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What is friend: Definition and 193 Discussions

  1. C

    What are some ideas for organizing a fundraiser for a sick friend?

    HI! I am looking to do a fundraiser for a sick friend in need. I have done fundraisers in the past, but they have always been for an organization and I don't know if I can do a fundrasier for a single person. Can anyone help me with ideas on I can do this? Thanks!
  2. nikked

    How Can We Support Tess Through Prayer as She Battles Cancer?

    Hello, there, all you Prayer Warriors. I have an urgent and on-going prayer request for you. One of my nearest and dearests, and the one our 11 year old daughter is named after, has just been diagnosed with cancer. Her name is Tess (Theresa). She is 45 years old. A little back story (‘cuz...
  3. B

    Can You Help Lift a Devastated Family in Prayer?

    All, I'm requesting all prayer warriors to lift a family in prayer. One of my dear friends received devastating news that her sister's home in Wilson, NY exploded Tuesday due to a gas leak. The parents, Judy and Jody Johnson are hospitalized as well as two of their five children...
  4. ChefPeg

    Help My Friend Cycle to Raise Money for the Arthritis Foundation!

    A friend of mine is participating in the 2012 California Coast Classic Bicycle Tour to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. She needs to raise $3000 by mid-August. I suggested to her that I do a PC fundraiser cooking show for her and she's excited at the thought. My question is, will...
  5. S

    Bringing a Friend to the Fall Launch: Get Your Questions Answered Here!

    IDK if I'm in the right place....but are we able to bring a friend to the fall launch. She is considering joining pampered chef but still isn't sure? Any way please let me know thanks!!!!!!!
  6. babywings76

    Looking for 6 Mini-Bundt Stone for a Friend

    I have a friend who just FB messaged me that her 6 mini-bundt stone cracked after 5 years. She uses it to make Ham loaf and misses having it. Does anyone have one for sale? I'm not familiar with this stone, would a muffin stone work okay in it's place?
  7. Sheila

    Director Order from Juanita LeVoir - Canadian Friend!

    If you get an order for a double griddle from Juanita LeVoir, she's my friend who lives in Canada. I sent her to your web page! :D
  8. babywings76

    Help a Friend Find a Peanut Butter Recipe!

    A friend on FB just asked me if I can help her find a recipe. She can't find it and wanted to make it tonight. She said it had a peanut butter something for the frosting, with caramel and peanut butter cups or some other kind of candy bar. And possibly bananas. Any ideas?
  9. P

    Director Friend Places Order, Not Interested in Hosting Show

    I received a lead this morning for product. Called and asked what I could help her with and she says "well, nothing really. My friend just put in our order and I was thinking I wanted to attend a show"!!! Of course I suggested she have a show.. ooooohhhhh NO she is not interested in that but...
  10. T

    Prayers for Friend Who Just Lost Twins..

    HI. I left the hospital at 5am this morning after staying with a dear friend went into preterm labor w/her twins. She had a hard time until the 3rd epidural - and did a great job on delivery. It was just too early - the girls were 19 weeks. Please pray for her, her husband and families. This was...
  11. esavvymom

    Prayer for My Friend This Morning

    My friend's court-appearance to determine if she is "mentally stable/sane" is scheduled for 30 minutes from now (Friday 10am central). (her spouse managed to have her committed after she confronted him and he movedout for having an affair) The story is here...
  12. esavvymom

    Urgent Prayer Request for a Family Friend

    I don't normally do this, but my DH and I have a friend who is in some trouble. Her husband had an affair. After awhile, our friend confronted him, and he moved out. But he wants custody of their kids (oldest is 14). He has 2 of them convinced she is lying to them, and that she is...
  13. SLDOWDY1978

    Sharing Meal Support for Friend with Terminally Ill Father

    One of my closest friends is taking care of her terminally ill father. They don't expect for him to live past the end of the month and a couple of our mutual friends would like to get a bunch of dinners together so she can just pop one in the oven. She has 2 small boys as well so this is extra...
  14. Gina M

    How can we support a friend after a tragic loss?

    Asking for prayers for my friend Jenny and her family. Yesterday, Jenny was driving to her parent's cabin in Wisconsin - when she got there she was met by firefighters and police. There had been an explosion and both of her parents were killed - her mom yesterday and her dad was taken off life...
  15. dme.grant

    Connecting with an Old Friend: Pampered Chef Consultant Opportunity?

    So I have a friend on facebook that I think would be a perfect consultant with PC. She is someone I knew in High School and have since been in contact with through facebook, but we're not close and we don't even live in the same state. I know when they moved, she had to quit her job and I know...
  16. C

    Where to Get "Bring a Friend... " Stickers?

    I tried searching for this and came up with nothing. Where do you get these stickers? I have been making my own but I am tired of buying ink. thanks!
  17. L

    Urgent Prayer Request for My Friend Nora

    URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Please lift my friend Nora in prayer. She's only in her 40's but she's been through ALLOT!! To say the least she's been through allot medically in past year! Yesterday had to have some more major surgery and she's currently having difficulty breathing and issues with her...
  18. whiteyteresa

    How Does This Work?If a Friend Has a Paypal Account That She Pay

    How does this work? If a friend has a paypal account that she pay bills through - can I go to my paypal account and send her money by using her e-mail address? :blushing:
  19. M

    Urgent Is My Best Friend Okay After a Car Accident in Birmingham?

    Hey All. Please Please Please pray for my best friend.. Jessica She was in a car accident this morning in Bham, AL. I don't know much. They are running tests and scans. Thank you all my PC family!!!
  20. babywings76

    Help my Friend Return/Exchange: A Silent Auction Donation Mystery

    Yesterday, a friend of mine called me. She said that she and her husband went to a fundraiser event where there were silent auctions. There was a large PC set bundled together and wrapped w/ cellophane so much that she couldn't really see very clearly everything that was in there. She could...
  21. Intrepid_Chef

    Reuniting with an Old Friend: 31 Gifts and Pampered Chef!

    I've been invited to a 31 Gifts party by a friend I haven't seen since high school. This might be a good opportunity to share the word about, and promote, my Pampered Chef business. I seem to remember some threads about bags that would be a nice substitute for the catalog tote with a...
  22. Jennie4PC

    Prayers for a Friend: Support for a High-Risk Pregnancy and Preterm Labor

    I have a friend who is 18 weeks pregnant with twins. Just the other day she started having pre term labor. They had to fly her out to a bigger city to hopefully help these twins survive. She is going to need lots of prayers no matter what. She is 3 hrs away from her family so far the babies are...
  23. M

    New Bridal Registry and A Friend in Need: My Story

    jut got my first bridal registry and the wedding date is in august. And I talked to a gal that wants to join the pc family but she is having a hard time with the death of her mom which was 3 months ago so we jsut pencled in a dat for dec and i am hoping shewill keep it and se is doing better...
  24. L

    Where Can I Find a Used Cast Iron for My Friend?

    I know PC does not sell cast iron, but I have a friend who wants to know if I can find him one. He wants an older one. He says they are better then the new ones you could buy in the store. I really don't know anything about them. I have never ever used one. Any suggestions or do you have a good...
  25. chefheidi2003

    Help a Friend in Need: Should I Bring My Catalog Tote?

    I didn't know where to put this so I figured this was the best place. A friend of mine is just starting to sell MK. Tomorrow is her first team meeting..she asked me to go with because she needs to bring someone to do facial stuff on. I would not be flaunting it or anything. But would it...
  26. B

    Can My Friend Host a Show & Get Host Specials for September & October?

    I just joined 2 weeks ago and a friend wants to join under me. Can she host a show next month to get a kit credit and then host her Grand Opening show in October and still be able to get host specials for September and October?
  27. P

    Director Friend Request from Beth Jacobs: Is it the Pampered Chef FB Patrol?

    I just got a friend request from Beth Jacobs. Wow! Except, I don't know her. Nor am I in her lineage. So I got to thinking.....think it's the PC FB Patrol?
  28. N

    Prayer Request: Remembering Lindsey & Jarvis Clark's Daughter

    I am asking everyone to please pray for Lindsey and Jarvis Clark and their families. The daughter who was going to be 2 on Saturday passes away yesterday. She was a beautiful little girl who had to fight for every breath she ever took. In her short life she had 7 transplants and probably over...
  29. P

    Guest From Show Sent a Fb Friend Request

    Anyone ever get a friend request on facebook from a past guest? I just did and I am not sure I really want to accept her. She was a bit strange at the show she attended and asked some wierd questions. Well the questions were not so much wierd but how she asked them and that she kept asking the...
  30. Jean DeVries

    Workplace Betrayal and a Tragic Loss: Remembering My Friend

    Hello all, Those of you who are my FB friends have heard some of this saga, but for the rest, I'll summarize. There was an incident at work. I was the victim. There was a witness. She was my good friend. I got her into my conservation organization, she hung out with my caver friends on...