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  1. Morvin

    Microwave Cake in the Fluted Stone

    I'm looking for some inexpensive recipes and I like the idea of the 321 microwave cake however I only have the mini fluted stone I don't have the regular one can this be done in the oven? if so what temp and how long?? or can the microwave version be done in another stone?? thank you Heather
  2. I

    Small Serving Stone (Came With Start up Kit)

    My stone collection is limited to the pizza stone and the little serving casserole stone that came with the start up kit (I plan to buy more during the Sept sales!). Can you ladies share yummy recipes you've cooked in this cute little server. Thank you! Susan :)
  3. B

    Cracked Stone?

    I have a customer in another state that recieved a cracked stone. I have her receipt on PP. I don't know what to tell her can someone help?
  4. P

    Iso Stone Crock Recipes

    Hello! I'm in search of recipes for the Stone Crock. I have a bunch of customers asking "What else can I make in this..." and am stumped. I'm looking for names of recipes in our books or the entire recipe if you have it. You can email me if you wish, but posting it in here will probably help...
  5. K

    Rectangle Stone Cake?

    Hi Everyone! I had a customer who just bought a rectangle stone from me last month. She called me yesterday and asked if she could bake a cake in it and pop it out like you would in the cake pans? I've never tried it so I didn't know. To be honest, I just recieved my stone and I haven't...
  6. K

    Rec Stone Rack

    Does anyone have the problem of the rectangle stone not sitting flat on the rack? I have a customer and hers is a good inch off the bottom, thought it was the wrong size rack so she ordered another and it also doesn't sit flat. I finally ordered one and mine doesn't sit flat either, however...
  7. D

    Stone for Brown Sugar

    Hey Everybody, I had a show over the weekend, and one of the guests had asked me if we still have the stone that you put in your brown sugar to keep it soft. I told her I did not think so, but I would look into it for her. Does anyone know what she is talking about? Please help. Thanks...
  8. L

    Chicken & Fluted Stone

    Hi Everyone! Well, I've searched and searched on the posts today and apparently am blind! Can anyone tell me real quick at what temperature do you do the "impaled chicken" on the fluted stone? Thanks!
  9. PampMomof3

    Stone Promotion

    I was reading these boards and I am trying to think outside of the box and get my June sales up there. I am in my SS2 and I have gotten both ss pkgs but I REALLY want the bonus stone pkg! I hate to be greedy but I really want to earn the new Fall stuff as well! Why not? So, I posted on my...