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What is hostess: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. pamperedposey

    No Microwave? No Problem! Great Recipes for the Relaunching Hostess

    I am relaunching my business after a 6 year hiatus and my first hostess does not have a microwave. Looking for some great recipe ideas that do not involve microwaving. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Connie

    Maximize Your Hostess Success with M & M's Hostess Poem - Pampered Chef Tips

    During the Holidays I wrote this M & M's Hostess Poem for my Hostess Coaching. I would tape it to a bag of M & M's as a reminder for my Hostess. It is similar to the other M & M poems. I just tweaked it a little. M & M's Hostess PoemAs you hold these candies in your hand and turn them you will...
  3. PCCHeather0506

    Dilemma: Should I Change Up My Hostess Idea?

    Should I change up my entire idea?? I gave my hostess the idea to do this and when we followed up on it I checked to make sure she had a microwave and nope she doesn't. So now she's excited about doing this and I feel bad changing it up totally?? So any suggestions? I was thinking maybe...
  4. L

    Which is Better for Spring/Summer Open House: No Buy or Mystery Hostess Party?

    Hi, I'm looking to do an open house for the spring/summer products & trying to decide if a No Buy or a Mystery Hostess party would be better. Has anyone done both? Thanks!
  5. tabnat80

    Can We Purchase Hostess Specials?

    Can we buy hostess specials without being a hostess? I'm really wanting to get those grilling products at the discount but my June calendar is empty. TIA
  6. A

    Hosting a Successful Multiple Hostess Party: Tips and Potential Challenges

    Hi! I'm just getting back into my business after being off for 10 years. My girlfriend want to rent a local hall with 4 other people to do a multiple hostess party. In other words it would be 5 individual hostess each one with their own friends. I would have to probably for example have to have...
  7. byrd1956

    Hostess Can't Get Website to Work for Her...advice???

    I received this message today and do not know what to tell her. "Cannot get your hostess site to work for me. Have tried twice with no luck. When I attempt to import email addresses from Aol, it says that I have no contacts. Please help."
  8. M

    Hostess in a Bag and Candy Bar Mania?

    I am new, have not even received my kit yet. So please bear with my ignorance. I searched the forum for both these terms, "Candy Bar Mania" and "Hostess in a Bag", but did not find anything explaining what they are or how to put them together. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance. :)
  9. F

    Director Easy Price Update Labels: Making Hostess Packets a Breeze

    While making hostess packets I realized that I have tons of recruiting brochures with the old kit price of $155. Thought I'd share the simple labels I made to cover the old price with the new. Now I don't have to toss all the old ones and feel like I've wasted money.
  10. vhadley

    Always Getting Your Binder Back: Tips from a Hostess

    My director does a Folder/Binder full of stuff to give to hosts. It's the same one every single time, she just picks it up after the party and so on. If you do that too, my question is how many times do you not get your binder back? I think I will do that too, but I'm doing a decorated...
  11. C

    May I Order Grill Pan Set as Hostess?

    That may be a dumb question, but I'm still unsure about some of the rules of PC. I am submitting a show that I was the host. May I order the grill pan set that is the host special? TIA!
  12. ChefCKHall

    Can You Break My Party Record?!

    Hah! Just got an email from a host who is determined to break my all-time record high for a party! Don't ya just love it!! Told her that I will need a picture of her with all her goodies for my book that I pass around! I want a host like this every month please!
  13. pampered.chris

    Hostess Lives in Md, Party Is Being Held in Pa

    So any tips on how to make this all work? I have a hostess that lives in Maryland but was from Pennsylvania and hasn't really made a ton of friends in MD yet. so she is thinking if she can get her sister to open her house for the show and invite all of her friends from up here to her show to...
  14. colegrovet

    Lost Package Saga: Hostess from Last Week's Party

    Hostess from last weeks party I closed got 4 of 5 boxes that were shipped.. Seems the 5th box is stuck somewhere between chicago and Nashville.. and of course that's the box with the packing slips and bags..
  15. mommyhugz1978

    Hostess Show-in-a-Box: Fun Ideas for Catalog Parties!

    I saw this idea in another thread..... and I wanted to know if anyone has any super cute idea's for a show in a box. I want to promote catalog partys but I want to make it fun for the hostess but sort of drawing a blank at this point in time. Thanks in advance!
  16. K

    Warranty Questions: Replacing a Bar Pan Ordered Under Hostess Name

    I haven't done many returns so I wanted to see if anyone knew this before I call HO. I ordered a large bar pan for my SIL under the hostesses name to complete an order for 1/2 price items. Now this bar pan has broken. Do I explain the whole thing or just use the hostesses name to get the...
  17. M

    How Do I Update the Hostess in a Mystery Hostess Event?

    Ok so I set up my show in P3 for my Open House/Kicck Off Show. When I set it up I was going to be the hostess as well. But then later I decided to do it Mystery Hostess. Well now I don't know how to adjust for the winner of the mystery hostess. It won't let me edit the Hostess info or add a...
  18. leftymac

    Have you seen the new gold hostess apron?!

    Omg ladies! I'm sooooooooo excited!!! I just saw that new gold apron and it will look SMASHING on me! :thumbup: :sing::thumbup: And that flashy bow on the side is just the added bling that I have been looking for in my cooking attire! :love:
  19. kitchendivinity

    (Rant, Sorry) Hostess From H- E - Double Hockey Sticks!!

    Ok, so I have a hostess that had a show on 9/17. It ended up being a $337 show (SUPER low for me) because she had no one there (Yes I hostess coached TONS). After her show, she wanted to collect some more outside orders. . . so I said ok, we can keep it open a couple days. (she never got any...
  20. Dotty

    Reeling in the Hesitant Hostess...

    So in July I had a party with 4 bookings. That was great, however only 2 have held their parties. I have called and left messages with the others but no response. I currently have no bookings for Sept:cry: so I really want to encourage them to confirm dates soon. Here is the letter I just...
  21. P

    Director September Show Submission Issues: Hostess Specials Not Loaded in P3?

    I have September shows to submit this morning and the hostess specials are not loaded into P3??? anyone else having this problem?
  22. K

    What to Do When a Hostess Doesn't Get Guests for a Show?

    Ok I had a "show" this week from a past hostess of mine who last year did a show and no one came. I pumped up her host coaching this time around and called her prety much every day. I asked her to give me the telephone numbers for the people she invited so I could make the reminder calls but she...
  23. L

    Rant Hostess Won't Give Me Money!!!!!

    I had a show a few weeks back. I was struggling to get it closed before I left town. One of the hostesse's friends was attempting a catalog show, but didn't make it to $150 and just wanted to add the orders to her friend's show. I talked to her and got the orders, and told her to hold on to...
  24. A

    Gluten Free Recipe Ideas for UPampered Chefoming Show Hostess

    I have an upcoming show and the hostess needs a gluten free recipe. Any suggestions?
  25. D

    Hostess Office Party: May Invitation Flyer Needed!

    HELP!! I need a flyer for a hostess to hang in her office to invite her coworkers to her May party rather than sending invitations to their home. I am in a hurry for this and couldn't find anything in the files section that didn't require major alterations. Any help would be appreciated
  26. S

    Discover the Exciting July Hostess Special | Be the First to Know!

    When will we know the July Hostess Special?? Any guesses??
  27. P

    Hostess Appreciation Day: Ideas for Invitations, Games, and More!

    Hi!! I have done Pampered Chef for 1 year now. (Just hit my $15,000 in career sales!!) Now I want to do a Hostess Appreciation Day where I invite all my past hostess. We play games, I show the new products, do a little bit on recuriting. Things like that. Anyone have any suggestions for...
  28. K

    Hostess Packets/Dear Hostess Letter

    Are your hostess packets simple or more detailed? I think mine may have too many things in it. What do you put in yours? Post the word docs for what you put in our packets if you can. I love to see some examples. I would also like some ideas for the letter to the hostess. Thanks so much...
  29. K

    How to Hostess Coach a Catalog Show?

    How do you hostess coach for a catalog show? All the hostess coaching CD's teach how to coach a regular cooking show. Thanks. Katie