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Pampered Chef: Sales Just moved cross country having rough time

  1. its been awhile since ive been on..the army moved my husband and i from ft Riley KS to ft Lewis washington. we got here at the end of march and with dh gone to cambell and me the only one here to unpack the house i havent really gotten anything done. somehow i managed to qualify but its been dead any tips on how to get myself started after a move. thanks ladies.
  2. jbdowd0798

    jbdowd0798 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Put flyers our around the neighborhood. Meet the new wives and talk about PC, do an Open House, and get out there. I loved WA when we lived there 10yrs ago and I'd go back in a heart beat! :) Wear your logo wear every where. I believe there is a training course about moving your business, its worth it to take. OHHH Get your director to find you a hospitality cluster. I know there are a few CS people in WA but not sure where exactly. Moving it can be done- I moved it from RI to CA!

    Good luck- I'm moving my business in Oct/November from CA to Norfolk, VA!! :)
    Apr 22, 2009
  3. BlessedWifeMommy

    BlessedWifeMommy Veteran Member

    Force yourself to get out and meet people. Talk with small business owners. Find out what fairs there are in the area. Maybe there is something on base, it never hurts to ask. Do you have a hospitality director?
  4. JDooley

    JDooley Member

    Make sure to go the the Navy bases also...there are 2 if i remember right not too far...Bremerton and I cant remember the Sub base.
    Apr 23, 2009
  5. Aunticooks

    Aunticooks Member Gold Member

    Get out and do the business of the month or make it week to introduce yourself. And Lucky you. I'm originally from WA and miss it terribly. Enjoy everything you can, there's lots to see and do and not to expensive once you get your bearings. ENJOY!! and good luck with the business.
    Apr 23, 2009
  6. jbdowd0798

    jbdowd0798 Veteran Member Gold Member

    There are actually a few Navy bases in the area. Bangor is the subbase Bremerton is the shipyard. They are combined in one name- Naval Station Kitsap. There is also WI, and Everett.
    Apr 23, 2009
  7. tlag1986

    tlag1986 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Sounds like you have some great ideas flowing from some experienced movers. Just remember to keep focused and be energetic as much as possible it will help.
    Apr 23, 2009
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