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What is realtor: Definition and 19 Discussions

  1. C

    How can I use a bridal registry for new homeowners?

    I have been asked by a realtor to provide a packet to include a gift registry for new home owners. Catalogs will be handed out to clients and gift registry for people who purchase - gift from realtor. In addition to the gift registry they want assistance to provide an open house for the new...

    What's in the Clever Realtor's New Homeowner Gift Package?

    I have given myself a headache looking for this file! If anyone could please point me in the right direction... It was a flyer or post targeting realtors for a new home owner gift package. It was for their first night in their new place. It was real clever. It came in a batter bowl i think...
  3. N

    Advertise Your Pampered Chef Business with Realtor Flyers: Get Ideas Here!

    I have a friend who is a Realtor and we have chatted about him including a flyer for his clients who buy homes that would advertise my PC business and let them know how to get ahold of me. Does anyone havea flier I could use to give me ideas of what to put on one? I did want to do more that...
  4. J

    What are some creative display ideas for a realtor event?

    I have a realtor event in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions on what to display? They are lookinig for house warming gift ideas....
  5. bsaxman

    Realtor Gift Brochures/ Marketing for Realtors

    I'm not sure if anyone has had any success in marketing PC to realtors, but I have been trying this recently. Vistaprint was offering 100 free postcards so I decided to take advantage and design something that I could mail. Well, today I finally sent them out to a few local real estate offices...
  6. tinat51796

    Cheap & Tasty Thank You Gifts for Realtor Clients

    I've been talking to a co-workers husband who's a realtor about thank you gifts for clients. I would like to take something in to the office for his coworkers but I'm not sure what to take. Money is pretty tight right now so I don't have a lot to spend. What recipes woud you recommend...
  7. J

    Get a Professional Realtor Flyer for Only $50!

    here is a flyer I put together, it's not great, probably could add some things and PC log to it. But it's a start anyway..
  8. L

    Effective Realtor Letter/Email Strategies for Reaching Real Estate Agencies

    I did go to some Real Estate Agencys to give them flyers and catalogs. Well of course the front desk lady took it and I don`t know it they really gave it to the agents, because I didn`t hear anything from them:( However I wanna give it another try, but this time I either wanna email them my...
  9. ChefJoyJ

    Has Anyone Had Success With Realtor Letters?

    I'm a soon to be new consultant who has been reading and learning as much as I can so that I can start off to a roaring success - qualify in my first 30 days, get as many bonus PC bucks as I can, and fill my schedule! :) Anyway, I have seen various forms and letters on here that people have...
  10. tinat51796

    Can realtors earn discounts and benefits with every purchase?

    I'm working on updating a flyer that I found on here (thank you!) to send out to realtors in my area. The flyer says "Every time you place an order over $150 you will earn a 10% discount on every purchase for the next 12 months Wouldn't the realtor also be eligible for all of the usual host...
  11. AJPratt

    Would You Share/Post Your Realtor Package?

    I am sorry to do this, but can someone share their flyer or package with pricing for realtors? I meant to send something out a while ago, but haven't gotten around to it. I just can't even think right now.
  12. C

    Elementary Schools & Realtor Office

    I've been listening to the Booking Strategies from the Pros CD with Jacque Ruddy & Renee Figlock. I really loved the idea about calling & saying, Hi I'm ____, your local Pampered Chef consultant. I am servicing my local businesses & you won a pampering for the day. I need to know how many...
  13. L

    Unable to Contact ChefSherry for Realtor Gift List?

    ChefSherry if you are out there...you requested me to send you the Realtor Gift List. I tried but your hotmail address came back to me and you set up your chefsuccess account to not accept emails. Email me direct and I will send you the attachments.
  14. T

    Any Luck With Realtor Gift Sets?

    Has anyone used a flyer or method for increasing sales by going through realtors' offices? I thought I would drop some goodies by a few offices but hate to re-invent the wheel. I want something that has pictures of new products and new prices. Thanks. Trish
  15. Cindycooks

    Realtor Open House Opportunity!

    I need food suggestions! I am so psyched. My husband and I are both very involved with our chamber of commerce and we have spent all day helping set up for our business expo tomorrow. (I would have bought booth space myself but I have a directors meeting tomorrow). Anyway I wore my PC shirt...
  16. G

    Maximizing Sales with Realtor Closing Gifts - Tips and Insights

    I have seen some of the flyers here on realtor closing gifts and I was wondering how well these sell. If anyone has any experience with this I would love some more info on it. I'm not so sure how to go about getting started doing this. Any input would be great. Thanks, Brittiny:)
  17. Kelley Sells

    Navigating Real Estate: Update from a Realtor

    Hi Folks, Well, we have shared many ideas about realtors and I, being a realtor, am going out today after a mass email newsletter to my "associates" and have made up the newsletter and a Menu of items put together.:) I have had one comment from another associate friend who said with me it...
  18. S

    Seasonal Realtor Letter and Gift Ideas for Fall/Winter 2005

    I looked in the documents section - does anyone have a realtor letter w/gift idea for the new season Fall/Winter 2005? Someone at my work would like ideas for give to her customers for Christmas... Thanks in advance...
  19. tlmcunning

    Realtor and Using Pampered Chef as Closing Gifts.

    For those of you who have sent out letters and done follow up with realtors, have you gotten a good response from them? I am thinking about sending letters to some local realtors and suggesst that they give their client PC products as closing gifts. This is my ss1 and I am hoping to generate...