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What is information: Definition and 87 Discussions

  1. Elisha B

    Where Can I Find the Freezer Workshop Information on Consultant's Corner?

    Where can I find the Freezer Workshop Information? I know I've seen it on Consultant's Corner but I can't seem to find it today. Thank you!
  2. BeachBabyMom

    Blank Customer Information Form

    Good morning, all. I'm relatively new to PC and completed almost all of my online training on CC. During the training (or at some time during my travels around CC to get familiar) I was sure I saw a blank customer/guest information sheet to write down their contact information, shows the...
  3. A

    Host/Guest Specials/Product Information Display Binder - Sold

    Host/Guest Specials/Product Information Display Binder C-Line 12-Pocket Presentation Book with built-in clear page protectors that I used to put the current and upcoming host and guest specials in, as well as product information sheets - will leave the sheets in there for you to use if you...
  4. Bren706

    Po Box Addresses in Hosts/Customer's Contact Information

    Has anyone else had problems with including the host's PO Box address in their contact information, in the beta-site? I include it in line 2, and now a customer is having trouble entering their online order to a show because the host address is a PO Box. Their street address is in line 1. I...
  5. Intrepid_Chef

    Rant Changing Bank Information Don't Let This Happen to You!

    I just checked my answering machine messages and I am so angry I can't see straight! In January I changed both my direct deposit AND payment account information. Financial services called me to confirm the account number. I called them before submitting my January show to make sure it...
  6. C

    I'm Not Sure About How to Get Information for My Taxes

    I just started last year and I'm not sure about how to get information for my taxes. Can anyone give me suggestions? Are there reports I can download? I am on the new website and still trying to figure thangs out. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!
  7. M

    Pp+ - Incorrect Warranty Information

    Has anyone noticed when they are printing out receipts in PP+, that the round covered baker is only showing a 1 year guarantee? I went and looked in the catalog and it does have a 3 year guarantee. I was wondering if they were changing it on newer pieces, but that is not the case. I...
  8. Bren706

    What Is Artisan Bread? - Helpful Information

    This was passed on by my director's sister director on our yahoo loop. Thought I would share: "thought I would do a little research on this. the more we can educate our guests, the more interested they will be of it. here is what I found out about this bread... Artisan bread is...
  9. E

    "Glossary" of Information for New Consultants

    Not sure where I heard this, but I heard someone share that they were using some sort of information sheet for their new consultants which explains the "How To's" for being a consultant, sort of like a glossary for all of those first things we learn how to do when joining this great company. I...
  10. T

    Wanting More Information Regarding Items

    Hello. I met someone who asked me if we still carried or ever carried a stack cooker (her example...you could put rice in one section, vegetables in another right on top of it). Sounds to me like a steamer, but when I asked her if that is what it was, she said no. She said if it was a PC...
  11. M

    New Consultant - Mail Information Now or Wait?

    Hi all, just resigned tonight after being out of the business for a year. I have a letter I found on here that I want to send out to as many people as I can think of to get bookings, at the very least some orders. Do I mail it out now, or wait until I get the PC debit card and set up my website...
  12. Karen

    Ot: Personal Information Available to Others

    Below is some information that I received from a friend on Facebook that I just thought I would pass along: "There's a site called People Search | White Pages | Find People | FREE! that's a new online USA phone book w/personal information: everything from pics you've posted on FB or web, your...
  13. P

    Hosting Information: A Comprehensive Guide to Hosting a Successful Trade Show

    I was at a trade show this weekend, met lots of people and during my follow ups I was asked numerous times for " just information" to be emailed to them regarding hosting a show. They do not want the hosting pack, they want to know the general idea, about hosting. I explained it over the phone...
  14. DebPC

    Where to Find Information on the Pampered Chef Website

    Where do I find mine on the PC Website? I've looked all over. Thanks!
  15. C

    What Should I Include in My Information Binder for Promoting The Pampered Chef?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this but hopefully I'll get some responses and ideas. I've been given the opportunity to leave an information binder at my daughters preschool centre, dance studio and at my doctors office. I've left behind catalogs before but thats all. When i...
  16. Bren706

    Spring Launch Location Information on Cc ??

    I am attending the meeting in Raleigh and I know it is at the convention center, but that is all I know. Is there a place on CC that lists the location address and other information?? I can't seem to find it. :confused::confused:
  17. Intrepid_Chef

    Posting Spring Launch Information

    I think we need an official ruling on this ... and if it has been posted, it probably needs to be re-stated since I haven't seen it! Our spring launch is coming up ... and since they are on different dates, some will have the info before others. Are we barred from posting the information...
  18. C

    Information on Cookware Please!! :)

    I LOVE using the melting ice-cube in my cookware as an example of how to defrost meats and such, but as a scientist (biochemist, NOT physics:yuck:!) I would love to know WHY the heck the ice cube melts so darn fast!! I have explained that it is the way the pan is shaped and the metals its made...
  19. kdangel518

    Information for Real Estate Agents...

    Does anyone have a packet or informational flyer they give to Real Estate agents? Something along the lines of "purchase house warming gifts for your home buyers and if you give them a welcome basket please include my catalog and biz card?" If so, would you mind sharing, and also would you...
  20. T

    Who's Information to Include in My Host's Invitations?

    OK, maybe a silly question, but I'm writing out my host's invitations and now after writing it, I'm not sure who's information I'm supposed to be writing? I am letting her host the show at my house, but she's inviting her guests. So I have my address, but who's phone # and email? Mine or...
  21. janetupnorth

    Fall Sample Order Information and Guidelines for Consultants

    ...just thought I'd add some additional information to Ann's changeover information. My ED sent this out yesterday: "For ordering personal and sample orders, here's how it works. If a Consultant wants to place a sample order in August, the computer will first check to see if she was...
  22. chefannie

    Need Help Starting a Cooking Show Business? Let's Connect!

    I just received a lead from the home office from a woman who wants to hold a cooking show and she wants to learn about starting her own business. There is no contact information except an email address. I am thinking to send her an email introducing myself and asking for her to email me her...
  23. pampchef.angel

    Troubleshooting Joy's June Newsletter: Inserting Top Host Information

    I am trying to update Joy's June newsletter...the copy says to insert top host information, but I don't seem to be able to insert anything?
  24. Pchefterza

    Information Needed for Pampered Chef Bread Tubes

    I did a booth today (1st one solo) and a perspective customer said she owned the bread tubes (I own these as well) from a few years back and she wanted to know what temp and length of time to bake the beer bread in them. Can any one help? Thanks in advance Terza
  25. F

    Where is My Tax Information? Seeking Answers After 8 Years

    I prepared my tax information (very organized, all receipts totaled with Excel, placed in sorted folders in a black plastic file box) and took it to my accountant (8th year, same place) one month ago. I called yesterday and the phone answerer said "I only know about what comes across my...
  26. wadesgirl

    How to Organize Guest Information

    So between P3, PWS, Yahoo mail and iContact, I'm getting kind of lost keeping up with making sure all my information is in the right spots. I have never used my PWS emails the way I should since I always forget to enter the email addresses in there. I sometimes keep touch with certain guests...
  27. nikked

    Discover Job Corps: All You Need to Know from Real Experiences

    Anyone familiar with Job Corps? What have you heard about it? Thanks... Nicole :)
  28. PChefPEI

    Host Coaching Information Sheet

    Okay, so I am needing some major "host coaching re-vamp"!! I learned a lot at a workshop at NC and have put into practice some of those ideas. My trouble is, I don't like HO's host information sheet, so I did my own. Still not quite happy with it. Just wondering if anyone out there had...
  29. tmo2008

    Pinch Bowl Warranty Information: Coverage and Replacements

    I have a host who just emailed me about warranty information. What types of things are the pinch bowls warranteed for? She just wrote and told me that her baby pinch bowl was just attacked by her garbage disposal....it is in shards now...will HO replace it?? I am thinking no, but does anyone...
  30. S

    October HWC: Updates, Products, and Promotion Strategies

    Can someone fill me in OR point me in the right direction - I am SO lost as to what is going on for October's HWC. Is there any special products available? How are you promoting it?