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What is include: Definition and 48 Discussions

  1. C

    Sign Up For PWS: Include Your Consultant # | Q&A

    I didn't renew my PWS. If a recruit goes online to sign up, is there a place to put my name and consultant #? TIA!
  2. D

    Creating a Recruit Packet: What to Include

    Hi everyone! What kind of information do you put in a Recruit Packet? Thank you! Dana:chef:
  3. V

    Move-In Carnival: What to Include in Move-In Packets

    I was contacted by a manager of an apartment complex last week asking if I'd be interested in having a booth at their annual "move in carnival". Unfortunately I have to work otherwise I'd be there!! But she asked about maybe putting together move in packets to give away. I'm all for it but my...
  4. O

    Host 1/2 Price Include Mother's Day Specials

    Does anyone know if the mother's day specials can be free, half-price, or at a discount for the host? I can't seem to find the answer...
  5. RCKmom

    Creating a Guest Packet: What to Include?

    Do you put together a packet for your guest or just give them a catalog and an order form? I have been doing the catalog and form, but was thinking about doing a folder. If you do a folder.....what do you put in it other than the special for that month? Thanks in advance for your response!
  6. babywings76

    Letter/Flyer to Include W/ a Catalog to Mail

    I have a few people who have requested that I send them a catalog. I'm trying to decide what to include with it. Should I just write a hand written note and include it with the upcoming host/guest specials? Or does anyone have some sort of typed up letter that would be good to send?
  7. pampchef.angel

    Hosting a Multi-Vendor Holiday Party: What to Include in Host Packet

    I have a host who is doing a multi-vendor holiday party this month. I am planning to prepare the recipes ahead of time and just display my products - but I was just wondering what I should put into the host packet?
  8. T

    Who's Information to Include in My Host's Invitations?

    OK, maybe a silly question, but I'm writing out my host's invitations and now after writing it, I'm not sure who's information I'm supposed to be writing? I am letting her host the show at my house, but she's inviting her guests. So I have my address, but who's phone # and email? Mine or...
  9. K

    What Do You Include in Your Bridal Shower Host Packet?

    Hi, I haven't done a bridal shower yet. I would like to offer it though. I would also like to make up a bridal shower packet in case I book any. What do you put in your bridal shower host packet? If you can post any flyers or letters that you use. Thanks so much. I really appreciate...
  10. K

    What Do You Include in Your Hostess/Show Packet?

    I did my first 6 shows and now want to improve my hostess packets and the packets that I use at my shows. What do you include in your hostess packet? What do you include in your show packets, that customers look at during your show? Let me know if there are any special flyers you include also...
  11. turtle15

    ifSomething Is on Backorder, Can I Still Include It in a Show?

    If something is on backorder, can I still include it in a show?
  12. babywings76

    Looking for Small Picture to Include in Newsletter

    I like the picture that HO has now of the family that's on the recruiting flyers. Is there a way to save the picture somehow and change the size of it so I can have it be a small picture to put in my newsletter? Or does anyone know of a small picture that would be good (other than the picture...
  13. D

    Can I Include "Outlet Specials" on a Catalog Show?

    Since I am a new consultant, I've been sending my hosts the link to the Pampered Chef website so that their friends and family members can view the online catalog.... I tell my hosts that their guests cannot place the order online (since I don't have my own personal website yet), or the host...
  14. ChefPaulaB

    Streamline Your Show Supplies: What to Include in Your Catalogs

    What do you all include with your catalogs for guests at your shows? I'm trying to simplify my life and not have to keep replacing so many things...
  15. kam

    Be Careful: SAT Email Stats May Include Old Shows!

    I just got an email about SAT. Then I looked closer and it actually gave my stats so far this month - which I thought was awesome - until I looked closer: Hold and submit at least two Shows Nov. 1 – 30 to earn a new spring product! Number of Shows you held and submitted Nov. 1 – 18: 2...
  16. AnnieBee

    Does Ke Include Totes? A Guide to KE Month and Product Options

    I'm guessing the answer is no, but I'm in my KE month and wondering if it includes the show-to-go totes, or just items in the catalog? It will help me decide how to use my in-the-bag points, given that I can use PC$ to get products at 40% off right now... Also, I know this is not exactly...
  17. LBurke

    Fundraiser Basket... What to Include

    Anyone have any ideas on what to put in a basket for a little league fundraiser? It's in a week and a half (and I just found out about the basket today) I need to order the items asap to have them here in time and don't want to spend too much. I had ideas for: Grilling basket retired...
  18. redsoxgirl

    Does This Include Tasty Tidbits?

    Do the pics in Joy's newsletter count on this too?? From the PWS update email that we got today: PERSONAL WEB SITE TIP OF THE MONTH! E-mailing an image from a web page or e-mailing a web page, for example Outlet images, causes a disconnect between your Personal Web Site and your...
  19. I

    What Do You Include in a Recruit Packet?

    Okay, I have Hostess Packets, Bridal Shower Packets, Fundraiser Packets, and now I'm hearing stuff about a Recruit Packet...good grief! I'm thinking of the gift bag idea with a "Your Life Your Way" brochure, CD, business card and 100 Grand Candy Bar with cute note attached. Is this too...
  20. khergatt

    What to Include in Host Packets

    I need some help and my director's mother is in hospice so I don't want to bother her. What do you include in catalog host packets? How about Cooking Show Host Packets? Any ideas would be appreciated. Kristy
  21. feather18

    Easy Recipes to Include in a Thank You Card

    Hey Can yall give me some quick recipe ideas to put in a thank you card for my hosts? Something kind of generic? Thanks!
  22. smilesarepriceless

    What Letter Should You Include When Mailing a Mini?

    I did a search in the file and search sections...but didn't see anything.. Does anyone have a word document to share that shows what you insert with your mini for mailing out..
  23. pcchris

    Did HO Tour Include Shopping Spree?

    Okay, I don't know if this would be considered something that's a "spoiler"...but I'm going to ask anyway. Greg and/or Deb can shut it down if they feel it is. :) What I'm wondering is this: Anyone who went on the HO tour, did they pick a name off each bus again for a "shopping spree", or...
  24. L

    Does the 10% Host Discount Apply to Outlet Orders?

    Does the 10% previous host discount apply to outlet orders as well? My gut says probably not since it's already discounted...but then this is such a generous company that I don't want to assume wrong. I couldn't find the answer in the policies and procedures in consultant's corner. Kristin
  25. S

    Vendor Event Advertising: Include Website Address?

    Ok. I am doing a vendor event for which I paid for. Included in this fee is a newspaper 1/2 page advertisement. It is my understanding that I can list website address if the advertisement is paid for? IS this correct? I need to have this sent in to the paper by tonight.TIA
  26. N

    Return/Exchange: Can I Include My Chopper?

    I need to do return/exchange. I am going to call it in tomorrow. It is within 30 days, so the will be picking it up to return it. At the same time I to return my chopper. One of my blades is bent. Do you think I can throw the chopper in with the other stuff?
  27. N

    Dropping Off Open House Orders: Should I Include a DYLAB Flyer?

    I am dropping off my open house orders today. I have one lady I have never met that ordered through a friend. Would it be wrong to put in a DYLAB flyer in her bag?
  28. W

    Creating the Perfect Host Packet: What to Include

    Hi Everyone I'm new to all this and I was wondering what should you include in your host packets.
  29. renee.see

    Personalized Gown/Tux Rental - What to Include & DIY Printables

    A gown shop/tux rental place wants me to give them my information - they will display it in the store and send it out with their packets. What should I include? I'd like to include stuff I can personalize and print myself. Please post ideas. Thanks!!!
  30. N

    Getting Started with Your Business Binder: What to Include?

    I recieved my change-over paperwork today and I got a business binder that is white and has 4 spots in the back for CD's. Just wondering how to use this and excatly what to put in it??:)