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    Help Need Booking Suggestions

    I am a new consultant and had 6 initial bookings, of the 6 I am now down to 3. I have 2 next weekend and 1 said that she has 2 people that are interested in booking a show. I am new to the area so I do not know alot of people. I have put several flyers out and the mini catalogs all over the...
  2. M

    Suggestions for a Show for the Blind

    I am doing a show for a group of ladies who are all blind. The host doesn't want to do a recipe since nobody can see what I am doing but I am bringing all the products I have. I plan on making a small appetizer, not sure what yet but something that will travel well as she lives an hour away...
  3. S

    Need Recipe Suggestions

    Hi everyone! I have a show scheduled in September which is set up as an after-work appetizer/wine & cheese type get-together for the employees(only) of my host's mother's interior design business. The host wants something elegant. She is not sure if she want entree-type or dessert-type or...
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    Looking for Suggestions for Bookings

    I am very seriously looking into signing on with PC. I have 5 of the required 6 bookings to sign but, having a hard time getting the 6th booking. I am new to the area and also just found out that there is someone at my new job that is also selling PC. Any suggestions on getting extra bookings...
  5. K

    Bridal Fair This Sunday...need Suggestions Please

    I found out this morning that I have the opportunity to participate in a local bridal fair this Sunday. I'm really excited, but very nervous because I just got my Starter Kit last week! I really need some suggestions. First of all, any suggestions on my display? I will have an 8' draped...
  6. C

    New Product Suggestions!

    What products would you like to see The Pampered Chef come out with? What changes in products would you like to see made? What products would you like to see back in the catalog? Just thought this would be fun to share!!! :)
  7. P

    New Suggestions

    The party that I am having on the 28th, is for my mommy and me monthly mom's night out The host and I thought a good theme would be something centered around having kids in the kitchen (there will be NO kids at the party) I have the Pampered Chef Let's Eat cookbook that I can showcase. What...
  8. M

    Any Suggestions for Fathers Day?

    I am looking to get some more bookings or sales for June...does anyone have a flyer or something that they use to promote the bbq products for dads? Does anyone know when the deadline is to order for Fathers Day? Thanks! Michele Lashuk