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What is moved: Definition and 28 Discussions

  1. Roadtripray

    Urgent Guest Placed Order Under Wrong Show - Can It Be Moved?

    A host of mine had a guest post an order online, but posted it under my show, rather than my host's. Is there a way to move this order myself? I sent a message to HO just now ... hoping to be able to close out my host's show Monday night. I would just delete it and re-enter it, except the...
  2. cookingwithlove

    Director theRain as Moved in and I Have a Cold. My Nose Is All Stuff Up, I

    The rain as moved in and I have a cold. My nose is all stuff up, I have a headache and I just want to go back to bed, but I have a party tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday. I have to teach Sunday school Sunday morning...:bawl:!! I just want to sleep until November! Can I have some...
  3. K

    I Need Help!! I Moved to a New City.

    I recently moved to a new city about an hour from where I used to live and I only know a couple people here. I am still doing some show in my old town because I dont have any shows where I now live, but the gas is becoming a problem. I asked my mom and some other people if they have any contacts...
  4. B

    Moved to a New City and Need Ideas

    :(Hi Everyone, I moved to a new city in March. I still work in my old city and commute there 5 days a week(1hr and 15 minutes from home). I have to say I have been very relaxed in my business and need to find some motivation again. So I need some ideas to find a way to get some business here. I...
  5. B

    Just Moved- Potential Bookings in Complex?

    So I have been thinking that since I moved, it may be a great way to find potential bookings! The complex is pretty big, but I don't have access to any other building but my own, (mailboxes are not in reach either) What are some ways I can reach out to the residents to get my name out there...
  6. S

    New Consultant, Moved, No Contacts, Open House

    Hi, I am a new consultant, waiting for my kit and I am planning on doing an open house for my first show because I don't know anyone in the area. Do you think that mailing miniature catalogs to close family and friends and then calling them to see if they wanted to order anything is a good...
  7. hmolah

    Can I Make Pampered Chef My Full-Time Career?

    I've just moved to a really nice neighborhood, in a new area where I know no one! I'm trying to get Pampered Chef going again and since getting laid off a few weeks ago, I need to either make this work, or get a full time job. (I'm actually looking and applying for full time work currently...
  8. armywife_consultant

    Just Moved Cross Country Having Rough Time

    its been awhile since ive been on..the army moved my husband and i from ft Riley KS to ft Lewis washington. we got here at the end of march and with dh gone to cambell and me the only one here to unpack the house i havent really gotten anything done. somehow i managed to qualify but its been...
  9. EpTxGuy

    Confess: Who Hasn't Moved to Pampered Partner Plus?

    Ok old-timers, time to fess-up. Who here hasn't made the switch from Pampered Partner to Pampered Patner Plus? My sister is a director and just barely made the switch. Any other peeps dragging their feet? Time to come clean. :)
  10. L

    Hostess Moved to England, Problem Doing Returns.......

    Hi all, I've got a problem and PC is being NO help. Any ideas on how I can help this good customer/hostess out??? She had a show and bought the 12" Exec. pan, now it's having problems. They are moving to England, she's leaving the pan with her sil to do the return and asked that it be...
  11. B

    Just Moved/ New Neighborhood... Show?

    Okay, this will be lengthy, sorry... So I have recently moved about an hour and a half from where I was living/building my business, so my drives are LONG to get to shows, and I want to start building a customer base near my new home. My neighborhood is brand new, not completely built, and at...
  12. Stef1023

    Help! I Just Moved & Need Info on My Director in SC

    Hey yal, I just moved from Ft Worth TX to Beaufort SC. My director in TX has not been in contact with me about finding me a director here in SC. She says that she's put in paperwork with Home Office......but I've heard nothing. What should or do I need to do to correct this?:confused:
  13. T

    Moving Our Son to College: Lessons Learned and a Painful Mishap

    our oldest moved on his own, after 3 years he has decided he can live with alot less and he's only 1 hour from home So DH, DD & I took MS to Houston last night, his car and my santa fe packed to the roofs & due to a storm we missed move in time by 23 minutes. So moved him in today I was...
  14. thecougchef

    Apparently I Moved up Really Fast in My Firm..

    i started working at my law firm 2 years ago as the receptionist. i knew nothing about law & had no desire to learn about it. but it was a 8-5 job that didnt require me to work weekends. & it was perfect while i finished my bachelors degree. fast forward two years & i am now a personal...
  15. hmolah

    How can I rebuild my customer base after moving my business to a new location?

    Hello all- I've just moved my business from Ohio to Georgia as my husband had a job transfer. I honestly don't even know where to begin to get new leads! I haven't had to do this in such a long time! I guess I need some suggestions or reminders of the basics. It's funny, we get in a roll...
  16. janetupnorth

    Embracing Change: The Message of Who Moved My Cheese

    So, how many have read this book? It is a book by Dr. Spencer Johnson who wrote One Minute Manager and other business books. It is a great 30-45 minute read. "Change can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your perspective. The message of Who Moved My Cheese? is that all can come...
  17. N

    Clustered Network: My Director and Upline Moved - Can I Take on a New Recruit?

    and there is a lady in my town that is in our cluster and her upline moved also, she asked me last night if she could be put under me? Is that possible. This poor lady has had a show holding since June and her upline that moved couldn't help her. She doesn't know how to submit it, I showed her...
  18. DebPC

    Recipes by Product Sticky Has Been Moved

    It's now located under Recipe Tips.
  19. sparkles17

    Just Moved and Need to Start Business Again!

    I just started TPC in March and I moved three weeks ago to a different part of the Bay Area. I am 1 hr away from where I lived before, but where I live its not that fun to commute and drive around, plus I just started my business. I had my show, my friends show up north (3 hrs away) and 1 with...
  20. shefly121

    Finding a Hospitality Group in Savannah: Any Tips?

    Hello All! Today is my first day on Chef Success as a member. I just moved from Columbus, Ohio to Pooler, Georgia (that is NW of Savannah...right by the Savannah/Hilton Head airport). Anyways...I am looking for a hospitality group to get into down here. Boy, as it wasn't hard enough starting...
  21. AmyO

    Moved and Having Trouble Getting Bookings

    Question to those that can help... I moved to NC and am having trouble starting up here. Some one said the following.... ... if you can find the audio from conference last year (from the audio/video library) called 'move it, don't loose it' (I think that's what it's called!) ... But I...
  22. J

    Can Someone Post the Commission Chart for Me. We Have Moved and I

    Can someone post the commission chart for me. We have moved and I can't find it anywhere. It's the one that shows how much commission you make off shows (the %) and when it goes up, etc...
  23. C

    Brand New Pampered Chef Consultant...just Moved to Area

    OK all you long-time PC'ers, I need some help here. First, let me just say this is my first post on this website...I didn't even know it existed until earlier tonight, so hello everybody! :) Here's the problem...(might be kind of a long post) I just signed up (4 months ago) and have only...
  24. hmolah

    How can I grow my Pampered Chef business in a new area with no clients?

    Hello all-I'm new to the forum and thought I'd get some advice!Hello all- I'm new to the forum and thought I'd get some advice! I've just moved to a new area, and I'm trying to boost my business! I'm in the process of job hunting and at the same time hoping that Pampered Chef might be...
  25. K

    The Pampered Chef Hello Middleburg, How Can I Boost My Business?

    I have recently moved my business to middleburg FL where I know very few people. I have tried everything I know and still am having a hard time getting shows. I was hoping a few of you had done the same thing and could help me. Kristine Dobbs Independent Consultant
  26. P

    Welcome to the Neighborhood! Meet Your New Pampered Chef Consultant

    I would like to put up a flyer in my neighborhood that I just moved into about me being a new Pampered Chef consultant in the area. I don't know a lot of people in the area and thought that it would be a nice way to get some business. Does anyone have a flyer made up or any ideas they can share...
  27. P

    Open House or Flyers? Seeking Advice for My Upcoming Move to the Neighborhood!

    I'm moving in about two weeks to a condo. Does anyone have a flyer to give my new neighbors, should I just have an open house? all advise wanted and appriciated!
  28. C

    Need a New Way to Cook? Try The Pampered Chef!

    Hi! My name is Sarah Coll, and I am new to this area. The Pampered Chef is a home based business that believes that cooking doesn't have to be a chore! With our many products, including our world famous stoneware, food preparation utensils and plenty of items under ten dollars, there is...