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What is packets: Definition and 84 Discussions

  1. A

    Updating Host Packets: Seeking Advice from Experienced Pampered Chef Consultants

    Good afternoon friends! I have been a PC consultant for a long time and am looking to update the contents of the host packets I provide. What I've done has always worked fine, but just want to spruce it up a bit. Would you share how you provide all the necessary information and paperwork to...
  2. A

    Large Letter Envelopes - Perfect for Host Packets or Catalogs

    Large Letter Envelopes - Perfect for Host Packets or Mailing Catalogs I have 211 of these envelopes will sell them all for $30 or we can collaborate on a price for less but I would rather sell them as a lump. I use flat-rate priority mail with USPS, as that is usually cheapest and includes...
  3. leshelman

    Boost Your Direct Sales Recruiting Success with These Gift Bag Tips

    I found some great tips on what to do for Recruiting Packets and here is the website I found them on: http://www.createacashflowshow.com/sharing-the-opportunity/direct-sales-opportunity-gift-bags.htm Here is what the sites says... just in case you are unable to view it: Marketing your...
  4. C

    Congratulations! Onboarding a Recruit: Checklists & Welcome Packets

    Yay! I finally got a recruit! Are there any instructions available on getting started using the beta system? Has anyone made a checklist/welcome packet recently?
  5. DebPC

    Labels on Pampered Chef Host Packets

    Here's a label I put on the catalogs.
  6. DebPC

    Maximize Value: Mailing Host Packets with USPS Priority Envelope

    Just checking.... I always mail mine in a USPS Priority Envelope- I think price is $5.15. Is this still the best value? I usually include 4 catalogs, 5 outside order forms, 30 invites and misc. in a school pocket folder.
  7. D

    April Host Letter: Get Ready for the Packets!

    I am looking for the April Host letter!! I can't remember who creates and post these, i love them and I need to start working on my April Packets! Thank you!
  8. naekelsey

    How much does it cost to mail a host packet?

    I just about died when I looked at the price to mail a host packet! Is it really almost $5.00 to mail one??? I remember when it was $2.00. I knew it probably went up a little but not that much.
  9. F

    Director Easy Price Update Labels: Making Hostess Packets a Breeze

    While making hostess packets I realized that I have tons of recruiting brochures with the old kit price of $155. Thought I'd share the simple labels I made to cover the old price with the new. Now I don't have to toss all the old ones and feel like I've wasted money.
  10. B

    Need a Flyer for Fundraisers? Any Recommendations?

    I'm wanted to start putting together packets for each of my guests at my shows. I'm going to include information about the opportunity and our bridal showers and registries as well as a catalog and order form, of course. I wanted to put something in about fundraisers. Does anyone have a flyer or...
  11. PamperedchefDaly

    Effective Recruiting Packets for Conferences and Shows

    After conference I made the decision to ALWAYS carry recruiting packets with me to shows. I want to carry them expecting to hand them out ;) What does everyone put in their packet, besides the obvious "Join Us" and a recruiting DVD?
  12. D

    Director Have a new idea for host packets? Looking for feedback!

    OK- I had a new idea for host packets! I am always trying to stay on the ball to get them out and honestly, they cost money to make and mail... so here is a new remedy I thought of and would love your feedback! 90% of my hosts are super computer saavy and always use my website which I highly...
  13. V

    Move-In Carnival: What to Include in Move-In Packets

    I was contacted by a manager of an apartment complex last week asking if I'd be interested in having a booth at their annual "move in carnival". Unfortunately I have to work otherwise I'd be there!! But she asked about maybe putting together move in packets to give away. I'm all for it but my...
  14. Shelly Flanagan

    Save Money on Host Packets: Sending Catalogs as "Media

    Did you know that when you are sending host packets if they contain catalogs you can send them as "Media" and the cost is almost half of 1st class? It may take one or two days longer to get to them, but it is a very good money saver. My cousin is a postmaster and hooked me up. Wish she would...
  15. B

    Director Dates That Sat and Director Packets Arrive

    I have looked and looked on CC, on CS and here and I can not find the dates the products will ship to arrive by. I don't know if I'm blind or if it's the drugs...
  16. esavvymom

    What are Think About It Packets and How Can They Boost Your Direct Sales?

    Read this today on Julie Anne Jones' blog (her details below...had to include it to copy the article. :D) - but I really liked the concept and idea!!http://julieannejones.com/turning-a-maybe-into-a-yes
  17. C

    Reaching for Director: Utilizing Recruiting Packets to Reach Goals

    I have decided I want to promote to Director by July and to do so means, I gotta get moving because I only have one qualified recruit right now. In listening to some really old training cassette tapes (gotta love my Director!), they were mentioning recruiting packets. It's packets of info...
  18. PamperedSD

    Should I Bring Host Packets to My First Farmers Market?

    I'm doing my first Farmers Market this weekend. I'm not sure what to do when people are intersted in a show. Should I have a generic host packet made up and brought with me and hand them to them before them leave my booth or should I mail it to them? Thanks! :)
  19. PamperedSD

    Hostess Packets - Print in Color or Color Paper?

    Do you print the monthly Host & Guest specials in color or on color paper for your packets? :D
  20. T

    Creating October Host Packets: OOFs or 3-Ply?

    Has anyone made an OOF for October? I was trying to make up October Host packets and thought I would include those, or is everyone else just using the 3-ply?
  21. ChefRiGuy

    Streamline Your Show Prep: Tips from Top Consultants for Host & Guest Packets

    Not sure if this is right catagory to post this, but: I would like to hear some consultant's opinions on what they put in their host and guest folders for the shows. I hear so many varities and opinons from the few peopl I ask so I want to get a more concise idea and see what the common...
  22. S

    Are Host Packets Cheaper to Mail with XpressPost?

    Did you know (depending on how many catalogues you put in) that it is probably cheaper to put them in an XpressPost envelope than to put them in a regular sized envelope and mail it? If it is over 500g then it will be cheaper to ExpressPost it.....
  23. BlessedWifeMommy

    Do You Hand Out Host Packets at the Event?

    When you have someone pencil in a date, do you hand them a host packet then?
  24. P

    Creating the Perfect Packets for Guests

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but what do you put together in packets to hand out to guests? Right now, I have the catalog, sales receipt and a file I found on why to purchase and use stoneware. I have a lot of money out right now in booths with my recruiter and the supplies I need to...
  25. PCCHeather0506

    What Do You Put in Your Hostess Packets?

    I'm soo slow this year getting myself rolling! However, I've decided I want to make this year really GOOD! I'm trying to get my hostess packets out and I was just wondering what you put in yours? Maybe something that might help!!
  26. babywings76

    Re-Vamping My Catalog Show Host Packets

    So I used to just give Catalog hosts pretty much the same things as regular hosts. But I decided that there is just a few tidbits of info that I want to share with them and I want my materials to look like they are meant for them and not as if they got my left-overs. So I've been tweaking a...
  27. kcmckay

    Boost Your Recruiting Efforts with Effective Packets for Cooking Show Prospects

    Hi, I have a question about what people give to prospective recruits at a cooking show. I know I've seen on various dvds consultants giving things to those that consider the business oppurtunity. I just wonder what to put in those as I'd like to make some up. I have a show Saturday that may be a...
  28. babywings76

    How Many Host Packets Come in the New Kit?

    I think my kit had enough for 6 host packets, but I can't remember for sure.
  29. G

    Okay...simplified Guest Stuff...how About Recruit Info/ Host Packets?

    When someone expresses an interest in the biz...what do you give them? When someone books a show - I give them the Cooking Show Planner, a catalog and the guest list form with an envelope. Anyone else?
  30. esavvymom

    What items are essential in a Potential Recruit packet for a Booth or Fair?

    What do you put in a Potential Recruit pack that you take to a Booth/Fair? I have a couple of info flyers that the director whom I'm working the booth for gave me, as well as a few I've gotten on here or PC. I did order a pack of the YLYW DVDs. I have the PC Flyers from my kit. How much...