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What is stone: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Cynthia Shugart

    Where to Find a Rockcrok Small Grill Stone (#3158)?

    I am in search of a recently dropped item, the RockCrok Small Grill stone (#3158). A customer asked me if I could find her one and I am going above and beyond to try and do so. Shipping to 15644.Thanks in Advance. - Cyn
  2. G

    Buying Discover the Perfect Small Stone Bar Pan for Your Kitchen | PC Baking Stones

    It took years for me to appreciate the value of PC baking stones & I love the products I own! Now that my favorite stone broke, I find they don't even make it anymore! I can't figure out why?? I've read on several social sites how much people love this particular item and cannot believe PC...
  3. Natashya Giardina

    Medium Pizza Stone & Ninja Foodie

    I have a customer who wants to know if our medium Pizza stone will fit in the Ninja Foodie? I guess a 13" pan will fit in it, but my customer as concerned that the handles may impede the 13"... any ideas anyone?thanks - Natashya
  4. Estelene Nichols

    Cooking Eggs with an Egg Cooker Stone: Issues & Solutions

    Hey y'all, I have really loved the egg cooker stone but I found that one side cooked well and the other side didn't cook well. So I sent mine back and got a different one. I am finding it happening again with the 2nd one. Anyone having this issue? I use it almost every day!
  5. DebPC

    Sell Me on the New Rockcrok Grill Stone

    I have the large white round stoneware one. Is the only difference use wise that it can go under the broiler, on the stove top and on the grill? Easy to clean??? Have you been selling them? Thanks!
  6. byrd1956

    Create Perfect Personal-Sized Round Stones with Toaster Pan Adaptation

    Has anyone made a flyer for the Personal Sized Round Stone? I wondered if the Toaster Pan Stone could be adapted?
  7. G

    Looking for a Discontinued Stone Muffin Pan?

    I am looking for the discontinued Stone Muffin Pan. Please email me if you or someone you know has one that is available for sale. Thanks!! [email protected]
  8. straitfan

    Looking for a Delicious Bridal Shower Recipe? Try This Stone Fruit Salad!

    Not feeling very inspired... Have a bridal shower next week and I want a recipe to feature this stone.... Ideas.... 123 GO!
  9. DebPC

    Opinions on the New White Round Stone

    I earned mine. Looks nice and the recipe ideas coming out are good. Will be interesting if people who already own a round one will also buy this. Also if people who don't own a round stone will jump in.
  10. SherryLynn

    Will the New Round Stone be Half Off? Hosting a Show if Not!

    I'm trying to remember from this summer when we got the new small cool and serve. Will the new round stone be offered half off? I didn't earn mine this month? If not, looks like I"m hosting a show! LOL
  11. DebPC

    Breakfast Casserole for Single Serve Stone

    Looks good!
  12. M

    Looking for Wire Rack for Medium Round Stone (13")

    I have a customer asking if I can get her a rack for her 13" stone. Anyone have one they want to part with? If so, let me know how much and what you'd charge to ship it. I'm not positive the customer's address, but the host has a zip code of 55943. You can email me at [email protected]
  13. M

    How do I adjust cooking times with a pizza stone for the perfect crust?

    Hello, I was asked about cooking times with the pizza stone. I have searched some answers on here but am a bit more confused. Should the time/temp be adjusted according to crust? If so, what are the recommendations? Thank you in advance :) Monica
  14. C

    Pizza Crust and Stone Help Needed!

    Hello!! I have a customer who made pizza the other night. He says that the crust and stone became one. What are your tips for pre-made dough that comes in a bag. (Like at Wegmans or Giant Eagle) Thanks!
  15. C

    Where Can I Find Another Small Round Stone Like This One?

    Looking for one more of these stones - it looks like a plate. Thanks for any help.
  16. deanna_g

    Looking for a Large Round Stone Metal Rack

    I have a customer who is looking for one of the metal racks for her old large round stone. If anyone has one they would like to part with, let me know. [email protected]
  17. P

    Is the Fluted Stone Really Worth It? Practical Uses and Recipes Revealed!

    I was just on facebook, someone posted a pix of a chicken baked (like the beercan chicken) in the fluted pan. I have one but it's still in the box. I find it to be a frivelous buy. I won't make meatloaf in it-too weird and I love making mine in the brownie pan and/or the dcb. I also see no...
  18. Dina Atnip

    Help Finding a Flat Stone for Toaster Oven

    I have a customer looking for a small flat stone that will work in her toaster oven she does not want it to have sides Help please. Thanks in advance.
  19. higoobs

    Replacement Fluted Stone: Is It Possible?

    I have a customer that called me up saying her fluted stone is in pieces and if she can get a replacement. Is that possible? I thought I had read somewhere here about sending the pieces in to pc.
  20. higoobs

    Replacement Fluted Stone: Is it Possible?

    I have a customer that called me up saying her fluted stone is in pieces and if she can get a replacement. Is that possible? I thought I had read somewhere here about sending the pieces in to pc.
  21. C

    forSale Large Round Stone Woven Selection

    I am asking $20 for this plus shipping.
  22. C

    Frustrated with Round Stone? Hear About Our Experience!

    So my last show in February (during the stoneware month) I had 3 guests and my host buy the Large Round Stone, my hosts stone came damaged, one of my guests stone came damaged, and now one guest that received an OK stone, it broke after she made biscuits on it. I did all my product adjustments...
  23. KayPT

    Pizza Stone With Handles, When Did It Come Out?

    I have a client who is not sure if her stone is under warranty. Do any of you remember when the large pizza stone with handles came out? Thanks!
  24. babywings76

    Looking for 6 Mini-Bundt Stone for a Friend

    I have a friend who just FB messaged me that her 6 mini-bundt stone cracked after 5 years. She uses it to make Ham loaf and misses having it. Does anyone have one for sale? I'm not familiar with this stone, would a muffin stone work okay in it's place?
  25. P

    Seasoning a Muffin Stone: Tips for Better Results and Non-Stick Cooking

    How do you season a muffin stone? I dont like the look of new stoneware. Its too pale and feels weird. Any tips? Also, whats best for making sure things don't stick to it until you get it seasoned?
  26. P

    What to Make on Lg. Round Stone Other Than Pizza

    I had a guest last night ask this question, and I realized I've been asked it often. My answer was, "biscuits, brownies, cookies, fries" BUT I'm wondering if you all could help me expand on this answer. I know there's tons more but this is all that came to mind. Thankx!
  27. byrd1956

    Can baking soda paste and a brush remove mold from stone?

    My suggestions after seeing this was baking soda paste & scrub. She told me her mom got her some other brand stoneware for a small meatloaf and it can go in the dishwasher. She stored the 2 small pieces on top of her stone and found the black about 3 weeks later. It is powder-like when...
  28. DessertDivaFL

    Iso Metal Rack for Lg Round Stone

    At the farmer's market this morning a lady approached me and said her friend gave her a brand new, never out of the box, large round stone but had missplaced the metal rack. She said the scraper was white. Does that tell you how old that stone is or what! :o I need to find her the large...
  29. AJPratt

    Upset Over Moldy Stone from Neighbor

    So... I did a show for my next-door neighbor (her town home and my town home are connected). I left a few items at her house because I was trying to get home quickly. She brought everything back Friday afternoon (or so I thought). Today, I go out on my back patio and I see my large round...
  30. P

    Sticky Situation: Help Needed for Pam-Covered Pizza Stone!

    I have a guest who just emailed me the following: "I hope you have an answer to my predicament. I sprayed Pam on my pizza stone and it is a sticky mess--won't scrape off. Can you recommend a remedy to the sticky stuff?" Anyone have a solution that I can recommend to her? Thanks in...