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What is couple: Definition and 51 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    What Are a Couple of Your Favorite Current Tv Shows?

    I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance! I love House Hunters on HGTV- even though it's kind of fake. I also like Good Wife.
  2. naekelsey

    Is It Effective to Use the Join Us Booklet in Front of Potential Recruits?

    When using the Join Us booklet, do you follow it with your potential recruit right in front of you? When you make your potential recruits or recruits PC show her "Starting" show, do you give her hosts the packets you have made up? (especially if she hasn't received her stuff yet)
  3. babywings76

    at aBooth I Did a Couple of Weeks Ago, There Was a Princess House

    At a booth I did a couple of weeks ago, there was a Princess House consultant who also was representing Norwex. She was cleaning all over the place and I was pretty impressed with what she did. I'm not one to just buy without learning more, so I decided to host a party. But...I'm still...
  4. L

    Couple Misses Out on Free Wedding Registry Products - Sister Upset!

    I have a Wedding registry where the couple didn't get their free products ordered within the 90 days. They realized it yesterday and the home office told them... sorry... nothing we can do... They said the Supervisor was rude to them...... SO.. the sister of the Bride who has subsequently...
  5. P

    Looking for a Couple of Recipes, Please...

    For the Greek Cheese Torta and the Southwestern Layered Salad, specifically. Thanks! :chef:
  6. frozenchef

    Could Use Some Help on a Couple Things

    I'm putting together our recognition program for meetings starting in August and I need a couple of ideas. We've done Cluster Bucks before, but I can't remember all the things we rewarded them for - any ideas here are welcome. Also, we are doing Monthly Conference Challenges to get people...
  7. C

    Can You Turn a Simple Trip to School into a Successful Catalog Show?

    :chef:There is thread in Directors Sucsess titled "I need a couple of spatulas" turned into a $200 catalog show. I would love to read it but I'm not a director. Is it possible for some to share that with us. Sounds interesting.
  8. emiscookin

    Ok, I Have a Couple of Friends Who Are Consultants for Another Ds

    Ok, I have a couple of friends who are consultants for another DS company. They tell me that they make 50% commission and...by golly I am jealous! I'm not gonna lie! Then they ask how much I make (which I think is a personal question normally) but because they are good friends I told them "Up...
  9. L

    Looking for a Wii for Family......what's Best and Couple Other ??

    Hi all, My hubby and I are looking at getting a Wii for the family this year for Christmas. But we've got a family of 5, can we all play games together?? What's best way to get started?? What do you need?? We've got younger children (6, 9, & 10) and we don't want or need Horror or rock um...
  10. J

    Couple More Questions on the Black Forest Trifle

    Does it make a difference if I use the Large Bar Pan instead of the square baker? I don't have the square baker. Also, does the brand of whipped topping make a difference? Thanks for putting up with me and all my questions. jj16:confused:
  11. chefcharity

    Need a Recipe Idea in the Next Couple of Hours

    OK, so it is 5pm in Indiana and I need to make something to take to a pitch in later. The main entree's will be provided.... it is a fish fry. So, I told my husband while we were in town I'll just pick up some cresent rolls, cream cheese and shredded cheese. I should be able to do something...
  12. J

    Newbie's Review of a Couple of Recipes

    Okay here's my take on the Warm Nutty Carmel Brownies - Way too sweet. Definitely need milk and even then I would only do a 1x1 square or a bite. Taffy Carmel Tartlets really good I think the pie crust helps break up the sweetness. Definitely let pie crusts get to room temperature first...
  13. C

    Is It Still Worth Keeping My Registry Open After Eloping?

    LOL! The only active registry I have is with a girl who used to work for me. She and her fiance(e?) were supposed to be married next Christmas, but he was in NY, and she was in AZ - and it was too much for them being apart. So, he found a job in AZ, and they eloped over Christmas break...
  14. P

    How Do I Find Out Who the Wedding Registry Couple Is?

    I've got a couple of Wedding Registries on my PWS and I have no idea who these people are. I guess they were HO leads and I missed the email about them, don't even know how long they've been there :eek:. Is there a way to get their contact info? I can't seem to find it on the registry.
  15. turtle15

    When do HWC Products Go on Sale and Can I do a Fundraiser with HWC?

    What month do the HWC products go on sale to customers? Can I do a fundraiser for an organization in conjuction with hwc where the organization keeps their profit?
  16. susanr613

    Can both names be included when signing a married couple on an agreement?

    Good morning - I'm signing a married couple later this morning - can I include both names or just one on the agreement? Thanks!
  17. raebates

    Anyone Remember This? I Received a Couple of Free Samples of the New

    Anyone remember this? I received a couple of free samples of the new Jello-O Singles in today's mail. I made up a serving, and got to thinking about Shake-A-Puddin'. The Furry Guy had a very deprived childhood :rolleyes:, and doesn't believe this existed. I distinctly remember standing in...
  18. Jules711

    Does Couple Pay S/H on Registry Rewards?

    I can't find any info right now since I'm looking for it. Do they pay direct shipping or is it free as it is for typical hosts?
  19. N

    Retail Prices for a Couple Items That Are on the Outlet

    Does anyone remember what the bread tube and the mini fluted pan originally sold for???
  20. C

    Tips for Recruiting a Couple for Shows: Expert Advice from Katie

    I have an interview today with a couple who really want to sign up and do shows as a couple. He loves to cook, but hates to talk, she hates to cook but loves to talk. Any tips, helpful hints before I go. Does anyone have a couple as a recuit, any advice to offer them or me. Thanks in advance...
  21. chesse

    Grill Night with the Cute Young Couple from Church!

    Any ideas? The gentleman wants a grill orientated show. I really like this couple as I "watch" their twins once a week so mom can get out. Cute young couple from church. He is inviting all the guys from the church softball team and anyone else with a Y chromosome.:)
  22. pjpamchef

    Pray for Louise & Joe: A 91 & 96 Year Old Loving Couple

    My neighbor Louise Swiler needs your prayers. They are coming tomorrow to take her husband Joe to a nursing home. Louise is 91 and Joe is 96 and they are a wonderful, loving couple! He has Alzheimer's and has progressed to a terrible state where Louise simply cannot care for him any more! I...
  23. sk8rgrrl99

    I Just Had My First Show and I Wanted to Order a Couple Things for

    I just had my first show and I wanted to order a couple things for myself that I want to have for my next show. I put the order in P3 (I was the host) and added the other participants. My question is, should I be getting 20% off on my own order? If so, how do I make the 20% come off? It's...
  24. V

    Need Some New Products? Contact Me for Current and Retired Items!

    Please email me if you have current or RETIRED items for sale. Just has to be new in package! I am looking for several things---if you want to clear out your closet PM me. I cannot post what I need, as they are in the current catalog. TIA
  25. I

    I Have a Couple Hundred Older Catalogs From 2003-F/W 2005 I Would Like

    PicturesI started this cause I am on here all by myself..........
  26. A

    Right I Started Selling Pampered Chef. I Had Couple of the Whip Cancer Pins I

    End of Year RecognitionJust wondering what you all do for year end recognition. This is my 1st full year as a Director......just looking for some ideas. Thanks!!
  27. chefkristin

    I Really Hate to Bother You All With This but I Need a Couple of

    I really hate to bother you all with this but I need a couple of prayers. I seemed to have lost my keys. I only have one car key. If I don't find them I will have to have my mini van towed to the dealership and I will have to have a new key made. It doesn't sound like that big of a deal but it...
  28. S

    Do I Need to Ship the Half-Price Item to the Host or Preferred Customer?

    1, do we have a rolling pin other than the pastry roller? 2, I have a host that does not want her 1/2 price item?? why, I have NO idea, but she said that I could have it, I would like to offer it to one of my preferred customers, Do I need to have it shipped to the host, or can it be shipped...
  29. JTNT8704

    Streamline Your Life: Eliminating Unnecessary Items for a Simpler Lifestyle

    I would like to get rid of, that I just dont use.
  30. D

    Maximizing FR Success: Tips and Strategies for Small Business Owners

    I will be restarting my business within the next couple of weeks. I am wanting to gather as much information on FR as I possibly can before taking off with this. So, here's a couple of questions I have.... -When I make the order form, do I include the monthly guest special? I know that...