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What is package: Definition and 96 Discussions

  1. Kate Siciliano

    25 New in Package Spring 18 Catalogs

    I've unceremoniously left the biz, and just realized I've got new catalogs sitting here that I'm never going to open!$10 + Shipping and they are yours.
  2. W

    Petite Bamboo Spoon Set *Brand New in Package

    Petite Bamboo Spoon Set *Brand new in package I have 2 sets of these, both are brand new in the package *I will combine shipping if you buy multiple items from meSet of two. 5". Dishwasher-safe.Bamboo is a grass, the fastest-growing plant on the planet. This sustainable and renewable resource...
  3. W

    Deluxe Mini Muffin Pan *Brand New in Package

    Deluxe Mini Muffin Pan *Brand new in package Brand new in package, Deluxe mini muffin Pan Perfect for appetizers and school bake sales! Create 24 bite-sized muffins, cupcakes and tarts. Aluminized steel provides excellent heat distribution. Easy-release nonstick coating for quick cleanup...
  4. K

    Send a Package as Gift in a Box That Wouldn't Identify It as Pampered Chef

    Not sure what to title this or where to put it, so I guess this is the best place. I have a customer who has placed an order for her daughter for Christmas. She is having the order sent directly to her daughter who lives in another state. Unfortunately there isn't a way around the...
  5. C

    Fs: Utility Knife W/ Sharpening Case (Retired) - New in Package!

    $20 includes domestic shipping. PayPal preferred
  6. S

    Silver Apron With Gold Paisley Apron - New in Package!

    I have the silver apron with gold paisley apron - New In Package! Includes plain silver ribbon or silver ribbon with "Pampered Chef" logo !!! Asking $20 including s/h OR make offer! Please send email to [email protected] Paypal only! Thanks! Sarah
  7. J

    Fs Paisley White/Black Apron and Umbrella - New in Package

    Apron for the 2 shows in April and Umbrella for 2 shows each month (Feb/Mar/April).UPDATE: Umbrella -- SOLD APRON - NEW IN PACKAGE -- Price Cut -- only $28 -- includes shipping parcel post (Priority Shipping available for $5 more)
  8. ChefPeg

    Discover Our $36 Business Building Package | Boost Your Success!

    I was just perusing the supply order options in P3 and came across the Business Building Package for $36. What's in the package?
  9. wadesgirl

    Returning a Package with a Prepaid Label: Drop-off or Postal Worker?

    If I have a prepaid label to mail back a return can I just drop it in the box or do I have to give it to a postal worker?
  10. EmilyStraw

    Will My DCB Set Arrive in 30 Days? Anxiously Awaiting My Package!

    I qualified in 30 days and am anxiously awaiting my DCB set!! Plus I used some of the PC dollars I got and ordered some of the open stock items! I can hardly wait!!
  11. Karen

    Help Needed: Pizza Crust Mix Package Size?

    Does anybody have the pizza crust mix through the supply order and know how big the package is or how many pizzas it makes? A sister consultant is trying to find this out. She called HO and the customer service rep that she spoke to didn't have the information and told her to contact someone...
  12. Intrepid_Chef

    Ordering a Sample Package: Overcoming Obstacles & Finding an Alternative

    OK, I know I've been a consultant for a few years but believe it or not, this is the first time I ever wanted to order a sample package. I was going to do it before I left for this trip but I said, "With free wi-fi on my vacation, why don't I do it on Friday when my check comes in." Then...
  13. B

    What's in the Celebration Package?

    Per the Policy Guide pg. 22, HO is still sending Celebration Packages for 1st promotions to TL level. What is in there these days? Ages ago when I got mine, I think it was recruiting brochures, which is what the policy guide says. Any Getting Started workbooks or Guide to Supporting New...
  14. C

    Got My June Free-For-All Package!!

    http://stevepetersen.smugmug.com/photos/i-mCPb77b/0/M/i-mCPb77b-M.jpg Wow, I didn't realize how much stuff I was going to be able to earn. I just started in April. I plan to get the top level every November and June. Congrats to all of you who got free stuff in June!
  15. O

    Previewing Sample Package Groups for the Upcoming Changeover Kits

    Hi I know the changeover kits are coming this week. For someone who got theirs already - is there a way you could scan and post the sample groupings? Mine is scheduled for tomorrow but I have some free time today and would like to see what my budget allows me to buy- and what my sell-a-thon...
  16. Jennie4PC

    Got My Sell a Thon Package Today

    So I got my sell a thon package today wasnt expecting it till at least fri. My kids answered the door while I was in the shower and when I got out the box was open and my 5 yr old DD was going through my box looking at everything.
  17. California Girl

    Complete Bridal Shower Package: Kitchen Essentials, Registry Info & More!

    What do you put in the package to send to the bride? I know I need to put in Catalog The Well Stock Kitchen sheet Join Us (maybe)?? Bridal Registry flyer? Anything else? :balloon:
  18. colegrovet

    Lost Package Saga: Hostess from Last Week's Party

    Hostess from last weeks party I closed got 4 of 5 boxes that were shipped.. Seems the 5th box is stuck somewhere between chicago and Nashville.. and of course that's the box with the packing slips and bags..
  19. pampered1224

    Surprise Package - New Stuff Incoming!

    I got mine today! All the new stuff is in there! I thought we were not supposed to get this until after the Kick-off meetings? Anyone else get it? I do not want to send out spoilers!
  20. J

    Business Building Package Vs Just Buying What I Need

    So I have 50 fall/winter catalogs - I'm not in a HUGE need of catalogs right now. I know the Business Building Package has another 50 catalogs, plus some other things that I need (new sales receipts, show invitations, Seasons Best...) There's also a bunch of stuff that I don't need. I can't...

    What's in the Clever Realtor's New Homeowner Gift Package?

    I have given myself a headache looking for this file! If anyone could please point me in the right direction... It was a flyer or post targeting realtors for a new home owner gift package. It was for their first night in their new place. It was real clever. It came in a batter bowl i think...
  22. finley1991

    Director New Consultant Missing Booster Package?

    I thought that new consultants received a flyer in their kit that let them purchase a Booster package that had additional catalogs, door prizes, etc. My newest consultant said that she didn't get that. Are they not doing that anymore? Just hoping I could get an answer here before I call HO...
  23. lauradahl

    Hear What People Say About QVC's Wii Fit Package Deal!

    I've been looking at it and thinking about it for some time now. Who has it and what do you think about it? QVC is running a package deal today for the Wii fit and it's a good value. I'm just looking for people who have it so you can tell me....what are the pros and cons?
  24. dannyzmom

    Who Benefited from the $99 DCB Package Promotion?

    A big THANK YOU to whomever posted the other day about flyers advertising $99/free shipping sets with the DCB. I had a show tonight and sold TWO sets like that and one DCB on its own FB as well as one for the host!
  25. N

    Discover Incredible Savings with Our New Recipe Card Bundle Package!

    OK- I am in LOVE with the new recipe cards All anyone needs is the deep covered baker 69.00 Family skillet- 148.00 cards 6.50 Lid- 38.00 you can mkae tons of recipes :) this totals $261.00 What can I offer to make this enticing? or am I out of my mind :eek:
  26. Pedey

    Is there a different code for the F/W Business Building Package?

    I just went into P3 to order my New Consultant Business Building Package (JM40) but it won't let me - I'm assuming maybe because it's for S/S 09 (that's how the description comes up in P3) and they aren't selling those catalogs anymore? But it's supposed to be valid until 60 days from the date...
  27. P

    Anyone in the Us Willing to Accept a Package for Me? :O)

    I want to order some shoes from amazon.com but they won't ship to Canada! Is anyone willing to accept it and forward it on to me here?? Of COURSE I would be paying you for the shipping and your time. Please let me know!! Thanks!!
  28. Triciascucina

    What's in Package A? Fall Sample Packages for Level 1 Sales Earners

    Hello I live overseas and we will probably not receive our change over package for a few more weeks. Can someone list what is in the fall sample packages. Whats is group a,b,c ....I can see whats in the individual stuff. I earned the first level (1500 in sales) and so not know what packages I...
  29. beepampered

    New Consultant Welcome Package: Product Value & Sign On Bonuses

    Does anyone have a list of things that a new consultant gets? Basically a list (pretty or not) of product value, PC Bucks, new consultant sign on value, etc. Thanks.
  30. beckyjsmith

    My Benefit Package & SAT Prep Arrived!

    My benefit package came today. The SAT stuff usually comes a few days later. whheeeeee