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What is yellow: Definition and 16 Discussions

  1. pampered1224

    Iso Cheese Knife - That Funny Looking Yellow One

    Needed for a customer - let me know if anyone has one and how much? Thank you! It needs to come to 53208 Milwaukee, WI
  2. T

    Prep Bowl Lids Turning Yellow!!

    I wash and dry my lids, so why in the world are they getting yellow spots on them? I dont know if this is a problem for anybody else, but I cant take them anywhere because it is embarassing. I store them in the cabinet with my other dishes and these are the only ones that do that. Home office...
  3. J

    Unlocking the Meaning of the Yellow Lock on Twitter's Verified Checkmark

    When you submit a show... when you get the blue checkmark on the left hand side- what does it mean when there is a yellow lock on the checkmark?
  4. C

    Lost Recipe: Zucchini & Yellow Squash Ribbons with Balsamic Reduction

    A couple years ago I made an old PC recipe- not sure the name, but it had zucc and yellow squash, cut into ribbons with the veg peeler, an oil coating and a balsamic reduction on the plate. Can anyone find this recipe for me again please? It was delicious!
  5. ChefJoyJ

    Yellow Squash And/Or Zucchini Recipes?

    Someone gave me a *ton* of yellow squash and zucchini from their garden. They look beautiful and I can't wait to use them. Now I just need some delicious (and possibly healthy?) recipes... Help! :chef:
  6. jkinak

    Blond Brownies Using Yellow Cake Mix??

    I could SWEAR I found a super easy recipe for blond brownies using a yellow cake mix here a couple of weeks ago!! I have searched and can't seem to get it to come back up-does anyone have that recipe??? Thanks!!
  7. L

    What Is the Flavor of Yellow Cake Mix? :Confused:i Am Totally

    what is the flavor of yellow cake mix? :confused: I am totally stuffing my face with plain yellow cake... no icing or anything. Anyway, I just realized that it doesnt have a real flavor like vanilla, lemon or whatever... its just yellow... its flavor is yellow! :yuck:
  8. S

    Skillet Cake With Yellow or White Cake Mix??

    Anyone do this? I suppose I could just try it....how bad could it be, right?
  9. Jenni

    Yellow Sign by Grill Basket: What Does it Mean?

    I was just typing in the last few orders of a catalog show and this little yellow sign came up next to the grill basket. What does that mean? I Called to ask my Director but honestly I will probably get an answer here first.
  10. ameliasurf

    Yellow Triangles: What Do They Mean & How to Handle?

    where the items, description, quanity, and price is..... there are yellow triangles.... what does that mean and what do i do to take care of that?
  11. pckelly

    New Bread Crocks: Yellow & Green $18 + $12 Shipping

    I have for sale two different bread crocks. One is yellow and the other is green. They are both brand new, although the green one is not in a box. Will sell them both for $18.00. Shipping will be about $12.00 for both in one box. I can ship them priority and will pack them VERY well. I take paypal!!
  12. C

    Is Big Yellow Box Going Out of Business?

    Wow, I stumbled upon this today. Big Yellow box announced July 12th that they would be closing their business effective the end of August!! Never been to a party, but they had some cool products! colechef
  13. chefkristin

    Disappointed: 1500 Posts No Yellow Star?

    I thought that once you hit 1500 posts that you got a yellow star. Am I wrong? If so how many posts?
  14. kcjodih

    Designing a Room: Olive, Black, Burgundy & Yellow - Help!

    For those who haven't read their nightly novel....here's one below JUST for you :) Okay with all this talk from and advice needed from Jennifer and I about her paint colors and me and my bamboo floors (thanks to all that have responded so far to that thread by the way :) ) I now have...
  15. P

    Seeking Yellow Stoneware Crocks

    I am searching for one or two yellow stoneware crocks for a customer. If anyone still has a crock in new, or close to new condition, please email me privately. Thanks so much, Donna [email protected]
  16. D_Patel

    aCouple of My Stones Have Yellow

    sticky stuff form the cooking spray during the first few uses. I am trying to remember what to use to get it off ! I really hope someone can help me out ! They dont look to good to put out at my upcomming show ! Thank you ! :)