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  1. M

    Pampered Partner Help

    Ok.. every single one of my orders is either .32 or .33 cents off.. I did the math.. my hostess and my math are right!!! But PP is getting different totals?? The product total is right but the tax is wrong!! My tax is entered corectly.. Im thinking they upped the shipping .25 this month. Do you...
  2. P

    Pampered Partner Question

    I was putting an order in for myself last night and I got the message when I tried to transmit the show that I was using an old version of PP. I am using the fall/winter 2005 version. Anyone had this problem or know how to solve it? Thanks :)
  3. B

    Pampered Partner Problems "Help"

    I tried to transmit an order last night and it said my oder tranfer file was closed. It said to check my ports, but my internet is working fine. I ma able to get online without any trouble. I really need to order my show I don't know what to do. Help if you have had this problem ever please tell...
  4. W

    Pampered Partner Question

    When submitting a show, one of the last screens before it actually submits is where you tell what month you're submitting for. Beneath that is an empty space for "month bonus." What does it mean? Is it a director thing?
  5. B

    Need Help With Pampered Partner

    So last night I had to put my first party in pampered partner. Well I did great up until I tried putting a stone in. How do you get the 20% off stones. I tried putting in the G and then the numbers like our guest special says but it wouldnt bring anything up. Am I doing something wrong. All I...
  6. P

    Help With Pampered Partner!

    I am trying to transmit a show and everytime I get to the end, I get an error saying that I'm using a version of the software that is older than what is allowed. I downloaded the CD they sent me less than a month ago. I haven't gotten any emails that the program has been updated. When I try...
  7. C

    Please Help! Pampered Partner Update

    Can anyone help me? I am unable to download the new product list and the program update. I just downloaded the new version of PP and am entering a show, but cannot download the update to reflect the host and guest specials. Is there something I'm missing? It's never happened to me before. It's...
  8. B

    Pampered Partner Question.

    When I have a show I enter the guest first, then the order, Then I add The Host at the end of the show. My question is shouldn't I add the Host first so I can have her already entered in PP? I am a little unsure of my process.
  9. M

    Pampered Partner ?

    Another probably stupid question........but can I order supplies through Pampered Partner?? Thanks! Cheri
  10. L

    Pampered Partner Question

    To order supplies via Pampered Partner - do I put that under non-commission sales or someplace else? Thanks. Liz Breitner #451047
  11. J

    Installation Problems (Pampered Partner)

    I just received my package and went to install Pampered Partner and I get errors during installation. Thinking it was a bad CD, i downloaded it from the internet and attempted to install as well, however I received the same error message. The error I receive is...
  12. P

    Pampered Partner Question

    I am having my first show booked off of another show. When I go into PP and click add show and find host, it only shows me old hosts. I checked to make sure that I listed her booking in the show and I did. I just want to make sure I do it correct so the original host can get her benefit. Thanks
  13. P

    Help With Pampered Partner

    someone please help me! I am unable to download the product list all of a sudden for some unknown reason. Tech support isn't helping, my isp isn't helping. Has this ever happened to anyone else or does anyone have any ideas???
  14. R

    Pampered Partner Glitch?

    Has anyone else experienced the following: When entering a host order you enter free products and half price products. Now, WITHOUT changing any of the products or quantity of products (only changing which products you choose to be the half price items) the dollar amount owed by the host...
  15. A

    Pampered Partner Assistance

    First, I would like to say I am in SSM2 and have recieved more ideas and help from this site without posting that anyone can possibly imagine. I was unable to find a thread to help me with my most recent issue. I created a letter in the Pampered Partner editor portion to send as a followup to...
  16. S

    Pampered Partner

    Can anyone help? I cannot get pampered partner to update. It keeps saying i need to plug a phone line into my modem. I have no clue what it is talking about as the phone line is plugged into my modem and i have dsl so i am wondering if maybe this is the problem??? Please Help!! TIA! :confused:
  17. P

    Pampered Partner & Past Host Discounts

    Quick question. When I enter the past host discount information into Pampered Partner there's a box for when the discount expires. I didn't get that information from the guests because the line on the order form just asks for the discount number. Do I really need the expiration date? I'm...
  18. A

    Pampered Partner and Mac

    Can someone please let me know if Pampered Partner is Mac compatible? Thanks!
  19. P

    Pampered Partner Question

    After much teeth gnashing and consternation (my cd-rom wouldn't work, so I had to download PP form the Consultant's Corner), I have Pampered Partner installed, orders for my first show entered, and submitted to the home office. NOW, I am printing out receipts. I didn't have much problem with...
  20. S

    Pampered Partner

    Is there any way to e-mail a host the Show Order Detail report from Pampered Partner? I find this report really helps my hosts to divide up the orders once the products from their shows has arrived.
  21. A

    Question About Pampered Partner

    Does anyone know how to get .50 cent of remaining free product off pampered partner? I'm not sure if we have anything in the catalog for that amount. Or if we can close the show with any free product remaining. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. C

    Help-Pampered Partner Confusing Me

    Hello everyone: I'm new to this website and new to pampered chef as well. I started my first show in March and have had 4 in total. I made my quota for March which was nice. I'm trying to order the Help Whip Cancer items so that I can hand them out at my upcoming shows but I cannot find...
  23. M

    Using a Mac With Pampered Partner? Please Advise.

    I am considering getting a Mac to streamline my office. I am loving the Apple iMac with no tower (everything is in the monitor, which is flat) and cordless keyboard and mouse. I contacted Pampered Partner about using a Mac and this is what they said: "A windows emulation program can be...
  24. DebPC

    Pampered Partner

    When you click on the payment drop down menu there is an option for Consultant Gift. If you offer free shipping and extra discounts for various things, but don't have a good way of keeping track of that for taxes. This options allows you to add your gifts to your expense report!