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What is appetizer: Definition and 140 Discussions

  1. gsptn

    Appetizer Plates & Caddy Set #3113 – Shop Now!

    Looking for Appetizer Plates and Caddy Set #3113.
  2. gsptn

    Why Are Appetizer Plates and Caddy Sets Causing Customer Dissatisfaction?

    Looking for Appetizer Plates and Caddy Set. Not sure if customer gave me wrong number or I put in wrong number but she is unhappy with me.
  3. C

    forSale: the Pampered Chef Set of 4 Holiday Appetizer Plates

    I have 2 sets of these, used a couple times. I am asking $15 for each set plus shipping.
  4. Admin Greg

    Bamboo Appetizer Platter: A Comprehensive Discussion

    Please discuss the Bamboo Appetizer Platter. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  5. DebPC

    Brie in the Cocotte: A Delicious Appetizer

    Had some friends over Wed. night and used my Cocotte for the first time. I got some lite Brie (first time using this) and put it in the Cocotte, poured some Rasp Hab over it and put it in the oven for a bit. You couldn't tell at all that it was lite Brie but it was hard to cut it up and get it...
  6. iteachurkid

    Iso Set of 4 Holiday Appetizer Plates

    I have a friend who is looking for a set of 4 of the appetizer plates that are square that have a Christmas Tree on them. If you have a set that you are willing to sell, let me know how much and what the shipping would be to 23116. Thanks!
  7. K

    Urgent Easy Appetizer Ideas for Your Weekend Show | New Consultant Tips

    I have a show this weekend and need some appetizer suggestions. I am a new consultant and have the kit as well as a few other items (DCB). I suggested the bacon artichoke squares but she doesn't like artichokes. Anyone have a file that I could send her to let her pick from?
  8. DebPC

    Director Upgrade Your Appetizer Game with Thinner Plates - Discover the Caddy Advantage!

    I only have the older ones and the caddy.In the caddy using the older ones you could fit 16. With the new plates being thinner can you fit more?
  9. thepartylady

    What sexy appetizers will spice up my adult party?

    Doing a show for a friend, but it is a combo show with an Adult party. Looking for suggestions for some "sexy" appetizers. HELP!!!!!!!
  10. T

    What are Some Easy-to-Make Caribbean Themed Appetizers for a Cooking Show?

    Hello. A host wants to do an appetizer show, but she wants to use tools and use the least amount of cooking as possible (partly due to heat, partly just to think outside the box). What appetizers do you recommend. I need about 5-6 options please and if possible can they be carribean themed or...
  11. M

    Appetizer Recipes for Happy Hour Show

    Anyone have any ideas for a quick, easy yet impressive appetizer to make at a show?
  12. K

    Vegan Appetizer Ideas for a Grilling Show: Delicious and Vegetarian-Friendly"

    I'm doing a grilling show next weekend -- the hostess is a vegetarian, and one of the guests is a vegan. The hostess is very conscious about wanting to make sure that the vegan guest can eat most of the food that we make. We're going to do a vegan pizza, but I'm looking for a yummy appetizer...
  13. A

    Need Gluten-Free Appetizer Ideas? Try These Tips from The Pampered Chef!

    That's what my host is asking for. Any suggestions before I start combing through my cookbooks? Thanks! Amanda
  14. J

    Appetizer Idea for Picky (Eater) Host

    I have a show this Sunday and am having a hard time finding an appetizer recipe for the host other than the Chicago Hot Dog Bites. This is the information she sent me: I dont like white sauces, except I will dip my veggies in ranch sometimes. No whip cream, sour cream, def no mayo. I...
  15. thehaleykitchen

    Show-Stopping Appetizer Recipes: Impress Your Guests!

    Anyone have a good appetizer recipe to show off at shows? Have a host requesting more of an appetizer recipe! Thanks, Karen
  16. J

    Looking for Snowmen Appetizer Plates in New or Like-New Condition?

    Does anyone have any of the Snowmen Appetizer plates - either round or square - new in the box? I thought we were selling them through February, but P3 says the round ones are no longer available. I had someone contact me yesterday ready to order 3 sets!
  17. P

    Need Ideas for Wine and Appetizer Pairings?

    I have a host who wants to have a wine pairing with different types of appetizers. Anyone have any ideas?? All suggestions would be appreciated! :)
  18. babywings76

    Appetizer Plate Doesn't Fit Caddy

    So I got the appetizer plates w/ the caddy last month. One of the plates was just slightly too big and wouldn't fit in it. I called CS and they sent me a new plate (just one and they didn't make me send back anything). But this new plate just arrived and it is also just slightly too big. Is...
  19. finley1991

    Director Non-Spicy Appetizer Recipes for Friday Show

    HELP! I am a bit under the weather and am not thinking clearly... I need some recipe suggestions... I need to do 2 appetizers for my show Friday... THEY CANNOT BE SPICY AT ALL... Last time I demoed for this group some of our spices/dips/etc and they thought EVERYTHING was way too spicy...
  20. R

    Festive Appetizer Ideas for a Christmas-Themed Show

    I have an upcoming show where the host would like a "christmas" recipe demoed since she will have her home decorated for the holidays. I'm ok with her request. Any suggestions for a recipe, probably an appetizer over a dessert (I've already made the antipasti pull aparts and the brie for her at...
  21. C

    Newbie Seeking Creative Appetizer Recipes Using Starter Kit Items

    I Just started less than a month ago, and i have a show next Friday, Was wondering if anyone had any recipes that can use the Starter Kit items, i have a few other products, but the lady i'm doing the show for already went to one show, i don't want to use the recipes from the starter kit...
  22. K

    Easy Make-Ahead Appetizer for Block Party | Neighborhood Event Ideas

    A neighborhood customer advised me that her street is having a block party tomorrow (around 40 people). While I am not invited to attend (owners on that street only), I wanted to drop off an appetizer or dessert and some mini catalogs, business cards and gift brochures in the hopes people might...
  23. P

    Appetizer in the Dcb or Grill Pan

    I always do appetizers in november, and I want to continue that tradition, but I really want to use the Grill Pan and / or the DCB. I looked through the DCB recipe files and haven't found anything...any ideas? I really want an appetizer, not a dessert. TIA!
  24. kcjodih

    What's Your Favorite Appetizer?

    We're having the big Thanksgiving dinner this year..tomorrow and I'm hosting. I have everything I need for the meal and desserts but I'm stumped on appetizers. The last function we had I did a torta so I want to stay away from that. I've already chosen a dip so I just need something else...
  25. babywings76

    Favorite Brunch & Appetizer Recipes?

    My best friend called me yesterday and mentioned that she has 2 functions coming up that she's invited to and she's supposed to bring something. One she needs an appetizer for, the other she needs to bring a brunch recipe. What are your favorites?
  26. P

    Frugal Appetizer Ideas for a Night Out

    I'm going out tonight and have extremely limited funds, but I promised I'd bring an appetizer. I was thinking of Bacon Cheddar Bites but it needs to be cold. Any ideas? Mango and Pineapple salsa are my first choices, but they're too expensive for me right now. I was thinking cream cheese and...
  27. P

    Director Looking for Appetizer Recipe to Feed a Lot/Hearty

    drawing a blank here guys... a hostess thinks I am the caterer..:grumpy::grumpy:.. so want an app recipe that looks like a lot and it hearty
  28. O

    Favorite Easter Appetizer Recipe?

    I'm trying to think of a pretty Easter appetizer....perhaps the asparagus wrapped in phyllo? What's your favorite unique appetizer for Easter or spring?
  29. M

    Which Crust is Best for Bite-Sized Chicken Pot Pie Appetizers?

    I am invited to an St Patrick's Day celebration with my husband's gigantic family. We are having stew, corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, and desserts. Since those were all already "taken" when I came on the scene, I offered to make an appetizer... I just didn't tell them which one, lol. I...
  30. P

    What are some easy and delicious St Patrick's Day appetizer ideas?

    I have a show on Sunday and am looking for a good and easy appetizer recipe to make. It's going to be a St Patrick's Day theme so if there's anything that would go with that, that'd be great. Doesn't need to though. I would really appreciate any ideas! Thanks in advance!