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What is sugar: Definition and 35 Discussions

  1. C

    Sugar Cookie Recipe - Experiences and Suggestions

    Hello all, Has anyone tried sugar cookie?? I saw a recipe online and was thinking to prepare it. I would to hear you experiences with baking cookies. This is the recipe which I saw http://www.heritagehomedesign.ca/blog/sugar-cookie-recipe-holidays/. Has anyone tried it before?? I would like to...
  2. Sk8Mom209

    Can homemade cranberry chutney be substituted in Brown Sugar Dijon Baked Brie?

    I'm thinking of make this recipe substituting homemade cranberry chutney. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on if this will work.
  3. wadesgirl

    Delicious Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe | Easy and Traditional

    My sister isn't home to give me her recipe but I'm looking for a good cut out sugar cookie recipe - usually the ones "your grandma use to make" are the best. Thanks!
  4. wadesgirl

    What is the weight of sugar in grams?

    Totally weird request! I sold my PC scale because I never used it and now I need to know how much sugar weighs in grams :) Googling it gives me everywhere from 190 to 240 grams per cup. Wondering if someone who has a scale at home could measure for me. I'm doing a project for my sister for a...
  5. J

    Need Sugar Free, Sugar Substitute Free Punch Recipe

    I am throwing a baby shower for my sister in law next weekend. She cannot have refined sugar in any form and is trying to avoid fake sugars at all costs. Several others in attendance will have allergies to the fake sugars, so, we really can't go that route. Does anyone have a punch recipe...
  6. esavvymom

    Can Powdered Sugar Icing Be Saved?

    Ok...I'm feeling really dumb here...but I don't bake much anymore, and I've NEVER really decorated Christmas cookies (more than icing the full cookie or some sugar sprinkles before baking). My kids and I were making gingerbread cookies (the "ABC Cookies"- with a missing head, leg, or arm...
  7. J

    Need Sugar Free and Low Carb Recipes

    Does anyone know of any good recipes that are sugar free and low carbs for a main and a dessert for a cooking show?
  8. N

    Iso Gingerbread Person - Brown Sugar Keeper

    It's a gingerbread man that you put in the box of brown sugar to keep it soft. I have a customer looking for one. Thanks!
  9. Bren706

    Sugar and Creamer Containers? and Chillzanne Bowl

    I have a customer (HO lead) looking for something to hold sugar and creamer for their coffee machine. Did Pampered Chef used to carry such a product? The same customer is looking for a Chillzanne bowl. Let me know if you have one NIB.
  10. C

    Can Sugar-Free Jell-O be Substituted in a Banana Cream Trifle Recipe?

    I'm making the Banana Cream Trifle for our cluster meeting today, but my husband brought home the Sugar Free-Fat Free Jell-O instead of the regular kind. It says it's only .9 oz, instead of the 3 that is called for in the recipe, so is it not going to work? Has anyone substituted this kind and...
  11. BettieC

    Those That Use Sugar Alternatives

    I am a splenda girl myself :) but I just brought stevia. It's pretty good, but I still like splenda more. I'm curious what others like.
  12. pckrissy

    White Chocolate & Candy Cane Sugar Cookie Recipe - TIA!

    does anyone know the recipe you use sugar cookie dough on the stone and top with white chocolate and crushed candy canes?? I have never heard of it and have someone trying to make it for tomorrowTIA :)
  13. V

    Fixing a Solid Lump of Sugar: Tips and Tricks for Pantry Storage

    I just bought a 5 lb thing of sugar, not long ago. Its been in my pantry, I went to use it today and it is a giant solid lump. What can I do to make it granular again, and to prevent this from happening in the future? I do use Tupperware Modular Mates, but I was finishing what was left in it...
  14. ChefJWarren

    Homemade vs. Refrigerated Dough: Easier to Work With?

    Which is easier to work with: box/bag made, refrigerated, homemade from scratch?? At my Kids in the Kitchen I'm giving each child a ball of dough to roll out and cut out. They will be doing this on parchment paper and I want to avoid sticking. I want to use refrigerated because its easier for...
  15. crystalscookingnow

    Making Sugar Cookies with Icing Tonight!

    Do you have a special icing that you use for sugar cookies? I'm wanting to make some tonight with icing but don't have any. I was going to make it, but not sure where to start. We're cheating & using the fridge cookie dough, though. :D Something for the teeny tots to do since daddy won't...
  16. P

    Anyone Have No Flour/No Sugar Recipes for Pampered Chef Products?

    My new recruit has friends doing no flour/no sugar diets, and is looking for recipes. Can anyone help? Sorry, she's right now on her way to Las Vegas, so I don't have any details. I thought, though, I had seen a similar thread previously.
  17. Koolotus

    Sugar Cookie Pizza With Pineapple??

    I have no clue! I usually do not do dessert shows. I have no idea what this could be. Recipe Queens! Do you know which PC recipe has pineapple on it and is made with a sugar cookie crust? Thanks!
  18. C

    Mixing Water & Sugar for Hummingbird Feeders: A QSP Story

    I've been using my QSP to mix water with sugar for our many hummingbird feeders. Very easy to do, the sugar dissolves quickly, and the hummers now recognize the pitcher, I swear :)
  19. jrstephens

    I Have My Sugar Test Friday - Please Pray I Pass

    I have my 28 week sugar test Friday morning. Please, pray that I will pass it and not have to go back for the 3 hour one. I failed it with Luke and had to go back for the 3 hour one which thankfully I passed. I would love to not have to do that long one this time though! Thanks in advance!!!
  20. D

    No Sugar No Yeast--Tea Party-Ish Recipes?

    I am doing a bridal shower in March for a bride who is allergic to yeast. On top of that the bride and several who will be in attendance do not eat any sugar. Anyone have ideas? The woman who is hosting it said they can get yeast free bread from a health food store, so I may be able to do tea...
  21. C

    Anyone Have a Good Sugar Free Dessert?

    Does anyone have a good sugar free dessert that you do at a show? Thanks,:balloon:
  22. S

    Sprinkles on Sugar Cookies Help

    I'd love to try this for my Open House - do the sprinkles go on before or after baking the cookies? Has anyone tried just mixing them into the dough?
  23. J.Corley

    What Sugar-Free Dessert Can I Prepare for a Diabetic Guest?

    Help I have a diabetic host and she wants a sugar free dessert and I don't know the first one. I need one that is a decent demo too. HELP!!!
  24. L

    Tortillas With Cinnamon and Sugar???

    Hey, i want to make tortillas with cin/sugar...I seen something on here before about this? How high to I put the oven? Whats the recipe :):confused: :blushing:
  25. R

    Looking for a Fruit Salsa and Sugar Chips Recipe for a Tropical Party?

    I am going to be doing a tropical theme party in the next couple weeks and the host said she has had this fruit salsa thing at a show once with cinnamon/sugar chips. Does anyone know of this recipe?
  26. chefkeri

    off inLeft Field... Brown Sugar Stone?

    Hi all, I was watching Giada on the Food Network the other night and she was talking about this small round terra-cotta stone that you soak and leave in the brwn sugar bag so it doesn't turn into a brwn sugar rock...:eek: anyone seen this? :confused: please email me a link to check... my...
  27. S

    Puffs Recipe with Whipped Topping, Powdered Sugar & Pistachios

    Here are the ingredients that were requested for this recipe: Puffs: 3/4 c. water 1/4 cup butter or margarine 1/4 t. salt 3/4 c. all-purpose flour 3 eggs, lightly beaten Filling and Topping: 1 container (8 oz.) frozen whipped topping, thawed 1/2 c. powdered sugar 1/2 t. Pantry...
  28. C

    Cookie Press Recipes: Beyond Sugar Cookies

    I know you can make the traditional sugar cookies w/ them, but are there other cookie recipes you can use for the cookie press?
  29. kat29

    Where Can I Find the Powdered Sugar Pound Cake Recipe for Silicone Cupcake Pan?

    I need the recipe for Powder sugar Pound Cakes that is on the Use/Care insert that came with they Silicone Cupcake Pan. I can't find mine and I need it before Saturday. If anyone could please post it I sure would appreciate it. Thank you!!!

    Looking for Sugar Free Desserts?

    Help does anyone have any? I have several ladies with Diabetes and want to cater to them. ANYONE??