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What is knife: Definition and 187 Discussions

  1. Q&LDezyn

    Discover the Perfect Blue Chef's Knife - In Stock Now! LMK if You Need It - 1516

    Hello, looking for this knife if anyone has it. LMK
  2. R

    How to Clean an Old Style Knife Sharpener with a Sheath/Case?

    Cannot find any information for this.Old style kitchen knife (Cutco style) with Sharpener Sheath/Case (circa 2006). Is there a way to clean this? The inside is dirty, plus I am sure all of the metal filings have accumulated over the years. There is a screw, but it is it does not want to come...
  3. A

    Iso Retired Curved Peeling Knife

    I'm looking for the curved blade peeling knife. The ones I've seen are green color-coated. Prefer NIB, but would consider other offers, depending on condition. LMK what you've got....
  4. martyskitchen

    Where can I find a petite paring knife with a rounded handle and no grommets?

    ISO old style forged cutlery petite paring knife. Rounded handle, no grommets in handle, 3” blade
  5. Heather8345

    Knife Bag With the Chef Hat Logo

    This is no longer available.
  6. KatieLu

    Find the Perfect Bamboo Knife Block - Shop Now at PC for Quality and Style

    I'm looking for the bamboo knife block ( the one that comes with the knife sets). Either size is fine. I know PC use to sell it by itself but can now only be purchased with the knives and I need just the block.
  7. byrd1956

    Need a Color Coated Peeling Knife? Look No Further!

    I have a customer looking for a color coated peeling knife. Does anyone have one?
  8. C

    New Bags for Sale - Quilted, Sling, & Knife Totes - Prices & Shipping Info

    I have the following new bags for sale: BIG quilted black w/white stripe accents bag with pockets inside and out - $12 Black/tan sling-type logo bag - $8 Knife tote - $10 Prices do not include shipping.
  9. B

    Bags Bags Bags All for Sale! All $10 Each + Shipping.

    I've got the following items for sale - all are NIP or slightly used: Paisley Market Tote (NIP) Black Quilted Tote (2 of them - one is slightly used the other is new) Red, White & Blue Cool N Serve Star Tote (NIP) Catalog Tote (new) Knife Bag (NIP) Pampered Chef Tie & Scarf set (NIP) Mini Black...
  10. C

    forSale: Cobalt Blue Easy Release Cheese Knife

    This has never been used. I am asking $10 plus shipping.
  11. byrd1956

    Left-Handed Cheese Knife: A Tale of Woe & Discovery

    Recent customers were asking me about the Cheese Knife. I did my best to answer their questions, but felt inadequate, because it is somewhat awkward for me to use. I sometimes feel like it is actually a left-handed cheese knife. I looked for a video to see it in action, but no luck. So I...
  12. K

    My Husband Tried to Use My Knife as an Ice Pick!

    I caught my husband trying to use my Santuko knife as an ice pick yesterday. I told him that if he broke it, he had to replace it, and that is was a $70+ knife, and that replacing the knife would NOT count as a brithday present (since my birthday is coming up). He stopped using it...
  13. pampered1224

    Iso Cheese Knife - That Funny Looking Yellow One

    Needed for a customer - let me know if anyone has one and how much? Thank you! It needs to come to 53208 Milwaukee, WI
  14. K

    Where can I find the pink paring knife from last year?

    I am lokoing for the pink paring knife that was available last year, and I think in May. My SIL lost hers, and it was her favorite knife. Her birthday is coming up, and I am hoping I can get another one to repalce the one she lost.
  15. C

    Fs: Utility Knife W/ Sharpening Case (Retired) - New in Package!

    $20 includes domestic shipping. PayPal preferred
  16. C

    Why is the Easy Release Cheese Knife being discontinued?

    I have folks asking why these are being discontinued so soon. Does anyone know?
  17. huskerlissa

    Discover the Perfect Knives for Small Knife Blocks

    do you guys know which knives fit in the extra slots in the small knife block? thank you :-)
  18. Admin Greg

    Have you tried the Easy Release Cheese Knife? Share your thoughts!

    Please discuss the Easy Release Cheese Knife. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  19. M

    Need a Tomato Knife? I Have One for Sale!

    Iso: Hwc: Tomato knife
  20. N

    Lost Knife Cover: Can It Be Replaced?

    I had a ex-host contact me because she moved and lost the cover to her color coated paring knife. Can this be replaced??
  21. esavvymom

    Why Are Sharp Knives Safer Than a Dull Knife? Answer Revealed.

    I had a potential customer who is looking for new knives mention this and that she had heard it but was confused as to how it could be true. I found this reply to the same question and it made sense. Thought I would share. i am going to follow up with her and see if I can at least get her to...
  22. J

    Self Honing Knife Case Question

    Anyone know how long ago did our self honing knives cases change from white to black, has it been farther than 5 years?
  23. Sheila

    Can Someone Measure the Quick Cut Paring Knife Please?

    I know the blade is 2.5" long, but I need to know the length including the handle. 5"? 6"? I can't remember & all of mine are of course in Japan! LOL(I need exact measurement, not guestimate ~ I'm buying see-through Cellophane, self sealing bags to make goodie bags for a fundraiser. Each...
  24. frozenchef

    Should I use a boning knife or a fillet knife for my friend's party?

    So I have a host who has a friend who wants a fillet knife. I said we do have a boning knife and she replies: "She will not go almost, she said a fillet knife or none at all. :(" I've never filleted anything before, so I told her I would check with my fellow consultants - what do we think...
  25. Jennie4PC

    Vendor Event Disaster - Missing Knife & Lid

    I did a bridal fair on Sat. That part went really good. But when I got home and was unpacking my bag I realized my 7in santuko knife was missing. I had 1 of my recruits there who helped me pack but I swear I put it in my bag. I have emptied the whole thing and it is not there. My lid to my...
  26. F

    What Are the Extra Slots for Bamboo Knife Set?

    So, I am about to use my saved PC bucks for the large Bamboo Knife set during my Kit Enhancement month. But question, what are all the empty slots for? I was debating on order the extra items that are missing but it looks like ALL, but the steak knives are included.
  27. Dotty

    Iso Retired Double Ended Grapefruit Knife

    I have a customer looking for a retired double-ended grapefruit knife. Shipping would be to 14871. Thanks
  28. F

    Rescuing My Rusted Forged Knife After 45 Days

    So, I did not follow directions and put my forged knife in the dish washer. :thumbdown:: It's now rusted. I have only had it for 45 days. :cry: Is there anything I can do? I can't keep bringing this one to shows with me. I do plan on buying the entire block set this month, but hate to see that...
  29. C

    Looking for an Unused Iso Hwc Pink Paring Knife?

    I am looking for one of these if anyone has one, thx!
  30. C

    Help...iso Hwc Bar Board and Knife!!

    hi....a customer needs 2 of the pink bar boards with the knife.... anyone have any extras????