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What is remember: Definition and 66 Discussions

  1. ChefPeg

    Do You Remember 'Horns' from Pampered Chef?

    A customer on Pampered Chef's FB page is asking about "horns" she says we used to sell and the recipe that came with them. She posted this (attached) picture. Does it ring any bells with you long-time consultants?
  2. naekelsey

    How to Remember Pages, Cost and Etc

    How does anyone remember what pages products are on? Or what there prices, year of guarantee and etc? Would love some way to remember all this that is easy and fun..
  3. Sheila

    Humor Remember the Chicken? Hilarious Blog Post by The Bloggess

    http://thebloggess.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/chicken6.jpg http://thebloggess.com/2011/06/and-thats-why-you-should-learn-to-pick-your-battles/ She's at it again! Don't do this at work, you'll laugh so hard you'll have your boss coming to see what you are doing. And have some Kleenex...
  4. T

    Fedex Guy Leads to Surprise Party Invite & New Customers!

    who asked for a catalog a few weeks back? Fast forward to last Sat. We went to Chick-Fil-A - it was super busy. But the young cashier asked if I sold PC (I had logowear plus catalog tote) and asked for a catalog. I asked for her information as well. She said neither she nor her mom had found...
  5. babywings76

    Bought Ingredients and Can't Remember What It Was For!

    I tend to do this a lot it seems. :cry: :rolleyes: :blushing: :D I'm looking through my cupboards, trying to figure out what I have on hand so I can make some sort of impromptu dessert for my family tonight. What do I spot? 2 bags of caramels! I don't particularly go nuts over caramel...
  6. L

    I Remember Why I Am Not Friends With This Girl.....

    At my show last night, there was a girl from my past. She and her husband and my husband and I were all friends individually before we got married. Once we each got together with our spouses, we never hung out much, we tried, but it just wasn't natural, and didn't flow..... So, as the evening...
  7. C

    Ouch... Made Phone Call to Someone Who Couldn't Remember Me

    Ouch... I'm just making phone calls to follow up with my mystery host email, which I sent out to quite a few people on my contact list. So I called a lady I had met at a craft fair last November, who is on my monthly newsletter list (but I just started regular newsletters in May). I asked her...
  8. C

    Have you seen our press release in the local newspaper?

    HO has made a press release for us available under promoting your business section of the main website. I just called 2 local papers and they are publishing it. The third local paper I have called earlier published it for this week and I already have had a call about it (it's only MONDAY!!!)...
  9. lockhartkitchen

    My Mystery Allergic Reaction: An ER Visit to Remember

    Just got home from the ER after 5 hours. Around midnight my upper lip started swelling up. It kept swelling huge. ER said I was having an allergic reaction to something? Benedryl given didn't work. They had to give me a shot of Epi. I still look like Mic Jagger. Air ways were clear so...
  10. wadesgirl

    Can't Remember the Kitchen Game? Let's Help!

    There is a game but I cannot remember the exact thing it says. You are supposed to take a piece of paperwork and write down the one thing you would like to replace in your kitchen. I cannot remember where it goes from there but in the end you take that and put your husband's name in instead...
  11. babywings76

    Have an Ingredient, Can't Remember What It Was for

    :D :chef: :blushing: Okay, I usually make my menu for the week and go grocery shopping with those recipes in mind. I write down the meals on my big chalkboard in our kitchen. However, I guess I didn't do that this week. :rolleyes: So...what recipe do you know that calls for a packet of...
  12. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Whatever happened to Good Company coffee from TPC?

    TPC used to sell coffee. It was called Good Company. I found a sealed bag of it tucked back in the recesses of a cupboard this morning. I had mixed emotions about opening it, after all, if you have a vintage bottle of wine, you have a vintage bottle of wine. If you open it, you no longer have...
  13. jenniferlynne

    Delicious Cream Cheese Salsa Dip Recipe for Snack Day at Work

    Hey all. Can anyone remember the name of the dip that uses cream cheese, salsa, black olives and shredded cheddar cheese? We are having a snack day at work tomorrow and this would be great to take. At first I was thinking it was the Touchdown Taco Dip, but that has beans in it, and this one...
  14. pampered1224

    Show on Hold and I Do Not Remember...

    I submitted show yesterday at about 3:55 p.m. CST. Now, the show showed up on the shipping list about 4:30 p.m. and it is on HOLD. Please remind me, a show will show as on hold until they check the CCs and the amount of with drawl from my account right? The reason I ask is because I have no...
  15. pampered1224

    How Can We Avoid Spoilers for the Spring Launch?

    We all have different schedules for the Spring Launch - please wait for all of us to get the news before posting stuff here. I REALLY want to be surprised! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!
  16. Gina M

    Remember to Submit Shows for Triple Points!

    Just a friendly reminder - today is January 10th - last day to submit shows for triple points. Make sure and double check your dates on your shows that held from January 5th through 10th and get them in pronto!:)
  17. P

    Can't Remember What That Pink & Brown T-Shirt Said?

    Can't for the life of me remember what that Pink & Brown T-Shirt said...was something about the DCB and a crockpot. Anyone remember?
  18. F

    Personal Please Remember My Dh in Your Prayers!! (Kind of Personal)

    Lately my DH has been having several problems, beginning with some major pain under his left rib cage. He went to the doctors and he is thinking it could be colon cancer and scheduled a colonoscopy for the 12th (the soonest he could get in, another facility had a 2 month waiting list), the...
  19. pampchefrhondab

    So, Found a Replacement for the Broken Ribbon Purse?

    Hey all, Remember the ribbon purse everyone (okay a lot of people) purchased from Merrill a few years ago? Also, remember how they all broke, tore, etc.? Well, I found a great replacement. I worked a 4-H booth this past week. The lady next to me was selling purses and her company made...
  20. Kathy's_Kitchen

    Day 3 Schedule: Verify Time & Avoid Early Departure | FLIGHT DEAL

    What time does day 3 get done? I had to leave early last year to catch a plane and am hoping to not do the same this year. I found a round-trip flight for less than $150 but want to verify the time. TIA!!
  21. S

    Recruit Promotion: Uncovering the Truth About the NEW DCB in Nov/Dec

    I thought that there was a promotion in Nov/Dec that involved recruits and something about the NEW DCB??? Am I remembering incorrectly?
  22. jbdowd0798

    Hey All,Does Anyone Remember When We Get Our 1099S?? I'm Trying to

    Hey All, Does anyone remember when we get our 1099s?? I'm trying to get everything together but can't remember when things were at least on line. Thanks
  23. Kitchen Diva

    Find the Best Cake Ideas for Kids' Birthdays | Help Me Remember, Please!

    Hi ladies- and gents! A while back, Carolyn (Dannyzmom) started a thread (I think it was you, Carolyn) about cakes she had made. In that thread, several of you posted great links to websites full of wonderful cake ideas for kids' birthday parties, etc. Can someone either find that thread...
  24. janetupnorth

    Who's Getting Gas Cards and Filling Up for a Month With the New Prices?

    Well, they should be shipping starting Monday. Merry Christmas! I get one! :D With the new gas prices, it will actually fill my van once! So, who is getting them? Who has gas for a whole month with them?!?!
  25. raebates

    Anyone Remember This? I Received a Couple of Free Samples of the New

    Anyone remember this? I received a couple of free samples of the new Jello-O Singles in today's mail. I made up a serving, and got to thinking about Shake-A-Puddin'. The Furry Guy had a very deprived childhood :rolleyes:, and doesn't believe this existed. I distinctly remember standing in...
  26. princessmeshelle

    Stoneware Baking Bowl- Does Anyone Remember It?

    i know it's not availible any more, but a friend gave me that stoneware baking bowl, and i have no idea what to do with it. i mean is it an older version of the DCB? or something else all together? :confused:i don't know how long ago she bought it. she just told me she had had it forever and...
  27. ChefSharain

    A Night To Remember: My Unexpected Trip to Crazy Town!

    I have read so many stories on this site from all of you...some I have laughed my rear end off about and some were really wierd! I always thought, "My goodness, glad that hasn't happened to me"! Well...let me tell you about my night, last night. I walk up the sidewalk to the door and pass...
  28. PChefPEI

    Remember Our Troops, and Do Not Forget Them Later

    I got this email this morning and just had to share with all of you. ----------- You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. You complain about how hot it is. He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off...
  29. T

    Anyone Remember a Enchilada Wrap??

    Im looking for a recipe for the chicken enchilada wrap?? using the round stone and the cresent rolls and you wrap all the ingredients up and bake it??? if anyone has any idea what im talking about please let me know :) thanks!
  30. C

    Just Ask, and Then Remember to Follow Up...

    I have had a plan to call my past hosts/ good customers to follow up with the emails but have always forgotten to do it. Well this month I did it and this is what happened...I sent out the email for discontinued products and my normal newsletter that had this months guest special and next...