Products on the Market: What's Exciting You?

    Just from what you know- what new product are you most excited about and why? Any runaway best sellers???
  16. kcjodih

    What's the Best Guacamole Recipe?

    Anyone have one they'd be willing to share?
  17. M

    What is the perfect dessert recipe to impress guests at a PC show?

    I am hosting my own PC show at my 2nd home, which is about 100 miles from here (it's complicated) I have invited about a dozen of my favorite people whom I don't see very often, that have never been to one of my PC shows. I am only a few months being a consultant. What is your favorite dessert...
  18. ChefPeg

    What Is Your Favorite Pantry Item?

    I haven't ordered any pantry items for myself or for shows mostly because of storage space, plus I already have so many herbs and spices, many of which rarely get used. So, what's your favorite rub, sauce, dessert sauce, BBQ sauce, seasoning mix, oil, vinegar, and/or oil dipping seasoning...
  19. S

    Top Pink Pampered Chef Recipes for a Fun and Delicious 20s Party | Sandi's Tips

    I'm doing a pink party in a couple weeks and have been looking at recipes all night. Do you have a favorite pink Pampered Chef recipe thats a good demo? This is going to be for a young crowd (20s) and its looking like a Saturday 5:00ish party. Looking for something they will love. Thanks...
  20. A

    Delicious Family Recipes to Try and Share | My Favorite Go-To Dishes

    What is your favorite recipe to make for your family? My youngest has been very sick since January so I have not been able to cook a lot lately. It's going to be a long road ahead of us to get him better but I still need to feed my family. So, what are some of your favorite go-to recipes for...
  21. babywings76

    Favorite Kid-Friendly Muffin Recipes?

    I have to make muffins for my DD's preschool class on Thursday. Any ideas out there? I have a great banana bread recipe I do as muffins, so I can fall back on that idea if needed, but just thought I'd see if you guys have any favorite recipes out there.
  22. B

    Discovering the Least Favorite Products from SL's New SA Line

    Ok, I'm seeing what the favorite products are from SL. What are your LEAST favorite? I can tell that the new SA line will be part of this discussion... I have to admit that I was so excited about that herb infuser until I put my hands on it (one of the few items I was allowed to touch...
  23. lt1jane

    My Favorite Kitchen Tip Websites

    For those of you who have friended my fan page, You know I post a lot of tips. I AM NOT coming up with most of this on my own. I have searched the internet for good resources to find daily bits. Here are my favorite sites: http://www.kitchenhintsandtips.com/ SAVEUR.com - Authentic Recipes...
  24. vhadley

    Favorite Piece of Stoneware on Sale This Month?

    What is your favorite piece of Stoneware? What would you recommend? I personally just love the large bar pan and the large round stone with handles!
  25. DebPC

    Director Discover Your New Favorite Pantry Item | Perfect for Open House Giveaways

    What is your favorite? I want to get a couple to give away at my big Open House the end of the month.
  26. kcjodih

    What's Your Favorite Appetizer?

    We're having the big Thanksgiving dinner this year..tomorrow and I'm hosting. I have everything I need for the meal and desserts but I'm stumped on appetizers. The last function we had I did a torta so I want to stay away from that. I've already chosen a dip so I just need something else...
  27. babywings76

    Favorite Brunch & Appetizer Recipes?

    My best friend called me yesterday and mentioned that she has 2 functions coming up that she's invited to and she's supposed to bring something. One she needs an appetizer for, the other she needs to bring a brunch recipe. What are your favorites?
  28. esavvymom

    Tasting Show: Favorite Rubs/Seasonings for Dips?

    I'm terrible at knowing which would be good to try. I have a Pantry Tasting show on Saturday. I'm trying to decide which rubs/seasonings to use to make the Dips. This is 1/4 cup sour cream and 1/4 cup mayo with 1 tsp of a Seasoning Mix. Then another 1/2 cup of the sour cream/mayo mix...