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What is account: Definition and 42 Discussions

  1. ChefJWarren

    Is my consultant order payment card information already saved in Beta?

    I have a dumb question: I have been a consultant for 6 years and have recently switched over to Beta. Last night I submitted my first show in it and after I submitted, I realized it didn't ask me for my consultant order payment card # like it does in PPP. Is it already in there? I may have...
  2. M

    Can an EFT be done from a compromised bank account?

    I have a host whose debit card has been compromised and is waiting to get a new one. She asked if I could do an EFT from her bank account and I don't know if this is possible or not. Can we do this? Thanks! Marci
  3. L

    Money Being Deducted From Account

    Hi New here & getting ready to submit my first round of orders. How long from the time you submit orders to HO do they take the money out of your account? I have a party tomorrow night I'll be closing on Friday, but I will be depositing checks also on Friday. Surely the checks will clear...
  4. naekelsey

    Few More Questions..-Doesn't Have a Bank Account

    My new recruit doesn't have any kind of bank account and doesn't plan on getting one anytime soon. Can she use her husbands bank acct info to send to PC for direct deposit and the pc debit card? And, does she need a PC debit card to send orders in if everything is paid with the customers...
  5. esavvymom

    Facebook Question for a Novice - Account Without a Page?

    Ok, I don't know if I'd be using the right lingo, but I was wondering if it is possible to sign-up for Facebook for an account, but NOT have a my own page/wall/whatever? I just want to be able to see/read other folks pages...my NED Clusters, etc. But I do not want to set up a page of my own...
  6. esavvymom

    Rant Banking Changes: Suntrust Discontinuing Free Checking - My Frustration

    Ok...just have to VENT. I just got an email from my bank (Suntrust) that they are changing their product offerings and discontinuing certain products- including Free Checking.They now offer "every day checking" which has a monthly maintenance fee of $7.00 a MONTH unless you maintain a $500...
  7. C

    Questions About a Pampered Chef Fb Account

    Ok, I am sure that this is posted on here already, probably in many different places, but want to make sure that I get the correct answers for my questions. I have a family FB account and I hate to post PC stuff on there... specials, etc.... and don't want all of my customer base to know stuff...
  8. whiteyteresa

    How Does This Work?If a Friend Has a Paypal Account That She Pay

    How does this work? If a friend has a paypal account that she pay bills through - can I go to my paypal account and send her money by using her e-mail address? :blushing:
  9. babywings76

    Finding Out Account Number for Pampered Chef Card

    My recruit applied for the PC debit card. What's the phone number to call so she can find out her account number early?
  10. L

    Direct Deposit and Debit Card Account Changes

    So, when I first signed up, I attached direct deposit and debit card to my personal account, now I have opened another account for PC exclusively and would like to change the account those things use. My dilemma is that it doesn't let me change the debit card information online? We can only...
  11. chefheidi2003

    I Want to Set up a 2Nd Fb Account

    OK..I was going to post this in one of the other FB threads..but decided to do a separate one since I am probably not the only one with this question. I would like to start a new FB page for my customers..that way people can choose to see all of my PC info and my regular PC friends don't...
  12. kdangel518

    Ugh, Pampered Chef Bank Account Was Hacked

    I have been waiting for a show to clear my account- you know how it is, sometimes they take three business days, sometimes they take seven, etc. At any rate, I've been checking almost daily, and I logged in to my bank account today to find two charges for $119.70 along with a $29 overdraft fee...
  13. T

    I Opened a Business Account for My Pampered Chef Stuff...

    I got free checks that came today, but they don't have my name, they say "The Pampered Chef", and my address... Should I send them back? My name is nowhere on the checks.
  14. lockhartkitchen

    Bank Account Compromised: Our Journey to Recovery

    Please keep us in your prayers. We finally got back on our feet and were doing well. Last Saturday the bank called me and ask if I had made some purchases. No. Evidently my debit card number has been used for online purchases (nothing we've ever heard of) The purchases went through on the...
  15. esavvymom

    Anyone Know How to Update Fedex Account?

    Does anyone know how to change the credit card number for the FedEx perks billing? I can't find any area in the profile in which I can update my billing information (which in and of itself makes me a bit nervous- that stuff should always be apparent IMHO). But one of my credit cards was...
  16. J

    Changing Pampered Chef Debit Card Account

    How do you change the checking account that your PC Debit card is attached to?:)
  17. Monty060609

    Item Shipped but Account Not Debited??

    This is the first order I placed using my PC Debit card. I submitted the order in P3 on 11/7 7:30am The order shipped on 11/10 and is due to arrive on the 13th But there is still no activity on my debit account? How many days do you find that it takes for the transaction to show up on your...
  18. ChefJoyJ

    Urgent Help! Dealing with a Bounced Check and Pampered Chef Debiting My Account

    Help! I just did my weekly check of my PC account and realized I had a check from one of my shows bounce. Not only was the $34.39 NSF, but now I've been charged $35 from my bank! :eek: I can't believe the items have been delivered from PC, but they haven't debited my account for the items...
  19. pc_jessica

    Submitting Show and When It Deducts From Account

    okay so if i submit a show tonight, when will it take it out of my account?? i am just wondering if i can deposit the money in my account tomorrow or if i need to do an online transfer to cover the show amount??
  20. Intrepid_Chef

    Surprise Boxes Still Not Charged to Account

    My friends sent me some surprise boxes, and they still have not been charged to my PC Debit card. It's been nearly two weeks since they ordered them at National Conference. This seems unusually long, even by Pampered Chef accounting standards.
  21. H

    Update Your Account: Receipts, Partner ID & More

    How long does it take for your account to be updated after you have e-mailed your receipt and your partner ID? Also which account will you get? Thanks
  22. PampChefJoy

    What Are the Sending Limits for Webmail Email Accounts?

    I found this and thought it would be informative for some of you struggling with sending limits on your emails: Sending mass emails from webmail email accounts Most webmail email account providers, such as Yahoo! Mail or Google Gmail, allow users to send email by using the webmail browser...
  23. Karen

    Personal Have I been a victim of fraudulent charges on my account?

    Ugh....Today I tried charging $28.00 to my personal card and it did not go through. I got a nice message "Your financial institution is not authorizing this payment". Okay....I have overdraft protection so if for some reason I did screw something up in my figuring I would still be safe. So I...
  24. gailz2

    Warning/Rant: Keep Track of Your Debit Account Charges

    I am absolutely fuming!!! I had a customers debit card not go through. I called the HO after re-entering it and seeing it was still on hold. I had her enter it again on the phone and she aid it went through. Later that day someone from HO called and said the show was on hold (after I'd been...
  25. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Sarah Palin's E-Mail Account Hacked

    Sarah Palin's e-mail account has been hacked. Contents of messages and family photos have been posted on a website that is now either no longer online or is so overwhelmed with traffic that it cannot be viewed. AOL News: Left Wing Group Hacks Palin's Email From the AOL News article: "The...
  26. smilesarepriceless

    Gmail Account as Your Business Email?

    Anyone else use Gmail to send their customers emails? That is what I use, and overall, I suppose it is alright, but in a way, I'm wishing that it were a little more user-friendly. I'm having trouble lately in sending out my newsletters or emails to customers. I always send in groups of...
  27. shuttermonster

    Do I Need a .Mac Account for Mac Email?

    Do I have to have a .Mac account to just have a mac email. My trail is about to run out... but I'm not interested in PC access to my mac stuff. I just want email. Thanks!
  28. P

    HO Commission Issues: Check Your Bank Account for Payment

    :confused: Is HO having issues with sending out Consultants commission statements this pay period? My money is in the bank, but I have not been able see my statement on CC.
  29. MissChef

    No Money in My Bank Account: Has Direct Deposit Been Delayed?

    I looked in the calendar and it said Direct Deposit consultants will get paid today, but there is no money in my bank account. Did anyone else get paid?:confused:
  30. pamperedbecky

    Does Anyone Here Have a Christmas Club Account?

    Sample Packages and Newly Reactivating ConsultantsHey guys, I had a quick question that I think I know the answer to, but wanted to see if you've dealt with this personally. I have a consultant who has been inactive nearly all year. She just told me she is trying to get some orders together...