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What is estate: Definition and 27 Discussions

  1. Rochelle

    Need a 2017 Real Estate Flyer for Closing Gifts?

    I'm looking for a flyer I can give to real estate agents to encourage them to order their closing gifts from me. Does someone have this with new 2017 products?
  2. P

    Need Housewarming Gift Ideas for Real Estate Agents?

    Looking for flyer to give to Real Estate Agents. Offering them great gift ideas for their New homeowners. Batter bowls, brownie pans, BBQ Turner, etc. Nice House warming gift ideas!
  3. M

    Top Tips for Selling House Warming Gifts to Real Estate Agents - Expert Advice

    I saw a post on how folks were selling products to realtors as house warming gifts for their clients but I can't find it....any tips?
  4. M

    Advertising With Real Estate Agents

    Hey I just need some quick advice. I am sending out flyers to real estate agents in my area to advertise them hosting shows and using the host benefits to help with their business with client gifts when they buy a house from them. So im offered different packages, some to showcase...
  5. P

    Making an Impact at Real Estate Events: Ideas for Gifts & Giveaways

    where to even post this? I was just invited to be a part of a large real estate broker's customer appreciation event. The only direction I got was that they want to do two giveaways - one for the customers and one for other real estate agents from other agencies they often work with. I can...
  6. I

    Do You Have a Real Estate Gift Letter/Flyer

    I want to send out some letters to my local real estate agents to target a new audience- does anyone have one them have made up? I did a search in the files but didn't find one? I have no leads and no shows booked currently and really need to make a push to get out of my box.
  7. S

    Boost Your PC Business: Monthly Housewarming Gifts for Real Estate Agents

    Hey everyone! I came across a list of ways to add to your PC business and one was to contact real estate agents in your area and offer to deliver housewarming gifts to them every month for them to give to people who purchase homes from them. What would you think would be good to put in that to...
  8. NooraK

    Demo at a Real Estate Open House

    I received an email today from a contact on my newsletter list. I had originally met her at an event I participated in at work, but I was never able to get her to book a show, or recruit her. It's been quite a while since the event, and I've kept in touch with her with occasional calls. She's...
  9. Meigs

    Real Estate Gifts Engraved.... Need Help/Ideas!!

    I just got home from a Cooking show and I wanted to ask your guy's opinion on this. I met a guest who is a Real Estate Agent in my city. She asked me if I would be interested in putting together some items for her to give as gifts to the people that she sells homes to. (would I ever!!!!! )...
  10. kdangel518

    Information for Real Estate Agents...

    Does anyone have a packet or informational flyer they give to Real Estate agents? Something along the lines of "purchase house warming gifts for your home buyers and if you give them a welcome basket please include my catalog and biz card?" If so, would you mind sharing, and also would you...
  11. C

    Boost Your Real Estate Marketing: Tips & Flyers for Gifting Realtors

    I know many of you have had some success with offering gifts to Realtors. Can you please give me some tips and flyers that you have used? Any suggesting would be helpful.:)
  12. PurpleAngel

    Maximize Leads: Utilizing Real Estate Transfers for House Warming Parties

    Has any one else thought of this... Our local paper published the real estate transfers once a week. Anyone else thought of using these as leads? House Warming Parties? Got the new house...now lets get some new stuff (lol)...
  13. ivebeen4given

    Real Estate Realtors: How It Works & What You Need to Know

    How exactly does this work? Working with a realtor??? My director suggested it and I have heard some about it on here but what do you actually do?
  14. tinat51796

    Hosting Real Estate Events: Questions on Ordering Process

    Ok, I know this has been talked about a lot before but I was just working on a letter to a coworkers husband and I thought of something. The letters I've seen talk about ordering $200 in product and being eligible for free and discounted products. Wouldn't this really just be an individual...
  15. L

    Creating Legal Coupons for Real Estate Businesses: Questions Answered

    I have a question? First I need to know if this is legal advertising? Has anybody ever made their own coupons? I have a friend who is a realtor wanting me to put business cards and maybe some type of personal discount coupon in there packets they give to customers. It would just be a coupon...
  16. B

    Presenting Pampered Chef: Gift Ideas for Real Estate Clients | Utah Meeting

    Hi, I am really excited because I called our old agent and she helped me to get time at their next regional meeting (3 different offices) to present Pampered Chef as gifts to give to clients when they close on a house. I will have about 10 minutes to present, so I want to make sure that I...
  17. chefannie

    Boost Your Real Estate Business with Pampered Chef Gifts | Chefsuccess

    I want to start approaching real estate agencies in my neighborhood with the possibility of giving Pampered Chef products as gifts for new home buyers. I would really appreciate any information (and/or flyers) you may have to help me. This site has been a godsend to me! I don't have much time...
  18. D

    Booth at Real Estate Convention

    I have a booth at an upcoming Real Estate Convention that will have over 5,000 real estate agents in attendance. The convention is for their continuing education requirements. I'm trying to figure out what to display on my table and the kinds of hand-outs I want. I have a prize drawing wheel...
  19. kcjodih

    I'm in the Middle of a Real Estate

    transaction and I'm ready to vomit! ARGGGG Listed our house last week, had an offer within 48 hours, 24 hours later we had an accepted conditional (on the sale of their house) offer and now 2 days later we have another offer going back and forth and they're nickle and diming us to death...
  20. jasonmva

    Gift Request for Real Estate Offices: Have You Submitted One?

    Does anyone have a letter or something they have submitted to a real estate office for gifts at house closing and such? We have like a gazillion real estate offices here and I would like to get something out to them in case anyone would be interested.
  21. Kelley Sells

    Navigating Real Estate: Update from a Realtor

    Hi Folks, Well, we have shared many ideas about realtors and I, being a realtor, am going out today after a mass email newsletter to my "associates" and have made up the newsletter and a Menu of items put together.:) I have had one comment from another associate friend who said with me it...
  22. P

    Real Estate Office & New Home Gift Package Ideas - Flyer Ideas

    Does anyone have some flyers of product package ideas that can be used for realestate offices and new home buyer gifts? thank you :)
  23. D

    Selling to Real Estate Agents: Tips & Tricks from Debbie J in Wisconsin

    Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to this site but wanted to post a question and hope to post more in the future! Do any of you sell to real estate agents? I have one that buys from me but when he asked the others in his office, they weren't interested. Any tips, tricks, etc. that I could use...
  24. C

    Effective Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Offices: Gift Basket Strategy

    I was looking at the flyers and saw the one used to send to real estate offices offering the gift baskets. I love the idea and was wondering if anyone has used it and received sales from it. I found some of the gift ideas to be expensive, but I don't know how much money a realtor would spend on...
  25. S

    Real Estate Letter: To Mail or Hand Deliver?

    For those of you who have used the real estate letters do ya'll mail them to all the realty agencies or do you hand deliver them? If you hand deliver them who do you talk to & what do you say to them? Also is there a way that when you log on you can see all the responses to questions you ask...
  26. L

    Real Estate Agent Letter | Client Appreciation Gift Ideas

    I am looking for an example of a letter I could send to real estate agents in the area. I was thinking of when a client buys a house as a thank you gift the agent can purchase a gift basket from me for the client. Any ideas please send my way. :)